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First Look: Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in biopic 'Miles Ahead'

Actor Don Cheadle’s obsession with Miles Davis began as a child with the jazz trumpeter’s album Porgy and Bess, a beloved staple of his family’s music collection. Now, Cheadle will make his feature film directorial debut with a crowdfunded biopic on Davis that will focus on the musician’s transition into music after a five-year hiatus—otherwise known as his “silent period”—and tumultuous relationship with first wife Frances Taylor Davis. READ FULL STORY

Don Cheadle is crowdsourcing funds for Miles Davis biopic

When Miles Davis’s kids imagined a film about their father, they also imagined Don Cheadle in the lead role. And now, Cheadle has taken one step closer to realizing that dream.

Cheadle has spent years developing a Miles Davis biopic that will double as his feature directorial debut. Originally titled Kill the Trumpet Player, the film is now called Miles Ahead. Cheadle’s goal is to tell the story of the jazz great’s life — and considering Davis’s belief in “social music,” Cheadle thought it was only fitting that he use social media to help get the movie made. READ FULL STORY

Don Cheadle to play Miles Davis in long-planned biopic

Don Cheadle will play Miles Davis in a biopic the actor has long planned on the innovative jazz pioneer.

BiFrost Pictures told The Associated Press on Wednesday that it will finance and produce Kill the Trumpet Player, with Cheadle also making his directorial debut. Cheadle has been trying to make the film for years. Production is finally set to begin in June.

The production company said the movie will focus on when Davis temporarily retired from making music and then re-emerged in 1979. The script is written by Cheadle and Steven Baigelman.

Ewan McGregor will co-star as a Rolling Stone reporter, and Zoe Saldana will play Frances Davis, the trumpet player’s former wife. Davis collaborator Herbie Hancock will be involved in the production.

Davis died in 1991 at age 65.

New global 'Iron Man 3' trailer: 'No politics here. Just good ol' fashioned revenge'

“I’m Tony Stark: I build neat stuff, I got a great girl, and — occasionally — save the world. So why can’t I sleep?”

So begins the newest trailer for Iron Man 3, continuing the film’s promotional march toward gloominess while also giving us longer looks at the franchise’s latest antagonists, Guy Pearce and a ponytailed Ben Kingsley.

In case the morose voiceover didn’t give it away, Iron Man 3 promises to include more explosions, more mayhem, and more frowns. The new trailer is also noticeably lacking in one-liners, while dramatically increasing the amount of time Gwyneth Paltrow spends struggling in a mean-looking metallic harness. Meanwhile, Kingsley is doing a spin on Ben-Kingsley-doing-a-spin-on-Tom-Hardy-as-Bane. There’s even a thing with an airplane exploding. Watch it below.


New 'Flight' trailer: Denzel Washington gets good air

A lean new trailer for Robert Zemeckis’s Flight covers the same ground as this first trailer, but it also gives us a slightly longer look at the terrifying, “is this plane going to crash?” sequence that catalyzes the rest of the action. Even though pilot Denzel Washington manages to land his aircraft without killing anyone — phew! — his troubles are just beginning, thanks to the chemicals lingering in his system. John Goodman and Don Cheadle costar. Watch the trailer below, and be thankful that you can do so while firmly on the ground:


Casting Net: Taylor Swift nearing noteworthy role as Joni Mitchell, plus Mark Wahlberg, Guy Pearce, Jaden Smith

Mark Wahlberg will come a-knockin’ for Avon Man. Hugh Jackman was supposed to headline the long-in-development project, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with his X-Men spin-off The Wolverine. Wahlberg is now looking to produce and star. [Deadline]

• Lockout lead Guy Pearce is in final talks to join Robert Downey Jr.Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, and Don Cheadle in Iron Man 3. Pearce will play geneticist Aldrich Kilian, who develops nanotechnology that can spread viruses and sells it to terrorists. [Variety]


'The Guard' trailer: Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson experience culture shock

Take Brendan Gleeson, give him an unorthodox partner, and put them in a world of crime and you’ve got, well, 2008’s brilliant In Bruges. Now it seems writer/director John Michael McDonagh (brother of In Bruges director Martin) has taken a lot of those similar elements and given them a bit of a tweak for his latest crime comedy The Guard, the trailer for which hit the web today.

Still, things are a bit different this time around, as instead of playing a merciful hit man, Gleeson stars a racist, bumbling Irish cop who is teamed up with Cheadle — a fish-out-of-water FBI agent — to take down drug-smugglers in West Ireland. Gleeson and Cheadle’s odd couple rapport and banter (“It’s a Gaelic-speaking region, didn’t they teach in Langley?” “Langley’s the CIA, you idiot, not the FBI!”) are the main draw for the trailer of the Sundance flick. Of course, if The Guard becomes a dark horse summer sleeper hit, the real power duo here, despite Cheadle’s always-welcome screen presence, would be Gleeson and McDonagh. READ FULL STORY

Wesley Snipes: Battered and back, and (just maybe) better than ever

When Mickey Rourke, a little over a year ago, enjoyed his big comeback, every story about him made a point of cataloguing his mythological mountain of trials and tribulations: the brutal battering he subjected himself to in the boxing ring, the drugs and booze and broken relationships, the botched plastic surgery, the “F–k yous!” to the movie industry and to his own fame, the lonely 3 a.m. convenience-store runs, the whole teary raging self-destructive fall from grace. brooklyns-finestImage Credit: Phillip V. CarusoIt all got talked about, of course, because it was such a great, juicy, sad, fascinating story. But it also seemed an essential story because, by the time Rourke starred in The Wrestler, his perils were written, literally, all over his face.

If you go to see the dark new police thriller Brooklyn’s Finest (and you should), you’ll see that something similar could be said about Wesley Snipes. Not that he ever fell nearly as far as Mickey Rourke. But Snipes, too, is an actor who had greatness within his grasp, enjoyed a period of unabashed success, and then, through a complicated series of bad circumstances (including those of his own devising), slipped between the cracks. In Brooklyn’s Finest, he plays a neighborhood drug kingpin who has recently gotten out of prison, and though the character is meant to be shrewd, hard, wary, and ruthless, Snipes gives him surprising touches of jumpiness and vulnerability. The actor, who was born in 1962, looks older here than he ever has before. It’s not just the creases in his face — it’s the haunted look of disappointment upon it, the beaten-down gaze of someone who has been through too much hardship to hide. Maybe that’s all acting, but even the finest actors draw art out of their experience, and in Brooklyn’s Finest, it feels as if Wesley Snipes is drawing on his. He takes what might have been a routine implacable-drug-lord role and gives it an undercurrent of sympathetic anxiety.

For make no mistake: Wesley Snipes, over the last five years, has been through the wringer. Charged, in 2006, with tax fraud (a charge he was acquitted of in 2008), he was then found guilty of willful failure to file federal income tax returns and sentenced to three years in prison. He has appealed that decision and currently remains free on bail. READ FULL STORY

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