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'The World's End': Learn all about infamous Newton Haven pub crawl in fake tourism video


Here at Entertainment Weekly we’re as keen as anyone that people drink responsibly. Yet we also want you to check out a tourism video for the British burg of Newton Haven and its highly irresponsible invitation to try the town’s infamous Golden Mile pub crawl. (“One mile! 12 pubs!”)

Why? Because Newton Haven is actually the fictitious setting for director Edgar Wright’s sci-fi comedy The World’s End, which stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, and Rosamund Pike, and arrives in cinemas Aug. 23.

You can check out the clip below.

'The Conjuring': The real-life haunted family speaks in spooky new trailer


Folks who read last week’s Entertainment Weekly article about paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren will be familiar with the story of the Perron family, who claim they spent a decade living in a haunted farmhouse in Rhode Island and whose story is detailed in new horror film, The Conjuring. Now you can see and hear the Perrons talk about their experiences in the movie’s new trailer.


'Game of Thrones'-inspired trailer for New York Asian Film Festival promises, blood, lust, and Bruce Lee -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

What would Game of Thrones look like if it featured less less wedding day unpleasantness and Peter Dinklage and more weird bathing scenes and Bruce Lee? The answer is to be found in the new, GoT-inspired trailer for the New York Asian Film Festival which kicks off tonight at Manhattan’s Walter Reade Theater with the world premiere of the Hong Kong horror omnibus, Tales From the Dark Part 1. Other festival highlights include Cantopop documentary The Great War, a retrospective showcasing the work of South Korean actor Ryoo Seung Beom (including his new movie, The Berlin File), and a 40th anniversary screening of the classic, Bruce Lee-starring Enter the Dragon.


Check out the eerie new trailer for horror movie 'Jug Face'


Just how many films is indie-horror director and actor Larry Fessenden involved with this year? The answer is what we in the entertainment-reporting business refer to as “a lot.”


Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival to screen 'The World's End,' 'The Conjuring,' 'Cheap Thrills,' and Bobcat Goldthwait's bigfoot film


Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival has announced the first wave of films for this year’s event, a list that includes director Edgar Wright’s much-anticipated The World’s End, James Wan’s paranormal horror film The Conjuring, the Haley Joel Osment- and Gillian Anderson-starring sci-fi drama I’ll Follow You Down, E.L. Katz’s Cheap Thrills, and a documentary called The Otherworld from Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil).

Director James Wan talks 'The Conjuring' and 'Insidious 2' and confirms we'll be seeing more of [spoiler] in 'Fast & Furious 7'

Director James Wan is currently publicizing his upcoming paranormal horror movie The Conjuring (out July 19) as well as his other paranormal horror movie Insidious: Chapter 2 (out September 13) and he’s currently prepping the seventh entry in the Fast & Furious franchise. So, how much sleep is getting at the moment? “Seriously? Not a lot,” says Wan. “I will be lucky if I’m averaging five hours each night.” Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad. “No, it’s not too bad, except I’m one of these people that need at least eight hours. I’m always very groggy first thing in the morning.”


Drafthouse Films to rerelease deranged 1979 sci-fi movie 'The Visitor'


Drafthouse Films, the distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain, has announced plans to rerelease the infamously nuts, 1979 sci-fi/horror/action movie, The Visitor. The movie stars legendary film director John Huston (The Maltese Falcon) as — per the official synopsis — “an intergalactic warrior battling alongside a cosmic Christ figure against a demonic eight-year-old girl and her pet hawk, as the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.” (Now, that is something I might be tempted to pay $50 to see on the big screen, particularly as Huston’s costars include Shelley Winters, Lance Henriksen, Franco, Nero, and his fellow director, Sam Peckinpah.) A new, HD restoration of The Visitor will be released to cinemas later this year and will also be available on VOD.


Elijah Wood talks about his new horror movie 'Maniac'

The filmography of Elijah Wood has some dark moments, be it his depiction of the killer Kevin in Sin City or his twisted relationship with the titular canine in the sitcom Wilfred, which returns to FX on Wednesday. But there isn’t much in the Lord of the Rings actor’s résumé that would prepare you for his new movie, Maniac. Directed by Franck Khalfoun (P2) and co-penned by French gore-teur Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Piranha 3D) this remake of the 1980 cult slasher flick stars Wood as a mannequin renovator and serial killer whose passions come together in extremely violent fashion.

Below, Wood talks about Maniac — which opens this Friday at New York’s IFC Center and will also be available on VOD — his love of genre movies, and the upcoming horror film he can’t wait to see.

'Magic Magic' trailer: Michael Cera is all kinds of creepy

Michael Cera is done being Mr. I’m-so-awkward-and-nerdy-that-I’m-cute guy. This Friday, he plays a cocaine-loving version of himself in This Is The End, and come Aug. 6, you can watch him play the ultimate creep when Magic Magic, which already hit the festival circuit, hits DVD.

The trailer for Magic Magic follows a young woman, played by Juno Temple, who decides to vacation in a small town in Chile. What follows is a lack of cell phone reception, hypnotism, and the real kicker, sadism. As the trailer puts it,”When her vacation began she had no idea there was no way out. Now some secrets were never meant to be revealed.”

Watch the unsettling trailer for Magic Magic below: READ FULL STORY

'V/H/S/2': Directors Evans and Tjahjanto on their insane, apocalypse-cult short 'Safe Haven'

Aliens. Zombies. Ghosts. Yes, there’s craziness aplenty to be found in horror-anthology sequel V/H/S/2, as you might expect from a project whose directors include Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project), Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun), and Adam Wingard (the forthcoming, not-to-be-missed You’re Next). But for this writers’ money, the hands-down loopiest tale arrives courtesy of Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre) and Gareth Huw Evans (much-admired action flick The Raid). Entitled Safe Haven, the Indonesia-set short movie concerns a documentary crew and its horribly doomed attempt to interview an apocalypse-cult leader at his compound. We’ll reveal no more plot-wise — except to add that you’ve never seen anything like it.


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