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'ABCs of Death' red band trailer is beautifully bloody -- NSFW VIDEO

There will be blood. Lots and lots and lots of blood, apparently, in the upcoming horror anthology ABCs of Death, as evidenced by this delightfully gruesome NSFW new red band trailer, below. The ambitious horror flick from Magnet, on demand Jan. 31 and in theaters March 8, features 26 different gory death scenes by 26 different directors, including Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun) and Ben Wheatley (Kill List). Sit back, put up your feet, and indulge your sicko horror fan favorite scenarios, from mega explosions to a femme fatale driving a speeding car, an animated monster spraying bloody bits, a gal psychotically happy with a chainsaw, and a dog with a taste for human meat. All set to the creepiest sing-song version of the ABCs you’ve possibly heard.


25 directors (and maybe you) to direct horror anthology 'The ABCs of Death'


A group of 25 established and up-and-coming directors from around the globe will direct a horror anthology called The ABCs of Death, with production starting next month. According to the project’s official release, each filmmaker will be “assigned a letter from the alphabet that represents a word to act as a springboard for a short story of death.” The movie is being produced by Magnet Releasing, Timpson Films, and the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain’s distribution arm Drafthouse Films, which last year brought us Chris Morris’ acclaimed suicide bomber comedy Four Lions. As for the 26th chapter of this alphabet-themed movie, that will be overseen by a director to be chosen as part of a competition to find new talent.

Twenty directors have already signed on to the project, and you can find their names below. I’m not going to pretend to have knowledge of each one, but I am — happily — familiar with the work of several of several, including Ti West (The House of the Devil), Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun, currently in theaters), and Ben Wheatley, whose recent, British gangster movie Down Terrace is an underseen gem and whose follow-up Kill List was enthusiastically greeted by audiences at this year’s SXSW festivalREAD FULL STORY

'Hobo With a Shotgun': Director Jason Eisener's top ten favorite (NSFW) movie deaths

Don’t waste your time asking director Jason Eisener how many people die in his shlock-tastic bloodbath Hobo With a Shotgun. “I don’t know,” laughs the Canadian filmmaker. “I haven’t done a kill count!”

Interested parties can do their own murder-math from today as the Rutger Hauer-starring Hobo begins its theatrical run in New York and AustinTo get you in the mood for the mayhem, we asked Mr. Eisener to give us his favorite (and often very NSFW) movie murders, which you can watch after the jump.


'Hobo With a Shotgun': How a $150 fake trailer became the year's maddest movie


The new, NSFW action movie Hobo With a Shotgun is so extreme even star Rutger Hauer thinks it goes too far. How did a fake trailer made for just $150 become the year’s maddest movie?

Canadian director Jason Eisener originally wanted to make his debut feature film Hobo With a Shotgun a couple of years ago. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids. The (fictional) children in question played a small but crucial part in the script for Hobo that Eisener, his producer Rob Cotterill, and his writer John Davies had cooked up in homage to violent, low budget, ‘80s action movies — think Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher; or Rutger Hauer in The Blood of Heroes; or Rutger Hauer in… actually, if you’re thinking Rutger Hauer, then you’re probably in the right ballpark. Their tale centered on a railroad-riding homeless man who dreams of buying a lawn mower so he can set up a gardening business, but instead becomes embroiled in a blood-drenched feud with a crime family comprising evil patriarch “the Drake,” and his two similarly diabolical sons, Slick and Ivan. The Hobo team were determined to portray the brothers as out-and-out psychopaths and decided to have them set fire to a busload of kids with a flamethrower. The problem? READ FULL STORY

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