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'The Exorcist': 10 creepy details from the scariest movie ever made


It’s Halloween, and some might say: “What an excellent day for an exorcism …”

It has been almost 40 years since The Exorcist started terrifying moviegoers, and despite countless imitators and special-effects advancements it remains a deeply disturbing cinematic experience.

Stories from the making of the 1973 film are almost as unsettling. READ FULL STORY

'They're all gonna laugh at' who? The new 'Carrie' search narrows

The recent Off-Broadway musical revival of Carrie may have gone down like a gym on fire, but that seemingly hasn’t delayed Kimberly Peirce’s remake of the Stephen King classic. According to Vulture, the Boys Don’t Cry director has narrowed her search to fill Sissy Spacek’s two-inch heels as the titular telekinetic heroine down to two frontrunners — Chloë Grace Moretz and Haley Bennett. READ FULL STORY

Universal unveils new logo for 100th anniversary, announces film restoration plans

Universal is marking its 100th anniversary this year with a yearlong celebration of its cinematic legacy. The studio will mark the occasion with an “updated animated logo” that will debut before Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, which opens March 2. Perhaps of greater interest to film enthusiasts is the news that Universal will restore 13 of its classic films, including All Quiet on the Western Front, The Birds, Buck Privates, Dracula (1931), Dracula Spanish (1931), Frankenstein, Jaws, Schindler’s List, Out of Africa, Pillow Talk, Bride of Frankenstein, The Sting, and To Kill a Mockingbird, which will debut on Blu-ray on Jan. 31. Jaws and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, will also receive special Blu-ray editions later this year.

“This is a proud moment for all of us who’ve had the privilege of working at Universal Pictures,” Ron Meyer, Universal Studios president and COO, said in a statement. “Our centennial is designed to bring special memories back to longtime movie lovers and fans, and to engage new audiences with our extraordinary library of films for the first time. Our goal, 100 years later, is to preserve, restore and continue the iconic legacy of this studio for generations to come.”

'[REC] 3' trailer: A wedding, a chainsaw, and a whole bunch of zombies

franchise, whose first entry was turned into the Jennifer Carpenter-starring, 2008 American film Quarantine.

Well, the good news is that the trailer for [Rec] 3: Genesis just hit the Internet. The bad? There are no subtitles and, to my shame, the only Spanish phrases I know are “Two beers, please!” and “You look nice in that dress.” But the other good news is that the clip concerns bloodthirsty ghouls going berserk at a wedding, so you don’t really need to be a professor of Iberian linguistics to enjoy the mayhem. You do, on the other hand, need a reasonably high tolerance for gore.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think. READ FULL STORY

Sneak peek at Blu-ray extras from Sam Raimi's 'Evil Dead II' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Sam Raimi’s gooey, 1987 cult horror/comedy hybrid, Evil Dead II, is the movie that keeps giving. You could also argue that with the slew of special edition DVDs of the film already on the market, it’s the movie that keeps taking, too. After all, I lost track a long time ago of how many hundreds of dollars I’ve forked over buying all these damn things. Either way, the new 25th Anniversary Blu-ray (which comes out tomorrow, Nov. 15!)  is worth your time and money if you’re a fan of giddy gore, the Book of the Dead, and Bruce Campbell’s impossibly chinned alterego, Ash. READ FULL STORY

'Attack the Block' director Joe Cornish talks about his new British sci-fi movie, working with Spielberg, and how you can learn to 'kick alien arse'


As a kid growing up in South London during the late ’70s and early ’80s Joe Cornish adored both creature features like Gremlins and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and gang movies such as The Outsiders and The Warriors. His one complaint about these films? None of them were set in South London. “I used to wonder why those stories never happened where I lived,” says Cornish. “Twenty-five years later I’m trying to put that right.”


Comic-Con 2011: Director Eli Craig talks about his horror-comedy 'Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil'


In director Eli Craig’s comedy-horror movie Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, two hillbillies brutally slaughter a bunch of college kids. Well, that’s what the terrified kids think is happening. In fact, Tucker (Alan Tudyk from Firefly) and Dale (Tyler Labine from Reaper) are two harmless, well-meaning pals who only appear to be vicious, Hills Have Eyes-type maniacs because of some comic misunderstandings and extremely violent accidents. (How violent? Let’s just say that one of the lessons Tucker and Dale teaches us is not to run whilst in the vicinity of a woodchipper.)

Below, Eli Craig talks about his movie debut — and considers whether he should appear at the movie’s Comic-Con panel dressed as Gandalf.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tucker and Dale’s cabin looks remarkably like the one in the Evil Dead movies.
ELI CRAIG: I love you! It’s great when people recognize these little things. I showed my production designer the cabin from Evil Dead and then I showed him the cabin from Wrong Turn and I said, “I want to make a hybrid between the two of these.” Because if you remember, the cabin from the Evil Dead is really really small. Our cabin’s a little bit bigger. But we went off those two references. READ FULL STORY

Director Joe Dante talks Trailers From Hell! site and why you shouldn't hold your breath for 'Gremlins 3'

Joe Dante just can’t get away from movie trailers — although, in fairness, he isn’t trying very hard. The renowned director of Piranha, The Howling, and the two Gremlins movies broke into the movie business cutting trailers for legendary schlockmeister Roger Corman. Now, in between movie projects, he curates the hugely entertaining website Trailers from Hell!, where he and his fellow TFH “gurus” like Eli Roth, John Sayles, John Landis, Edgar Wright, and Corman himself ruminate over old clips for films of almost every imaginable stripe.

The site has just released its second DVD on which, amongst other treats, you can hear Guillermo del Toro talk up Dario Argento’s Deep Red, Mick Garris extol the dubious delights of Flesh Gordon, and Dante apply his own gray matter to cult sci-fi movie Donovan’s Brain. (Plus!!! In glorious, uh, black and white!!! The DVD also includes the shot-in-just-two-days Corman classic, Little Shop of Horrors!!!)

Below, the always jovial Dante talks about the website, the unlikelihood him ever making Gremlins 3, and why an exploding helicopter is a trailer-maker’s best friend.


Check out the poster for 'The Thing' prequel: 'It's not human. Yet'


There was a time — and that time may yet return — when I used to watch John Carpenter’s The Thing at least once month. I still believe it’s unarguably one of the top five best horror films ever made and, to anyone who disagrees, I can only echo the sentiment of David Clennon’s Palmer as he notices a human head scuttling across the floor on alien legs (“You gotta be f—ing kidding me!”).

The first poster for the forthcoming Thing prequel has just been released, which you can see to the left and below. It’s very reminiscent of the poster for Carpenter’s film — a similarity that is helped by the fact that the new movie, which stars Scott Pilgrim actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is also called The Thing. (Hey, who’s naming films these days? George Foreman?)

What do you think of the poster? Are you psyched for the return of The Thing?


'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D' to start production in June


How much does Lionsgate studio like movies with “saw” in the title? A lot. The company, which brought us seven Saw movies, has now set out plans to relaunch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in partnership with Nu Image. Lionsgate has struck a deal to make up to six sequels to Tobe Hooper’s infamous 1974 original, in which a group of friends fall foul of a cannibal family.

The first of the new movies is called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and is set to commence production in June. Takers director John Luessenhop is in talks to direct.


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