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'Gone Girl' cast spills on Ben Affleck's brief nudity


One of the most talked-about moments in Gone Girl is a brief moment of nudity where, if you look closely enough, you can spot Ben Affleck’s penis. When moviegoers realized this, the Internet exploded—and the split-second shot is still being discussed a month later, even at the Hollywood Film Awards yesterday where the film won the Hollywood Film Award and Gillian Flynn took home the Hollywood Screenwriter Award. Here’s what the cast, including the man himself, and crew had to say about the now-infamous look at Affleck’s nether regions:

• Patrick Fugit, who plays Officer Jim Gilpin in the film, said the moment wasn’t discussed on set: “No. There was no talk. There was more talk about Emily’s scene where she had to take her top off. I heard more about that than Ben’s at the time. It was sort of a surprise. I saw the shower scene when the movie came out and I was like, ‘Oh wait. You almost saw his, well, I didn’t know they were doing that.'”

Flynn, author and screenwriter, joked about the true definition of full-frontal nudity, and Affleck’s commitment to his craft: “It is so quick. Maybe you see it, maybe you don’t. I laughed because there were all these things being said about his full frontal and I was like, ‘That is not the definition of full frontal, my friends.’ That was a man getting into a shower. I expect to see a lot more when people call it full frontal. I was like, ‘I wrote this book and this film and I saw the dailies and I don’t remember a full frontal.’ Maybe they went off script there. But I appreciate [Ben’s] commitment to the authenticity of a man getting into a shower. Man, you committed.”

• Emily Ratajkowski told the Los Angeles Times her thoughts on whether the moment had been discussed too much: “I think it got as much discussion as it deserved, right?”

• Ben Affleck, the man of the hour, addressed the controversy when he accepted the show’s top prize: “I want to take this opportunity to thank David for the way he treated me. In particular, we had a shower scene in the movie. And David assured me, because trust is essential with directors and actors: ‘Listen, if we tilt down we will never go far enough to see anything.’ So thank you David. And I’d like to thank you for keeping the set cool. Because if you are gonna have one chance for America to see your junk you want it to be cold. It’s a real gift.”

Click here for a full list of Friday’s winners.

-Reporting by Carrie Bell

Watch Johnny Depp's strange and censored Hollywood Film Awards speech

Last night the Hollywood Film Awards made their first televised appearance—and it was a weird one. In one of the night’s stranger moments, a barely coherent Johnny Depp took the stage to introduce talent manager Shep Gordon, but ended up cursing a bunch first.


Hollywood Film Awards 2014: And the winners are...

Awards season has officially started — that is, if you count the Hollywood Film Awards. The awards, which have actually been taking place since 1997, were televised for the first time Friday night on CBS and hosted by the ever-charming Queen Latifah.

Drinks were had, long-winded speeches were given, Eddie Redmayne mumbled something about ping-pong, and 18 awards were handed out during Friday night’s show. The big winners of the night were Gone Girl(Hollywood Film Award), Benedict Cumberbatch (Hollywood Actor Award) and Julianne Moore (Hollywood Actress Award). Here’s the full winners list: READ FULL STORY

Queen Latifah on what to expect from tonight's Hollywood Film Awards

Founded in 1997 by Carlos de Abreu to recognize excellence in filmmaking, the Hollywood Film Awards ceremony is arguably the beginning of awards season. And the event has remained one of the industry’s best-kept secrets—until Friday. Now in its 18th year, the Hollywood Film Awards is finally making its broadcast debut.

Queen Latifah is hosting the ceremony, which will hand out 18 awards on air, tonight at the Hollywood Palladium. She will be joined by stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Michael Keaton, and Julianne Moore, who have received early buzz for Wild, Birdman, and Still Alice, respectively.

In advance of tonight’s show, Latifah tells Entertainment Weekly her thoughts on awards season and what to expect from the Hollywood Film Awards’ inaugural broadcast. READ FULL STORY

Reese Witherspoon, Michael Keaton among stars to appear at Hollywood Film Awards

Here comes awards season…

Reese Witherspoon, Michael Keaton, Gerard Butler, Robert Duvall, Julianne Moore, Jack O’Connell, Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum, Jean-Marc Vallée, and Shailene Woodley are scheduled to appear at the inaugural broadcast of the Hollywood Film Awards.

Queen Latifah will host the awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, November 14.

Carlos de Abreu founded the Hollywood Film Awards in 1997, and also executive produces the show with Allen Shapiro, Mike Mahan, Mark Bracco, and R.A. Clark. Dick clark productions produces.

More stars attending will be announced soon.

Queen Latifah to host the Hollywood Film Awards

No stranger to awards with an Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globes nomination (and win) under her belt, Queen Latifah is set to host the inaugural broadcast of the Hollywood Film Awards, CBS announced Friday.

“Queen Latifah is the real deal,” said Jack Sussman, CBS’ executive vice president of specials, music and live events, in a statement. “She is a triple threat—she can act, she can sing, she can dance—she is beloved by audiences across multiple genres and she entertains millions of people every day.”

For her part, Latifah said she is “honored to be part of a legendary award show,” which has been kicking off awards season for the past 17 years, honoring films that are sometimes not even finished yet. It will air live (with a West Coast delay) on CBS from the Hollywood Palladium on November 14 and includes a live red carpet and post-show with CBS This Morning anchors Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King.

The Hollywood Film Awards aim to mark the beginning of awards season

If you haven’t heard of the Hollywood Film Awards, you’re probably not alone. Founded in 1997 by Carlos de Abreu, it has served as a very unofficial “kickoff” to awards season, often honoring the casts and teams behind films that have yet to be seen by anyone. But in its 17-year history, the awards ceremony has managed to get a host of stars to turn out for the event on a regular basis—so the next logical step is to make it official, roll out a red carpet, and put it on television.

CBS, which announced its plans to telecast the show for the first time earlier this year, will air the Hollywood Film Awards live on Friday, Nov. 14 as an official 3 1/2 hour broadcast including a red carpet pre-show, the awards, and a live post-show hosted by Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O’Donnell, the network announced Wednesday.


Hollywood Film Awards: Seth Rogen kicks off Oscar season

Awards season can seem a little ridiculous at times. The Oscars are a tradition and the Golden Globes are a party, but there sometimes seem to be about 36 other awards shows vying for attention. Before you know it, they’re going to start handing out awards before the movies even come out. What’s that, you say? The Hollywood Film Awards already steamrolled that notion? How can you possibly honor a film or performance that you haven’t even seen?

It’s a fair question, but that didn’t stop giant Hollywood stars from turning out last night for the 16th annual Hollywood Film Awards, the brainchild of a canny promoter named Carlos de Abreu. Dustin Hoffman “won” for Hollywood Breakthrough Director, Bradley Cooper and Marion Cotillard took home acting awards, Quentin Tarantino was named the best screenwriter, presumably for the still unfinished Django Unchained. Perhaps the Hollywood Film Awards are the “official launch of awards season,” but I defer to Seth Rogen, who pointed out some industry truths when he introduced Judd Apatow, who was honored with the Hollywood Comedy Award.

“This is the first stop of the awards season. Or if you work in comedy, it’s known as the last stop of the awards season. READ FULL STORY

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