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'Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus': Michael Cera heads south -- VIDEO

Things are about to get trippy for Michael Cera, judging by the trailer for his latest indie film.

“Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus” is the tale of a young American traveling through Chile with little else on his mind than drinking the juice of the San Pedro cactus. He meets a girl named Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffmann) who joins him and his friends on their quest.

Check out the video below for language barriers, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl and Michael Cera doing some calisthenics:

Sundance 2013: Michael Cera charms in 'Crystal Fairy'

What is illustrious Arrested Development alum Michael Cera doing on a Chilean beach, tripping on hallucinogenic cactus juice with a band of South American brothers while a blithely nekkid Gaby  Hoffmann cavorts nearby? Beats me, but I’m glad he’s there. Crystal Fairy — the title refers to the name preferred by Hoffmann’s New Age-y character — tastes a little of Y tu mamá tambien, with its sandy ramble of an outing. (That in itself is a good thing.) But the flashes of absurdist humor, druggy space-time perceptions, and low-keyed empathy are the bright work of New York-based Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva. (Seek out his 2009 Sundance award-winner The Maid — so good.) It’s no accident that Cera’s character, a cloddish, insensitive American guy out for an exotic (and low-budget) South American Adventure, keeps referring to The Doors of Perception, Aldous Huxley’s account of his own drug-induced revelations that inspired generations of college-age seekers to turn on and tune in. Crystal Fairy is shot through with sharp, fleeting insights about beauty, spontaneity, and the human hunger to connect. Plus, at the old-man age of 24, Cera has honed his expressive deadpan — shading from incredulity to aggression to bewilderment and back to comedic — to even more mature advantage, and the director recognizes the extra laughs of putting such a grating gringo in among gentler Spanish-speaking locals. Hoffmann, meanwhile, wanders around in the altogether with phenomenal hippie aplomb.


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