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New NSFW 'Human Centipede 2' trailer: 'He keeps on talking about a centipede... with 12 people!'


The new trailer for horror sequel Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) has just hit the Internet and we can reveal that it includes footage from the first film, an actual centipede, and a gentleman who seems to have borrowed his beard from Billy Gibbons’ hairier brother. Oh, yes, and it also features a bunch of people who are clearly about to have their mouths attached to someone else’s rear end, but we figured you probably knew that already. (If, on the other hand, you’re a Human Centipede newbie then welcome to our coverage of this franchise. You’ve presumably come for the “What the blue blazes?” But you’ll stay for the “Argggh! Make it stop!”)


The banning of 'The Human Centipede II': It's good to know that England is keeping censorship alive. And, of course, helping to market the very movie it's banning.

When I heard on Monday that the upcoming gross-out horror film The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) had been banned in Britain, I confess that the news gave me a few goose pimples of nostalgia. Banned! Censored! Stamped with an X! Because it was just too nasty to be watched by civilized beings! The very notion that a feature-length motion picture could still be that shocking and grotesque — that it could show something so forbidden that it had to be, you know, forbidden — took me back to a previous era, when movies that smashed taboos could really generate some infamy, could seem almost outside the law. Of course, the way it works now, when horror junkies routinely seek out and gorge upon the most vile and extreme movies they can find, the announcement that the British Board of Film Classification had denied Human Centipede II an “18 certificate,” effectively squashing the right for it to be shown in any form in the UK, basically became a signal to those same horror junkies the world over. The signal said: Here, in case there was any doubt, is a movie you most definitely want to see. READ FULL STORY

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