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'Crazy Bitches': First Look at the upcoming slasher satire -- EXCLUSIVE

“Each one of the girls dies a gruesome death, and the killer takes a trophy … things it turns out each girl was most stuck-up about.”

That’s the premise of this slasher horror-comedy with the pull-no-punches title of Crazy Bitches.

Written and directed by Jane Clark (who previously made the gritty, Lukas Haas drug drama Meth Head), the indie film is set for a debut at the LGBT festivals Frameline (June 26) and OutFest (July 17).


'Palo Alto' director Gia Coppola and star Emma Roberts talk teenage angst, days of the week underwear


The teens are lost, the adults are wrecks, and everyone is grasping for some meaning in Gia Coppola’s feature debut Palo Alto, based on James Franco’s 2010 collection of interconnected short stories of upper middle class teenage angst.

Emma Roberts stars as the heartbreaking April, a quiet teen who catches the leering gaze of her adult soccer coach, played with unsettling charisma by Franco. As April navigates the increasingly inappropriate attention and escalating physicality of her relationship with Mr. B, her classmates drift in and out of trouble, parties, and desperation in Coppola’s dreamy portrait of this grim, privileged suburb.

EW got a chance to speak to Roberts and Coppola about the film, Franco material, and how they reimagined some of the more intense scenes for the big screen. Check it out after the jump. (There are some slight spoilers.) READ FULL STORY

Ellen Page on her terror of improvising for new film 'Touchy Feely'


Ellen Page is no amateur.

Not only has she starred in some of the most beloved and successful modern indies, including cult favorite Hard Candy and her star-making role in  Juno, she’s also held her own in big-budget endeavors too, stealing scenes from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. But on her first day on set for director Lynn Shelton’s Touchy Feely, Page suddenly found herself paralyzed with fear and doubt.


Why is Al Pacino on the side of this bus...?

That’s just how he rolls, baby.

Los Angeles residents may have seen this peculiar vehicle around the Greek Theatre lately, emblazoned with an image of Al Pacino looking a little bit like Barry Manilow guest-starring on a 1985 episode of Miami Vice.

It’s actually a massive prop for an indie film tentatively titled Imagined, written and directed by Dan Fogelman, best known as the screenwriter of Crazy, Stupid, Love and the upcoming Last Vegas.

Soon he’ll be known as the filmmaker who got Pacino to sing.


Sundance fires up NEXT WEEKEND summertime film festival

Sundance = cold. Usually.

The January indie movie festival held in the snowy mountains of Utah is synonymous with winter, but organizers have decided to heat things up a bit.

The film festival has announce plans for a summertime spin-off, with a program of 10 feature films, 10 short films, and special events to be held in Los Angeles on the weekend of Aug. 8-11.


'Short Term 12': Here's why you'll be talking about the indie film this fall

Now that it’s scooped up a trio of film festival prizes — the Grand Jury and Audience awards at SXSW in March and an Audience Award at the L.A. Film Festival this week — Short Term 12 looks poised for a shot at an even bigger, unofficial title when it comes out Aug. 23: sleeper hit.

The indie dramedy follows the lives of Grace (21 Jump Street‘s Brie Larson) and Mason (The Newsroom‘s John Gallagher Jr.), two counselors at a foster care facility for troubled teenagers. The mix of roiling emotions and dark humor they find there comes straight from the real-life experiences of first-time writer-director Destin Cretton, who worked at a similar facility before going to film school. Once there, he made a brief prototype of Short Term 12 as his thesis film in 2009. Four years later, his full-length version is a festival darling, which seems to have caught the filmmaker a little off guard. “It’s weird for me to have something so personal be accepted by so many people,” says Cretton, who cites Hoop Dreams and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as inspirations. “Awards are wonderful, but it’s really just a reflection of the wonderful conversations that we’ve been getting after the screenings.”

Check out the movie’s new poster — an EW exclusive — below.

Lynn Shelton's 'Touchy Feely' with Rosemarie DeWitt and Ellen Page gets September release

After picking up a Grand Jury Prize nomination at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in January, Lynn Shelton’s Touchy Feely is set for a September 6 release in theaters and on VOD, a rep for the film confirms exclusively to EW. Written and directed by Lynn Shelton (Your Sister’s Sister), the dramedy tells the intertwining stories of two siblings: A massage therapist (Rosemarie DeWitt) who becomes averse to touching bodies, and a dentist (Josh Pais) who discovers that he may have the ability to mysteriously heal patients with his touch. “Abby, the massage therapist, is free spirited and in touch with feelings. And Paul [the dentist] is the polar opposite: scared of the world, not wanting any change. And the two of them enter these journeys of self-discovery for kind of opposite reasons,” explains Shelton, who originally developed the characters for two separate movies. “Then I realized, they should be in the same movie! They’d be an interesting juxtaposition with each other, so I’ll make them brother and sister.” READ FULL STORY

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