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New 'Skyfall' trailer glows with Adele's theme -- VIDEO

The verdict is in: Adele’s James Bond theme is a hit.

When it premiered last week, my colleague Adam B. Vary declared “it does not disappoint,” and it seems people agree. It’s currently the #1 song on iTunes — not only in the United States but in many places all over the world.

It’s no wonder, then, that it is featured in the newest Skyfall trailer. The clip is silent save for Adele’s soulful voice as we once again see Daniel Craig’s Bond getting shot from atop a train. We’re also treated to quick actions shots of explosions, chases, a steamy shower scene and more 007 fun. Many of the quick cuts are recycled from the previous trailer, but Adele’s song certainly gives them a new feeling.

Check it all out below: READ FULL STORY

'Skyfall' action clip: James Bond catches his train in style

The most Bond-ian moment in the trailer for Skyfall was the scene where Daniel Craig’s 007 leaps onto a moving train after its roof has been ripped off, lands squarely on his two feet while passengers gawk… and then calmly adjusts his cufflinks before resuming his chase of some baddie. Oh, James, nobody does it better.

Today, to celebrate James Bond Day on the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Dr. No, fans can glimpse at a little bit more of that action sequence leading up to that train jump. The villain he’s chasing is on the roof of the passenger car. Bond steamrolls some VW Bugs and digs the CAT’s shovel into the train’s roof, giving him an opening. And Naomie Harris drives alongside, looking concerned. Of course, if the trailer is to be believed, she’ll soon play a crucial role in Bond getting off the train — the hard way.

Watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

Bond takes a dip in new 'Skyfall' video blog

Skyfall‘s Nov. 9 release is just over a month away, making it high time for a serious press circuit. To that end, the team behind 007’s upcoming adventure has released a new video blog that offers an inside look at the movie’s underwater scenes. Though not as flashy as a car chase or as gruesomely riveting as Casino Royale’s torture sequence, underwater action presents a unique challenge for both the filmmakers and the actors: namely, drowning.

Members of the crew explain that while the scenes were rehearsed with oxygen masks, Daniel Craig and the others obviously weren’t afforded that luxury during shooting. That leaves the stars concerned not merely with their performance, but also with not dying,. Plus, you’ve got the crew circling about like sharks making sure everything comes together inside of the gargantuan, 1.2 million gallon stunt pool. It’s a complex process that, if done correctly, pays dividends in excitement and authenticity.

Watch the full video after the jump.


'Skyfall' will be released one day earlier on IMAX

Exciting news for who wishes that Daniel Craig’s face were ten stories tall: According to an announcement made on the official James Bond Twitter account, the upcoming Skyfall will be released one day early on IMAX screens. The film will now debut on the big big screen on Thursday, Nov. 8th, opening in regular-sized big screens on Nov. 9th. IMAX did not immediately respond to EW’s calls for confirmation, but why would the official James Bond Twitter account lie to us?

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First ‘Skyfall’ teaser poster unveiled

Dueling 'Skyfall' posters: Which side of the Atlantic gets Bond right?


It is unfair to stereotype the British people as a staid, uptight bunch. But their new poster for James Bond’s next film adventure, Skyfall, seemingly plays into that impression. Last week, Sony released their one-sheet for American audiences, and the image was one of action: Daniel Craig, dressed in an un-tied tuxedo, sliding on his back while taking aim with his pistol. The shot itself conjured up the Bond music in an instant.

Bond is much more formal in the new poster for the Brits. He’s buttoned up. He cradles his gun like it’s nothing more than a drink, and Daniel Craig looks at the camera with a trace of mistrust. It’s classic Bond, a Bond you can set your watch to. In the background, London’s skyline and the Union Jack establish that 007 is protecting home.

Lest you think I’m dissing the Brits and their Skyfall poster, I can easily reverse course and say that Americans required an action image because they don’t truly appreciate the essence of Bond. (See, I can insult both sides of the Atlantic!)

Compare the shots below: READ FULL STORY

'Skyfall' video blog: Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes talk London

The London love just keeps rolling in.

Fresh off a two-week stint showing a record TV audience all that it had to offer while playing host to the Olympics, “The Big Smoke” (No, I did not know that was a nickname for London as of five minutes ago) turns its attention to yet another major spectacle: the upcoming release of the newest Bond film, Skyfall.

The Skyfall camp has been tight lipped as far as plot details for much of the production period, with one of the only certainties in the cloud of mystery being that London will be welcoming home its favorite secret-agent son for the 23rd installment of the franchise.

Check out a behind-the-scenes clip below to watch director Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig — both native sons themselves — talking rather candidly about some of the challenges that shooting in London presented, as well as their general excitement in bringing Bond back to his roots.


'Skyfall': 'Mommy was very bad' and other curious clues in the new James Bond trailer

From the director of American Beauty and Revolutionary Road… James Bond in… Skyfall!!

Sam Mendes may have been an unorthodox choice to direct the 23rd official James Bond film — and the first in four years — but the new trailer demonstrates a great appreciation for 007’s cinematic canon and the evolving action genre in the (just) post-Bourne, post-Dark Knight era. There are nods to WikiLeaks, echoes of London’s 7/7 subway explosions, and a thick cloud of suspicion about even the most trusted institutions. The house has crumbled and Bond needs to become a new man to rebuild it.

Below are a few moments from the new trailer that made me grin, happy that Bond’s Olympic helicopter leap with the Queen won’t be the year’s most awesome 007 event. READ FULL STORY

'Skyfall' TV spot: Don't muss James Bond's suit

Along with James Bond’s buzzy appearance with Queen Elizabeth II during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on Friday, the British secret agent also debuted the newest TV spot for his upcoming feature film Skyfall. While it’s mostly made up of shots from the first trailer, the ad ends with a new killer moment of vintage Bond-ian style. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'Skyfall' teaser trailer: 'Murder?' asks a shrink. 'Employment,' responds James Bond

Will M die? Will Adele be doing the title song? And what part exactly is Ralph Fiennes playing in the 23rd James Bond movie?

The first teaser trailer for Skyfall, due in theaters Nov. 19, answered none of these hotly-rumored questions. We still have no idea what Sam Mendes’ movie will be about. But the trailer does offer a tantalizing glimpse of what’s ahead. At one point in Skyfall, for instance, Bond will apparently play word association games with a prison psychiatrist. “Murder?” the doctor asks. “Employment,” 007 replies. Welcome back, Mr. Bond. Check out the trailer below:  READ FULL STORY

CinemaCon 2012: James Bond not interested in games in first trailer for 007's 'Skyfall'

What exactly does the movie title Skyfall refer to?

We’re not getting any answers out of James Bond.

The first trailer for Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007 (due in theaters Nov. 19) begins with the British superspy in a debriefing room, playing word association with an examiner while Judi Dench’s M and Ralph Fiennes, apparently a member of the government agency, look on dourly through one-way glass. READ FULL STORY

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