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'Devil's Knot': Dane DeHaan looks guilty in West Memphis 3 film -- EXCLUSIVE


The true story of the West Memphis Three has been told many times in many different forms, notably the trio of documentaries from filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, who helped shed light on the miscarriage of justice that convicted three Arkansas teenagers for the ritual killing of three young boys in 1993.

On May 9, the haunting tale comes to theaters and digital home video with Devil’s Knot, Atom Egoyan’s star-studded feature with Reese Witherspoon as the mother of one of the murdered boys and Colin Firth as the investigator who senses that the truth had been lost in the town’s rush to judgement. Three troubled teenagers were convicted of committing the murders as part of a Satanic ritual that the prosecution and the media used to whip-up paranoia and speculation.

One of Hollywood’s biggest young stars, Dane DeHaan, who stars in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel, plays the minor role of Chris Morgan. While the police quickly targeted the three major suspects — Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley Jr., and Jason Baldwin — Morgan was briefly questioned since he knew the victims, had a history of substance abuse, and had suspiciously left the state shortly after the crime.

In the exclusive clip below, Morgan takes a polygraph test to clear his name. READ FULL STORY

'Devil's Knot' trailer: Colin Firth searches for truth in the West Memphis Three murder case -- VIDEO

Director Atom Egoyan’s Devil’s Knot aims to bring the infamous true story of the West Memphis Three to the big screen. Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon lead a star-studded cast in the upcoming crime drama based on the brutal murders of three young boys in Arkansas in 1993, and the trial of three teenagers accused of killing the children as part of a satanic ritual.

The new trailer for the upcoming crime drama heavily features Firth as private investigator Ron Lax, who’s not entirely convinced the three teenagers convicted of murder are guilty, and Witherspoon as Pam Hobbs, the grieving mother of one of the victims.

Watch the trailer for Devil’s Knot below: READ FULL STORY

West Memphis Three drama 'Devil's Knot' with Reese Witherspoon sets release date -- EXCLUSIVE


Devil’s Knot, Atom Egoyan’s docudrama about the West Memphis Three, will arrive in U.S. theaters and on VOD on May 9. Starring Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth, the movie recounts the tragic true story of three missing boys in the religious community of Memphis, Ark., and the frenzied rush to justice that condemned three teenagers to prison for a horrific crime. The West Memphis Three — Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley Jr., and Jason Baldwin — were convicted in 1994 of murdering the three boys, in part because of hyped suspicions that the trio were satanists. Doubts about the three men’s guilt were widespread, though, and their plight became a cause célèbre that resulted in several documentaries that shed new light on the case.

In the film, Witherspoon plays the mother of one of the victims, but her anguish gives way to doubts as community fears and hysteria gain momentum leading up to the trial. Firth plays Ron Lax, the private investigator who becomes suspicious of the community’s rush to judgment and pokes holes in the evidence used to convict the teenagers.

Click below for more photos from the movie: READ FULL STORY

Colin Firth is still a charming Mr. Darcy in 'Pride & Prejudice' trailer -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


“Will you tell me how long you have loved him?”

For a generation of fans, Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy, and they’ve loved him from the first time he appeared onscreen in the iconic Pride & Prejudice miniseries nearly 20 years ago. And now that beloved version, also starring Jennifer Ehle, is coming to Blu-ray in a special “Keepsake Edition.” In addition to the classic story, the new version will include extras such as a featurette celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s most popular novel, and two featurettes exploring love, courtship, money, and social class in early 19th-century England.

Check out the exclusive Blu-ray trailer below: 

Casting Net: Emily Blunt to star in thriller 'Sister', more

Looper’s Emily Blunt is attached to star in Sister, a thriller based on Rosamund Lupton’s haunting 2011 novel. The story begins when Beatrice’s younger sister’s death is ruled a suicide, and Beatrice starts hunting for clues to prove otherwise. According to the report, Blunt’s sister is the literary agent who represents the novel. Sister does not yet have a writer or director attached. Blunt will appear next with Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow (out June 6, 2014), and she’s also playing The Baker’s Wife in Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Into the Woods (out Dec. 25, 2014). [The Wrap]


Toronto 2013: Do we need a West Memphis Three drama even if it's good?

Devil’s Knot, a docudrama about the tangled and still-loaded West Memphis Three case, directed by Atom Egoyan, is for the most part a tense and absorbing movie. It’s the intelligent, detail-jammed, well-executed version of what we used to call “a TV movie” — a phrase you can’t really use anymore, since it once connoted a certain second-rate, connect-the-dots Madame Tussauds biopic quality that’s become irrelevant in the age of HBO. (There was never a “TV movie” like Behind the Candelabra or Recount.) Yet that term also summoned up the basic, childlike voyeuristic appeal of seeing interesting actors inhabit the roles of tabloid figures — celebrities, criminals, or both — who get famous for unspeakable behavior. Be honest: Wouldn’t you like to see a down-and-dirty TV movie about the Casey Anthony case? (Actually, there was one, but it was awful. I say: Cast Emily Blunt now!) And the West Memphis Three case, though it’s been dealt with in the media for years as — rightly — a dead-serious episode of egregious injustice, remains, at its dark heart, a river of homicidal mystery boiling with undertows of evil. READ FULL STORY

'The Railway Man' trailer: Memories of war haunt Colin Firth -- VIDEO


The always dependable Colin Firth has done it all in his movie roles: He’s melted hearts, fought in wars, and coped with post-traumatic stress. In The Railway Man, however, he does all three.

The Railway Man tells the story of Eric Lomax (Firth), a veteran tormented by memories of his time in Japanese captivity in Singapore during World War II, forced to work on the brutal Thai-Burma Railway. Based on Lomax’s memoir, the film chronicles his return to find his torturer, Nagase (Hiroyuki Sanada), and his attempts to overcome his trauma.

But the war drama is also wrapped in a love story, with Nicole Kidman co-starring as Patti, Lomax’s wife, who encourages him to face his demons. The film’s first trailer below splices their story together with Lomax’s pursuit of Nagase and his flashbacks to wartime.

“I have suffered much, but I know you have suffered too, and you mean everything to me,” Lomax says in a voice-over. “Some time the hating has to stop.”

With the elaborate sets, award-winning cast, and sweeping score by David Hirschfelder, the film looks to be another moving epic (dare we say Oscar contender?) based on this footage.

The Railway Man also stars Stellan Skarsgaard, Jeremy Irvine, Sam Reid, and Tanroh Ishida. Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky, the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and does not yet have a set release date.

First look at Colin Firth in 'Devil's Knot' -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Oscar winner Colin Firth turns private detective in Canadian director Atom Egoyan’s new fact-based drama Devil’s Knot, which premieres at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 8. Firth stars with Reese Witherspoon, Amy Ryan, Dane DeHaan, Stephen Moyer, and Mireille Enos in the film, which is based on the notorious case of three heavy-metal-loving teenagers from West Memphis, Ark., who were convicted of the 1993 murder of three 8-year-old boys despite a lack of evidence. The so-called West Memphis Three became the subject of Paradise Lost, a series of three award-winning documentaries by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, as well as a Peter Jackson-produced doc called West of Memphis that won them the attention of a host of celebrity and criminal-justice advocates. In 2011, the trio was freed from prison under an Alford plea that allowed them to proclaim their innocence while technically upholding their murder convictions (and exempting the state from civil penalties). READ FULL STORY

Colin Firth takes a mulligan in 'Arthur Newman' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO AND POSTER


In Arthur Newman, Oscar-winner Colin Firth plays a man who fakes his death and buys himself a new identity. Wallace Avery is a divorced, washed-up amateur golfer whose son and girlfriend both hate him. He “once had very big dreams and has reached an age where he’s on the brink of writing himself off. He’s disappointed, ” Firth says. “They called him the choker because he would always choke on the final hole [in golf]. His marriage proved unsatisfactory. His relationship with his son is unsatisfactory. He has a bad relationship with his current girlfriend. And he just decides not to accept it.”

After faking his death, he begins a road trip of self-discovery as Arthur Newman. “He decides he’s going to be the guy that he feels he could have been,” Firth says. Along his journey, he meets the beautiful and mysterious Mike Fitzgerald, played by Emily Blunt. She’s “equally damaged in a very different way. She’s running away from her issues.”

The pair travel together, breaking into houses and assuming the identities of the absent owners. “It’s not the inevitable romance, it’s not the inevitable failure to have romance,” Firth says. “I found it followed a very truthful path about an ordinary person.”

And as for the golf scenes, don’t be fooled by Firth’s sweet swing. “I don’t know what I’m doing with a golf club. I got lucky a couple of times.”

Watch the exclusive trailer below!


Casting Net: Colin Firth and Michael Fassbender to explore 'Genius.' Plus: Amanda Seyfried, Patrick Dempsey, Stellan Skarsgard

• Colin Firth and Michael Fassbender are set to star in the biopic Genius, about the relationship between literary editor Max Perkins (Firth) and celebrated author Thomas Wolfe (Fassbender), film sales company FilmNation Entertainment announced today. Screenwriter John Logan (SkyfallHugo) is adapting A. Scott Berg’s biography Max Perkins: Editor of Genius, and London theater fixture Michael Grandage will make his feature film directing debut.

• Amanda Seyfried and Patrick Dempsey will star in the romantic comedy Wonderful Tonight, about a one night stand that results in pregnancy. Christine Jeffs  (Sunshine Cleaning) will direct from a script by J. Mills Goodloe (Pride). [Deadline]

• Stellan Skarsgård (The Girl with the Dragon TattooThe Avengers) has signed onto the dramedy Hector and the Search for Happiness, the film’s producers announced today. Based on the novel by François Lelord, the film follows the titular psychiatrist (Simon Pegg) as he searches the globe to discover the secret to true happiness. Rosamund Pike (Wrath of the Titans), and Christopher Plummer costar. Peter Chelsom (Shall We DanceSerendipity) is directing from a script written by him, Maria von Heland (Big Girls Don’t Cry), and newcomer Tinker Lindsay.

• John Cusack is set to headline Airspace, a thriller about a pilot of a charter plane who finds his plane under attack by a MiG fighter jet. Roger Avary (The Rules of Attraction) is in talks to direct from a script penned by Briana Hartman (Brother’s Keeper). [Variety]

• Frank Langella (Robot and FrankFrost/Nixon), Rosario Dawson (Eagle Eye), Josh Hartnett (30 Days of Night), and Gena Rowlands (The Notebook) will star in Parts Per Billion, an ensemble drama follows three couples as they weather a major devastating event. Brian Horiuchi is making his feature directing debut from his own script. [TheWrap]

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