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'The Grey,' 'End of Watch' back in theaters Dec. 7 to perk up Oscar buzz

Oscar voters and fans, take note.

Distributor Open Road Films is making a strategic move to bump up awards season buzz for films The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, and End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, by re-releasing them in theaters this Friday.

The Grey, in which a hulking Neeson battles vicious wolves after a plane crash, will have an exclusive run at local Southern California theaters Laemmle Monica and Laemmle Town Center, Open Road announced Monday. End of Watch, which showcases Gyllenhaal as an L.A. police officer going up against a cartel, will return to theaters nationwide.

Other films such as Les Miserables make their theater debut in late December to hit the Oscar radar hard and swift, in the thick of awards season campaigning, while a select number of films released earlier in the year creep back in to remind us of their worth.

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Box office report: 'Hotel Transylvania' sets September record with $43 million; 'Looper' strong in second

Right about now, some intern at Sony is probably carting a few crates of champagne into the boardroom. Or at the very least least a couple buckets of Halloween candy.

The studio had a terrific weekend, breaking the September box office slump with the top two hits in the country.

Hotel Transylvania led the way with a tremendous $43 million from 3,349 theaters — the highest September opening weekend of all time ahead of Sweet Home Alabama‘s $35.6 million bow a full decade ago. READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'Hotel Transylvania' tops Friday with $11 million, 'Looper' rides in second

The September box office slump is finally over!

Sony Pictures Animation’s Adam Sandler-voiced kiddie flick Hotel Transylvania easily topped the chart on Friday with an estimated $11.0 million. The film’s family-friendly appeal should give it a terrific weekend multiplier, and Hotel is likely looking at a $37 million weekend and an easy first place spot.

In second was another Sony (well, technically TriStar) release: Looper, which earned a solid $6.9 million on Friday. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Bruce Willis action thriller could take in about $19 million by Sunday’s end. READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: 'Looper' and 'Hotel Transylvania' check in to theaters

For the past few weeks, it seems like every box office preview has started off with some iteration of the following: “After last weekend’s dismal results, the box office will get a much-needed boost over the next few days.”

And then it doesn’t.

Film after film has underperformed this September. No one bothered to read The Words. Audiences dreaded seeing Dredd. And Trouble with the Curve swung and missed. But, for some misguidedly optimistic reason, I’m holding out hope that this weekend the box office really will get that much-needed boost.

The well-reviewed time-bending thriller Looper hits theaters this weekend and will likely do solid business, but it will almost certainly yield to animated pic Hotel Transylvania, which is set to win the weekend. One other wide release, teaching drama Won’t Back Down, is also entering theaters, but it’s expected to fizzle almost immediately.

Here’s how the box office might shake out over the next three days: READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'End of Watch' and 'House at the End of the Street' tie with $13 million, ahead of 'Trouble with the Curve'; 'Dredd 3D' bombs

The box office blues continued during this sad September weekend, when four new releases entered theaters, yet none surpassed $13 million.

In fact, September 2012 is proving to be one of the slowest months at the movies in a decade. As of this weekend, ticket sales have amounted to $357.3 million — 21 percent lower than the same point in the month last year, and the lowest September total since 2004, when month-to-date ticket sales equaled $356.3 million. (Keep in mind, 2004 didn’t have the benefit of 3-D ticket prices.) Nothing seems to be engaging audiences in a substantial way.

But that’s not to say the box office was totally dead this weekend.

Tied for first place was Open Road’s Jake Gyllenhaal/Michael Pena crime drama End of Watch, which earned an estimated $13.0 million out of 2,730 theaters, yielding a mild per-theater average of $4,762. The gritty cop film, which has earned strong reviews overall, was independently financed for a reported budget somewhere between $7 million and $15 million (an Open Road spokesperson did not confirm the budget when reached via email), and then acquired by Open Road for $2 million.  READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'House at the End of the Street' wins Friday with $4.6 million, but 'End of Watch' hot on its tail


We know Jennifer Lawrence lives in The House at the End of the Street, but where does that film call home?

The top spot of the box office, that’s where.

On a Friday that made it clear that no film will earn $15 million this weekend, The House at the End of the Street (or #HATES if you’re one of those young whippersnappers using the Twitter) proved most robust. House scared up $4.6 million and finished in first place, yet the critically savaged horror tale should follow the typical horror trajectory and prove frontloaded. It will likely finish the weekend with just about $12.5 million, enough for second or third place. READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: Clint Eastwood may mean 'Trouble' for 'House,' 'Dredd,' and 'End of Watch'

It’s a busy frame at the movies this weekend — at least on the distribution side. Whether moviegoers will busily fill up seats is another story.

Four new wide releases are entering theaters — baseball flick Trouble with the Curve, horror entry House at the End of the Street, sci-fi thriller Dredd 3D, and cop drama End of Watch — and although all four look like they may debut with more than $10 million, none seems poised to truly break out. It’s looking like the battle for the top spot may come down to Katniss and Clint.

Here’s how I think the box office might shake out. READ FULL STORY

'End of Watch' Spanish-language trailer trains focus on Michael Pena's character -- VIDEO

End of Watch follows two LAPD police officers played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, as they root out crime in south central Los Angeles while videotaping everything, as one does in the 21st century. The newest, Spanish-language trailer focuses on establishing Peña’s character, including his relationship to his wife and his partner, as well as showing more of the fellow cop played by America Ferrera. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'End of Watch' red-band trailer: Who knew cops used so many swear words?

The found-footage genre may be reaching its inevitable endpoint with this September’s End of Watch, a drama about a pair of hard-boiled L.A. cops fighting off a drug cartel. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña play the cops, and the new red-band trailer makes it clear that the movie is maximizing its R rating, with F-bombs galore and at least one eye-stabbing. “Come on, man, we’re cops!” says Gyllenhaal. “Everybody wants to kill us!”

So this is basically every episode of COPS, except instead of chasing drunks in tank tops, they’re cashing heavily-armed druglords who enjoy filming everything with their high-quality HD camera. Watch the NSFW trailer: READ FULL STORY

Jake Gyllenhaal brings the bald emotion in the 'End of Watch' trailer -- VIDEO

If Southland were a tag team effort directed by Paul Greengrass and Gareth Evans, it would probably look a lot like End of Watch. In the gritty new cop drama, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña play partners who have a long history together. Their shot at a future, however, isn’t so clear, after they stumble upon a crime scene that puts their lives in jeopardy. Check out the full trailer below. READ FULL STORY

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