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Sundance: How are the big films of 2012's drama competition faring at the box office?

As this year’s Sundance Film Festival winds down, there’s a collection of stand-outs, films that have already sparked bidding wars among distributors and are gaining buzz that filmmakers hope turns into success beyond the festival.

But where are the films that were in the midst of this festival frenzy a year ago? Now that 13 of the 16 films in the U.S. dramatic competition have opened in theaters nationwide, they yield a list that’s mainly box office duds, but there was one movie that had plenty of life in it post-Sundance — the acclaimed Beasts of the Southern Wild. READ FULL STORY

ORIGIN STORY: Melanie Lynskey makes sexy splash in 'Hello I Must Be Going'

The girl of Hollywood’s dreams has been right in front of it for a long time.

But like the clichéd end to some silly rom-com, she’s just been overlooked as “the best friend” all this time.

Shy, sweet, and hilarious, Melanie Lynskey made her debut in 1994 as the scowling teenage murderess opposite Kate Winslet in Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures, and since then has become a familiar face in movies and TV as the step-sister (Ever After), wacky neighbor (TV’s Two and a Half Men), doe-eyed housewife (The Informant!) teary bride-to-be (Up in the Air), and messed up mom (Win-Win). She’s the type of character actor who makes you snap your fingers and say, “Oh yeah … that girl.”

In the new bittersweet and funny love story Hello I Must Be Going, her name is no longer on the tip of your tongue – it’s above the title.

'Hello I Must Be Going' trailer: Melanie Lynskey falls in love with a younger man

In the Sundance hit — and one of EW’s picks for best alternative summer movies — Hello I Must Be Going, Melanie Lynskey plays a 30-something woman who, after her divorce, moves back home and gets involved in an ill-advised relationship with a 19-year-old (played by Christopher Abbott, Charlie on Girls).

Making things more complicated: Their families know each other, and their dads are business associates. Watch the trailer to realize that you don’t know awkward until you’re referred to as a “Mom” by your new guy’s  friends.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Melanie Lynskey skinny-dips in 'Hello I Must Be Going' poster -- EXCLUSIVE

Is there anything more wonderful than happy naked people?

The smile on Melanie Lynskey’s face should answer that question.

Anyway, it’s all she’s wearing in this new poster for the Sundance hit Hello I Must Be Going, about a down-on-her-luck 30-something divorcee who moves back in with her parents and basically turns into a teenager again — which includes falling in love with one.


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