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'Hung' star Jane Adams talks about her new comedy-drama, 'All the Light in the Sky'


Is the new independent comedy-drama All the Light in the Sky about a Malibu-dwelling, 45-year-old actress called Marie and her dealings with the film industry? Or is it about why we need to accept, and engage with, change — be it personal or global? Actually, this latest film from prolific writer-director Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies) is technically both. However, star Jane Adams, who cowrote All the Light in the Sky with Swanberg, insists the movie is much more a philosophical rumination rather than a Tinseltown dissection.


Best of 2013 (Behind the Scenes): Evan Goldberg on how much of 'This Is The End' was improvised, his favorite moments


What happens when you lock six comedians in a house for almost the entire length of a feature film? A lot of improvisation. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg teamed up to write and direct the summer blockbuster hit This Is the End, but when Rogen, Craig Robinson, James Franco, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, and Jay Baruchel were put in the same room, no script could hold them down. Not that it wanted to.

Below, co-writer/co-director Evan Goldberg reflects on some of his favorite improvised moments from the film, and talks about how the film’s retro ending — Backstreet Boys! — came about.

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As told by: Evan Goldberg

On his favorite improvised moments: I’ll start with what I think was my best. I’ll always remember it because Jonah [Hill] always reminds me that it’s the hardest he’s ever laughed in his life. And in reality, what I’m about to say kind of gets less laughs than a lot of the other jokes in the movie. Every now and then you just leave one joke in for yourself and this was it —  it gets like a medium laugh, but it doesn’t kill. It’s when Jonah’s got Seth [Rogen] pinned down and he goes, “I’m going to titty-f–k you, Seth. What are they, big B’s or small C’s?” That line — “What are they, big B’s or small C’s?” — was mine. That really killed Jonah. We had to cut and wait a minute because he was laughing so hard. When Seth pushed his chest together, I thought that was incredibly funny.

My favorite improv of the movie might be when [James] Franco says, “It’s like Neapolitan ice cream” in reference to the father, son, and the holy ghost. That just kills me. I thought that was one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard.

Quite unforgettable for me was when Craig Robinson improvised — he had it pre-planned, I know, but not fully — that, “Here’s Terrence Peterson, my monkey flashlight key chain.” And they say, “What’s its name again?” “Terrence Peterson.” And then there’s a pause, and someone says something else, and he goes, “Terry Pete.” That’s just the weirdest. I don’t even know why it’s funny, but audiences love that one.

There are some Jay [Baruchel] said that are too offensive for me to repeat. That’s what I got off the top of my head. READ FULL STORY

Check out the poster and trailer for Joe Swanberg's new film 'All the Light in the Sky'


It is tempting to say writer-director-actor Joe Swanberg has had a busy 2013 given he released his most high-profile film to date in the form of Drinking Buddies and superlatively portrayed a tool of an older brother in the sadly underseen horror film You’re Next. However, every year is a busy one for Swanberg, who has directed well over a dozen movies over the past decade and acted in many more.

“But what’s he done for us recently?” you cry. Good question. The answer is All the Light in the Sky, his latest comedy-drama which stars Jane Adams (Hung, Happiness, the forthcoming Poltergeist remake) as a Malibu-dwelling actress, Sophia Takal as her visiting niece, and director Larry Fessenden as a man who, amongst other things, does one hell of a Jack Nicholson impression.


'A Haunted House 2' trailer: New year, new house, same Wayans -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


One year ago, a man was forced to experience life in a haunted house. Now? He’s finally moving…into another haunted house.

We’ve got an exclusive first look at the teaser trailer for A Haunted House 2, the sequel to this year’s A Haunted House. Starring Marlon Wayans, Jaime Pressly, Gabriel Iglesias, Essence Atkins, and Cedric the Entertainer, the film catches back up with Malcolm (Wayans), who is trying to get a fresh start after having to exorcise demons out of his ex. However, moving into a beautiful home with his new girlfriend and her two children does nothing to stop the paranormal — or the humor.

Watch the trailer below:

'The World's End': Check out behind-the-scenes footage from the sci-fi comedy -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

If you like Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, comedies set in British pubs, loosely connected film triptychs, and killer robots, then you probably saw Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End when it was released earlier this year. If you didn’t? Well, that would be rather peculiar, given your interests. Regardless, November 19 sees the Blu-ray and DVD release of the film, which will be available for purchase both on its lonesome and as part of a Cornetto Trilogy pack, alongside Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

To suitably lubricate your laughing gear in preparation for next Tuesday, you can check out an exclusive clip from the World’s End bonus features below. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Great Odin's raven: Two new 'Anchorman 2' trailers! -- VIDEO


I could waste your time with a preamble filled with Anchorman quotes, or I get right to the good stuff: Paramount has released two new trailers for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Both clips are chock-full of the gleeful absurdity that made the first movie such a delight, as well as a few more hints about the film’s closely guarded plot. (There’s more here than we got in trailer number 1 — including answers about what happened to Veronica and Ron’s relationship.)

As our story begins, Ron (Will Ferrell) has, once again, been eclipsed by his smarter, more capable ladylove Veronica (Christina Applegate). Thankfully for him, new 24-hour global news network GNN is looking for a few good men to join its New York City ranks — providing the perfect opportunity for Ron and the old Channel 4 news team (Paul Rudd, Dave Koechner, and Steve Carell) to get the old band back together. There, they’ll bring a new sense of fluffy fun to a stuffy network run by no-nonsense Linda Jackson (Meagan Good) — who might just be the one lady who can help Ron mend his broken heart.


'Big Ass Spider!' director Mike Mendez talks about his big ass creature feature


Is there a better name for a film about a big ass spider than Big Ass Spider!? We think not! But director Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) says his self-explanatory creature feature, which hits select cinemas on Oct. 18 and will also be available on VOD, was almost released under a far-less-memorable moniker.

“The producers did not want to call it Big Ass Spider!,” recalls the filmmaker. “But I was very fearful that if we called it Mega Spider or something people would just think, ‘Oh, this is just another monster b-movie.’”

The directors of 'Zero Charisma' talk about their Dungeons and Dragons-themed comedy


In the Dungeons and Dragons-themed Zero Charisma (which comes out tomorrow, and is also available on VOD) a socially awkward D&D obsessive called Scott (Sam Eidson) loses both his role-playing game and his friends to a suave hipster-type, Miles (Garrett Graham), with darkly comedic consequences. The film’s writer and co-director Andrew Matthews was inspired to make the film by his own history as a gamer and ‘Dungeon Master.’

“I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 5th grade,” he explains. “It’s a nerdy obsession but it’s a very creative one too and it’s a social hobby where lots of eccentric types get together.” Matthews directed the film with his real-life partner Katie Graham who says part of her job was to de-nerdify the screenplay. “I offered the perspective of the non-gamer,” she recalls. “I would go through the script and go, ‘Okay, this is getting too inside baseball.'”


Gillian Jacobs talks about her 'butt-demon' horror-comedy 'Bad Milo!'


In the new comedy-horror film Bad Milo! Gillian Jacobs plays the wife of a stressed-out white collar drone (Ken Marino) who discovers he has a demon living in his butt. Yes, you read that right — she spells her first name with a “g.” (Ha! But, seriously, that is who she plays in the film.)

So, what was the point in the Bad Milo! shoot when the Community star most thought, “I bet Dame Judi Dench has never had to do this”? “Throwing dildos at an ass-demon puppet,” laughs Jacobs. “And we shot in a basement of a church, which just added a whole other level of wrong.”

Directed and cowritten by first-time filmmaker Jacob Vaughan, Bad MIlo! is released today in select cinemas and is also available to view via iTunes and VOD. In addition to Jacobs and Marino, the movie stars Patrick Warburton, Steve Zissis, Mary Kay Place, Stephen Root, Kumail Nanjiani, and Big Lebowski nihilist Peter Stormare.

Below, Jacobs talks more about Bad MIlo! while gamely ignoring the egregious amount of times your writer uses the phrase “butt-demon” in the course of our conversation

New 'Big Ass Spider!' trailer continues to feature big ass spider -- VIDEO


Last February, Inside Movies shocked the known world by revealing that the trailer for Big Ass Spider! featured a big ass spider. Well, folks, hold on to your hats. Because we are here to tell you that the new trailer for the forthcoming, Greg Grunberg-starring horror-comedy continues to feature — anyone? anyone? — that’s right, a Big. Ass. Spider.

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