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'Fast & Furious 6': A deep dive into the Super Bowl trailer


The modern Hollywood landscape is mostly populated by brooding superheroes with daddy issues, fantasy worlds filled with gorgeously animated, annoying magical creatures, post-apocalyptic futures overrun by monsters and the teenagers who love them, and Johnny Depp’s makeup artist. And then there’s Fast & Furious, the ongoing epic globetrotting saga about acrobatic automobiles and the attractive meatbags who hit the gas pedal of said acrobatic automobiles. The trailer for the next Fast movie debuted yesterday and is already on the record as the biggest event in TV history, although unfortunately the trailer only lasted a minute before being pre-empted by some sporting event. In an effort to stave off Fast withdrawal, we’ve done a deep dive into the trailer for the movie which dares to ask the tough questions, like “What if a tank could drive really fast?” and “Isn’t a plane just a car with wings?”


We begin in London, a city which is only just now getting over the Summer Olympics and the filming of Skyfall. With this sixth installment, the Fast franchise is continuing its Manifest Destiny exploration of every corner of the world. The movie also filmed in Scotland, Liverpool, and the Canary Islands, which is thisclose to Africa. Inevitably, the franchise will run out of earth; expect an epic car chase across aircraft carriers and submerged submarines in Fast Twelve: Puddle Jumper.

Watch the 'Fast & Furious 6' Super Bowl trailer -- VIDEO


After two years of terrible waiting, Americans can rest easy: There is finally a new Fast & Furious movie. It’s called Fast & Furious 6, but we’re all just going to call it Fast Six, although a more accurate title based on the Super Bowl trailer would be Tank Fast Plane Furious: Resurrection. (UPDATE: Check out our deep dive into the Fast & Furious 6 trailer here.) In a clear homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, Vin Diesel and his glistening biceps are brought out of retirement by The Rock and his glistening biceps, because The Rock needs to track down a highly effective criminal paramilitary European road gang. READ FULL STORY

'Fast Six' signs star of 'The Raid: Redemption'

The next Fast & Furious film still doesn’t have an official title — for the sake of argument, let’s call it Live Fast, Die Six — but the casting process continues unabated. And whereas 2011’s mega-grossing Fast Five played out as a kind of all-star-team reunion special, the next film is compiling an impressive roster of cred-enhancing global talents. Variety reports that Indonesian actor Joe Taslim is the latest performer cast in the movie. Who is Joe Taslim, you ask? The star of The Raid: Redemption, the gloriously ultraviolent tower-of-terror action movie which tore up indie screens earlier this year. READ FULL STORY

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