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Doctor Doom will be very different in the new 'Fantastic Four' film

Sometimes, simple can be a good thing. Doctor Doom is one of the greatest villains in all the Marvel Universe, because as a character, he’s exactly what’s promised on the tin. He is a doctor who will bring you your doom. He is evil because he considers himself superior to the entire human race, and doesn’t mind expressing this by trying to rule it every once and a while. He’s the perfect match for a science-based team like the Fantastic Four, because he’s formidable in what they specialize in—science—as well as what they cannot accept: magic. This is something Mark Waid and the late Mike Wieringo masterfully illustrated in their classic (and highly recommended) Fantastic Four story “Unthinkable.”  

Next summer’s Fantastic Four film doesn’t seem to want anything to do with that.


Karl Urban is working 'very, very hard' to bring 'Dredd 2' to life -- VIDEO

Karl Urban wants Dredd fans to know that he hasn’t given up on a sequel — and neither should you.

While attending Emerald City Comic Con, the actor — who starred as the comic book hero in the 2012 reboot — thanked supporters and gave this update: “On behalf of everyone involved with the film Dredd — from [original screenwriter/producer] Alex Garland to the DNA boys to myself — we really, really appreciate it and we’re working very, very hard to bring you Dredd 2.” READ FULL STORY

'Thor 2': Chris Hemsworth has a viking attitude about hero's severed hand

It wasn’t quite “the chop heard ’round the world” but fans are still abuzz about the battlefield footage from Thor: The Dark World (Nov. 8) that was shown at Comic-Con International last Saturday — specifically the climactic moment when Loki’s sword appears to lop off the outstretched right hand of the staggering thunder god.

Franchise star Chris Hemsworth missed the Hall H preview panel for the best of reasons (he’s in Hong Kong busy filming Cyber with director Michael Mann), but a few days later he still sounded disbelieving of the notion that 6,600 fans in Hall H had already watched final-stage footage of key scenes that he himself has yet to see.  READ FULL STORY

'The Wolverine' makeover: New claws, no costume, and a less-nutty haircut

The clothes make the man, but in the case of Wolverine, the claws make the mutant. Hugh Jackman’s forever ferocious antihero returns to the screen July 26 with his second solo adventure, and die-hard fans will notice right away that his gleaming metal talons have gotten a makeover.

“Yes, we retooled them a little,” director James Mangold said during an interview at his offices on the Fox lot. “I found that in some of the comics illustrations that I really liked the most, they had these bevel cuts. They were faceted, that would be the best way to describe them. In the last picture, they were pretty smooth, and we decided to take it to a different direction.”

Mangold, the director of 3:10 to Yuma, Copland, and Walk the Line, was eager to bring a less theatrical appearance to the character who also goes by the name Logan. “I wanted a more real Logan,” Mangold said, “not a flashier Logan.” As part of his push, Mangold re-evaluated the arc and shape of the character’s signature weapons and went with a shape that looks more crafted for carnage.

“It’s more utilitarian,” the director said. “The cuts in the blades make them more useful, more lethal, and they also catch the light more and in interesting ways.”

The claws in the new film are the closest to the tooled look that comic book artist Frank Miller memorably used in the first solo Wolverine comic book ever published, Wolverine issue No. 1, back in September 1982. The coveted issue was the first installment of a four-issue limited series written by Chris Claremont, and it opened with Wolverine hunting a rogue bear in a frigid Canadian Rockies but soon shifts to Japan, where the loner X-Man seeks Mariko Yoshida, the woman he loves.

'Thor: The Dark World' poster: The god of thunder and snow

The debut poster for Thor: The Dark World just hit the internet. It prominently features Chris Hemsworth, back in blonde as the god-superhero. There’s also lightning and snow. And, um, the title. It’s a bit abstract, especially considering that the sequel will apparently feature a better look at the fantasy-cosmos surrounding Asgard. But hey, Hemsworth ain’t ugly. Check out the poster: READ FULL STORY

'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Nova' as Marvel's cosmic future -- EXCLUSIVE

Even as Marvel Studios turns toward the stars with the Guardians of the Galaxy, the same is true in the pages (and pixels) of Marvel Comics. On Feb. 27, the inaugural issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, the ongoing comic book series, arrives at stores on the Marvel app to draft off the interest in the 2014 film that was announced last summer, just got a star, and represents the most unexpected Marvel adaptation since Lucasfilm’s Howard the Duck in 1986.

For the moviegoing public that recognizes Captain America and Thor but scratches its collective head when the Guardians are mentioned, the series is a entry point into the scruffy charms and deep-space heroics of the team members: Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocke, Bug, and Iron Man. Wait, Iron Man? Yes, Brian Michael Bendis and artist Steve McNiven (the tandem behind Avengers Assemble) are bringing Tony Stark into the fun, which raises some interesting possibilities for the film doesn’t it?

NEXT: Nova No. 1 cover

'Django Unchained': EW Exclusive! Check out this preview of the 'Django' comic book

Quentin Tarantino famously writes his screenplays long and tends to radically alter them while he’s filming. As EW’s Keith Staskiewicz points out in this week’s cover story, much of the third act of Django Unchained was rewritten on the fly — to say nothing about the characters who were composited or eliminated during production or editing. Fortunately for film fans interested in seeing Tarantino’s original Django vision translated into visual form, Vertigo is putting out a six-issue comic book adaptation of Tarantino’s screenplay. With art by R. M. Guéra (Scalped) and Jason Latour, Django Unchained #1 hits on Dec. 19, but EW has obtained two nifty first looks at the issue: A groovy centerfold spread illustrated by Jim Lee, and a foreword by Tarantino himself. Tarantino’s foreword references Delmer Daves, David Cassidy, Howard Hawks, and Jim Brown, naturally. Check out the image below — click on it for a larger look! READ FULL STORY

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