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Times Change: 'Jurassic World' teases with three homages to Steven Spielberg's original


The turkey, according to scienticians, may have evolved from ancient dinosaurs, so think about that as you chew your Thanksgiving dinner while awaiting this Thursday’s full teaser reveal for Jurassic World.

The fourth installment of the scientists-were-so-preoccupied-with-whether-or-not-they-could-that-they-didn’t-stop-to-think-if-they-should series will reveal its first big promo for the June 12 film during Thanksgiving football on NBC. To let everyone know, they’ve sent out a few seconds today.

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Glenn Howerton was almost Star-Lord in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

While it’s difficult to imagine anyone else in the role of Star-Lord than Chris Pratt, if the Parks and Recreation star didn’t fill the role, it would have gone to another comic actor and master of the night(man).


New 'Jurassic World' poster keeps it simple


The new poster for Jurassic World bets on simplicity, featuring an all too familiar logo with the tagline “The Park Is Open.” It’s a stark throwback, as many have mentioned, to the original poster for Jurassic Park. (Tagline: “An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making.”) READ FULL STORY

Character actors have an important message for Hollywood


Under the headline “The Last, Disposable Action Hero,” New York Times writer Alex French posited earlier this year that “There are now more indistinguishable, barrel-chested eight-packed aspiring stars than ever.” To address this problem, Entertainment Weekly gathered some of Hollywood’s best character actors while we were in San Diego for Comic-Con for this important message.


Chris Pratt shows off Star-Lord's spaceship, 'MTV Cribs'-style

One of the great things about Guardians of the Galaxy is its grimy, lived-in set design—it’s an aesthetic that’s cribbed directly from Star Wars, in a good way.

In this Guardians featurette, America’s new best bro Chris Pratt shows off the practical sets for Peter Quill’s spaceship, the Milano, MTV Cribs-style. It’s kind of a mess, but that’s how Star-Lord rolls. At least until Xzibit comes to pimp his ride.



Video: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' TV spots showcase character origins


There are still two more weeks before Guardians of the Galaxy cruises into theaters, but there are two more new TV spots to pad its landing with audiences. For those counting at home, that’s now 22 teasers, trailers, featurettes, extended looks, and TV spots for the big-budgeted Marvel gamble—at least according to the film’s YouTube page.

By now, you must know the renegade characters and what’s at stake—save the galaxy. The new clips explain why members of the self-proclaimed Guardians might have a score to settle with Ronan, the cloaked villain threatening their existence. And Drax the Destroyer proves to be idiom-deficient. READ FULL STORY

'Guardians of the Galaxy's UK trailer turns down the music -- VIDEO


The first wave of teasers and trailers for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy emphasized the comic book movie’s most eccentric qualities, a wild bunch of universe-saving criminals that include a tree, a raccoon, and a green-skinned Zoë Saldana. If you never read Guardians in print, it didn’t really matter, according to the studio; instead, it chose to play up the “these aren’t you older brother’s superheroes” angle. “Hey, we’re playing Blue Swede’s ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ and Norman Greenbaum’s ‘Spirit in the Sky,’” the clips blared. “That’s how you know this movie is cool!”

Perhaps the Guardians are even less well-known in the U.K. — or perhaps those songs are — because they now have a straightforward, ironic-music-free trailer that gives the best primer yet for what this movie is actually about. Chris Pratt’s scoundrel thief gets to deliver all the rah-rah speeches, but Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) is the wise-ass scene-stealer. Watch the de-stylyzed trailer below: READ FULL STORY

'Jurassic World': Chris Pratt revs up the dino franchise -- PHOTOS

By the time Jurassic World opens in theaters one year from today, June 12, 2015, some people might have a hard time remembering Andy Dwyer. Chris Pratt’s adorably dense Parks and Recreation character made him a star, but with Guardians of the Galaxy set to launch on Aug. 1, Pratt is positioned for big-screen stardom. Just check out the first hunky photo of him from Jurassic World, director Colin Trevorrow’s sequel, which picks up the story 22 years after the original blockbuster. Pratt plays a scientist conducting behavioral research on raptors, but said scientist isn’t wearing his white lab-coat when he takes his motorbike out for a spin. Is it me, or does he resemble a young Robert Shaw?

In one of the other two photos (below), which The A.V. Club first posted, Bryce Dallas Howard looks calm and collected as she faces Pratt’s rugged scientist. It’s unclear exactly who Howard is playing, but judging by her hair, dress, and demeanor, I’m guessing her character is cold, calculating, and possibly morally compromised. And of course, there are also scared children to dangle in front of the dinos, like goats for the audience at feeding time. READ FULL STORY

'Jurassic World' director fights back against spoilers by confirming them

In 2014, big-budgeted movie productions live under constant fear of unauthorized leaks: camera-phone set photos that reveal a mysterious new villain, pirated footage, and Wikileaks-level plot descriptions that pop up on the Internet. One preventative strategy is complete radio silence, the kind of omerta that director Christopher Nolan demands on his films, like this fall’s Interstellar. Then there’s Colin Trevorrow, the director of the 2015 Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World. His approach to the Internet spoilers that broke last week was to engage with a journalist, lament that unfortunate development, and then confirm and clarify the details. Um, thank you?

Click below only if you don’t mind spoilers. READ FULL STORY

'Guardians of the Galaxy': Chris Pratt's muscles and his team of space misfits star in the second teaser -- VIDEO


Marvel Studios is offering another peek at what space saga Guardians of the Galaxy will deliver when it hits theaters on Aug. 1. And by peek, we mean a blink-and-you-miss-it teaser.

The 24-second clip is a preview of the film’s second trailer, scheduled for release Monday at 1 p.m. ET on Facebook. A live Q&A with cast members Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, and Karen Gillan and director James Gunn will accompany the world premiere of the new trailer.

Until then, enjoy Pratt’s crazy-ripped physique, which appears to get as much screen time as any character in the new teaser: READ FULL STORY

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