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'Fast and Furious 7' gets new title


2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious, Fast and Furious, Fast Five – the Fast and Furious franchise isn’t exactly known for creativity in its movie titles. Each one has at least the word “fast” in it, if not both “fast” and “furious,” but Universal Studios switched it up a bit for the latest film: Furious 7.

Though the film was previously called Fast and Furious 7, the franchise’s Facebook page premiered a poster for the film Sunday along with the new title.  READ FULL STORY

Vin Diesel posts new 'Fast & Furious 7' photos

Fast & Furious fans have less than a year until the much-anticipated seventh installment of the franchise hits the big screen. And considering that the sixth film ended with the reveal that Jason Statham, also known as Owen Shaw’s brother, was behind Han’s death at the end of Tokyo Drift, Dom and his crew are all set to face yet another formidable opponent this time around.

But aside from the return of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, and company, we don’t know much about the film, other than that it will add Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey, and Kurt Russell to the mix. The details of the story remain a mystery, along with how they’ll say goodbye to Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner.

On Tuesday, Diesel posted new photos from the film on his Facebook page announcing that he has seen the film’s trailer. Diesel wrote: “Universal came to visit, to show the trailer for FF7…Speechless… yeah, it was that INCREDIBLE! I must also say, that it was emotional and bittersweet… we all went above and beyond to make Pablo proud, but man, I wish he could see what we have created and just how far we have come.”

In one photo, fans can see both Brian and Dom wearing suits, a rarity in the franchise’s history. Our best guess? They just came from Han’s funeral, and Dom is going to take that suit jacket off in less than 10 minutes.

As for the second image, Dom appears to be taping up his hands as if he’s going to get into a boxing match of some sort. Hey, this is the same guy who threw The Rock through a wall two movies ago—or was he the one that was thrown? Either way, we’d put our money on Dom, because he’s basically a superhero at this point, yeah? Seriously. He can fly.


Image Credit: Universal

Fast & Furious 7 is scheduled for release on April 3, 2015.

'Fast and Furious 7' release date moving up a week


Fast and Furious 7 is coming to theaters even faster. The film was originally scheduled to be released this month, before the death of franchise star Paul Walker pushed the project to April 10, 2015. And now Universal announced Wednesday that the date is changing again, this time moving up a week to April 3.

While FF7 didn’t yet face any competition on April 10, the Nicholas Sparks-penned romantic drama The Longest Ride is currently slated to come out on April 3 next year; sounds like pretty good counter-programming. Insidious: Chapter 3 was originally set to bow on the third, but Focus announced Wednesday that the horror sequel will move to May 29, 2015.

In addition to franchise regulars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson, and Tyrese Gibson returning, Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey, and Kurt Russell are joining the team this time around. Paul Walker’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, will also join the production, helping to complete the story arc of Walker’s Brian O’Connor.

'Fast and Furious 7' resumes production: James Wan tweets photo from set

After months of delays and resets following Paul Walker’s tragic death this past November, Fast and Furious 7 is revving back in to gear.

Director James Wan tweeted a photo Monday teasing the resumed production. “First day back filming. Better and stronger,” Wan wrote. READ FULL STORY

Kurt Russell on kindred spirit Paul Walker: 'He was a hell of a good guy'

Kurt Russell has played his share of tough guys and gear-heads — in movies like Death Proof and the recent festival indie The Art of the Steal — so he was always a logical target for the ever-expanding Fast and Furious franchise. Last September, Vin Diesel broke the news that Russell was on board for Fast and Furious 7, and Paul Walker later told MTV News that Russell would play a “father-figure” type to his character, Brian O’Conner, and Diesel’s Dom Toretto.

Of course, Walker’s tragic and untimely death, from a high-speed car accident, was a giant blow to those who knew him, including Russell. “That was a terrific guy,” says Russell. “I just met him on the [movie] and I was just very struck by how similar our lives are and how we looked at life. All the things he did outside of acting that he really enjoyed were similar to the things that I like to do. He was a hell of a good guy.”

Universal suspended production and is currently reconsidering ways to complete the movie for its April 2015 release date. “I’m waiting to hear what we’re going to do and how that’s going to go forward,” says Russell, who soon heads to the Sundance Film Festival, where his extended family has several projects being showcased. “At the time, we were talking about [my character] possibly going into a future episode as a sort of father-figure to Vin and Paul’s character — or possibly die in Fast and Furious 7. The character was created to go either way, and it will be interesting to see what they do now, if there’s any change in that. I don’t know if there will be. But obviously, they’re working hard on doing what they have to do to try to make that thing work. I think they’re going to gear up again in February or March, so we’ll see.”

'Fast & Furious 7': Vin Diesel reveals 2015 release date

Fast & Furious 7 has secured a new release date: April 10, 2015. Franchise star Vin Diesel posted the news on his Facebook page Sunday night, accompanied by a photo of himself with the late Paul Walker.

Diesel explained the photo on his page: “The last scene we filmed together…There was a unique sense of completion, of pride we shared… in the film we were now completing… the magic captured… and, in just how far we’ve come…Fast and Furious 7 will be released…April 10th 2015!”

He added: “P.s. He’d want you to know first…”


Man arrested for stealing evidence from Paul Walker wreckage

Note to ghoulish would-be criminals: don’t post evidence of your crime and a confession to Instagram.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing wreckage from the Porsche Carrera GT crash that killed Fast & Furious star Paul Walker last Saturday, and another suspect is being sought by the authorities.

The remains of the sports car were loaded onto the truck and hauled away around 10 p.m. that night, nearly seven hours after the fiery crash that took the lives of Walker, 40, and friend Roger Rodas, 38. The remains of the car were being taken to an impound lot for further investigation, but the driver reported being stalked by several vehicles as he left the scene, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The thieves waited until the truck came to a red light. Then they struck.


Casting Net: Kurt Russell in talks for 'Fast and Furious 7'; Plus, Bradley Cooper, more

• Hollywood veteran Kurt Russell is in talks to join the seventh installment of the Fast & Furious franchise in an undisclosed part for director James Wan (The Conjuring). We kind of hope he’ll just be playing Snake Plissken. The famously private actor has been somewhat absent from movies recently. 2007’s Death Proof was his last high-profile role. Russell has a few more projects in the works including the Jay Baruchel-starring comedy The Art of the Steal, and Bone Tomahawk, a Western with Peter Sarsgaard and Jennifer Carpenter. [Variety]


Casting Net: 'Ong-bak' star Tony Jaa added to 'Fast and Furious 7', more

Ong-bak star and martial arts expert Tony Jaa is in talks to make his English-language and studio film debut in James Wan’s Fast and Furious 7.  He’ll be joining the large returning ensemble that includes Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Tyrese, and Paul Walker. Chris Morgan, who penned the first, fifth, and sixth movies, is currently working on the script, but there’s no word on the character Jaa will be portraying. This seventh installment of the franchise is being fast-tracked for a July 11, 2014 release. [THR]


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