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Study: Women behind the camera were just as scarce in 2014 as in 1998

“Feminist” was the buzzword in Hollywood in 2014: Emma Watson brought the United Nations to its feet with her speech on gender equality, Beyonce dazzled millions of VMA viewers with her unambiguous statement, Aziz Ansari broke it down for the unconverted on the Late Show with David Letterman. Media outlets kept close tallies on which celebrities embraced and eschewed the label, and headlines like “The 15 Most Feminist Moments of the [insert major event]” populated the media. Ladies like Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis, and Reese Witherspoon kicked ass onscreen, while Shonda Rhimes took over our TVs. No one’s claiming Hollywood has achieved gender parity—but by and large, 2014 certainly looked like a giant step forward for the movement.

As is often the case, though, a look beyond the spotlight and behind the scenes tells a startlingly different story—one in which gender equity in the industry is back where it was 17 years ago. In 2014, women comprised a paltry 17 percent of all the people who worked behind the cameras—directors, producers, editors, writers, executive producers and cinematographers—on the top-grossing 250 movies, the same scant percentage as in 1998. The finding is from an annual report called The Celluloid Ceiling, conducted by Dr. Martha M. Lauzen of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University. Other disquieting numbers from her research include the fact that 93 percent of the films had no female directors, 78 percent had no female editors, 79 percent had no female writers, and 96 percent had no female cinematographers.


'Ant-Man' trailer attracts a giant-sized 29 million views

Ant-Man may not be the most famous Marvel superhero. In fact, Evangeline Lilly had never even heard of the character when she was approached to appear in the Ant-Man film, which arrives in cinemas July 17. “As the Hobbit actress reveals in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, “They said, ‘We’re interested in you for a role in Ant-Man and I actually laughed.'”


'Ant-Man' star Paul Rudd was 'devastated' by the departure of Edgar Wright

In May of last year, an announcement shook the universe—the Marvel movie universe, anyway. It was revealed that director Edgar Wright had jumped ship from the Paul Rudd-starring Ant-Man, the superhero movie he and co-screenwriter Joe Cornish had been working on for more than a decade.

It was subsequently reported that Wright had decided to leave the project after Marvel presented him with a new script rewritten without his input. “It is true that there were disagreements about the direction the script should take,” Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige tells Entertainment Weekly in this week’s issue, which features Ant-Man on the cover. (Read the story in full here.) But “everything was aboveboard. Everything was done with everybody else’s knowledge. There was a sense of ‘We’re going in this direction, you’re staying in this direction—maybe it’s best that we end as friends.'”


Bryan Singer officially signs on to direct 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

Director Bryan Singer will officially return to the X-Men franchise. EW has confirmed that Singer, who directed X-Men, X2, and this summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, has just closed a deal to direct the latest installment in the Marvel mutant series, X-Men: Apocalypse. It had been unclear whether or not this would be the case after Singer was accused in April of sexual abuse by former actor Michael Egan; Egan eventually dropped his suit in late August.

X-Men: Apocalypse is set for release on May 27, 2016 and Singer told EW in the spring that it would follow younger versions of Xavier (James McAvoy), Erik (Michael Fassbender), and Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), and perhaps the additions of Nightcrawler and Gambit (Channing Tatum has been reportedly set as the Cajun hero). Said Singer, “I’m excited because I want to start introducing familiar characters at different ages and also explore the ‘80s.”

Adrian Garcia Bogliano starts shooting black comedy 'Scherzo Diabolico'


Director Adrián García Bogliano has yet to release his most recently completed film, the werewolf tale Late Phases. But EW can reveal that the prolific filmmaker has commenced principal photography on his next movie in Mexico City. The film is called Scherzo Diabolico and, according to the official release, it “brings Bogliano back from the supernatural realm to a wild black comedy about a bored and frustrated accountant who decides to kidnap a girl who will become his worst nightmare.”


Box office report: 'Apes' conquers, 'Boyhood' starts strong

If this weekend’s number one movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes — the second entry in the rebooted Apes franchise — has a spiritual sibling in the original series of films, it is 1972’s Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. While Conquest was the fourth movie in the franchise to arrive in cinemas it is, like Dawn, the second according to the interior timeline of its series and, again like director Matt Reeves’ new film, features an apocalyptic showdown between apes and humans. Thus, it seems appropriate that this weekend Dawn of the Planet of the Apes comprehensively conquered the domestic box office by earning an estimated $73 million, exceeding both expectations and the $54.8 million opening weekend of its predecessor, 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes.


Box office update: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' climbs to the top of the box office

You maniacs! You made Dawn of the Planet of the Apes the most popular movie in America! Ah, damn you! Goddamn you all to hell!


Dave Franco to star in James Franco's movie about 'The Room'


James Franco has found the man to play actor Greg Sestero in his forthcoming adaptation of Sestero‘s 2013 book The Disaster Artist, which details the author’s involvement in the cult film The Room. Not that Franco had to look very far: According to 3 News, Franco’s brother Dave attended a Los Angeles screening of The Room over the weekend and, during a Q&A with the film’s mercurial writer-director-star Tommy Wiseau, asked him, “How do you feel about me playing Greg Sestero in the movie?” Wiseau responded by declaring, “That’s what I say: It’s a good choice.” James Franco seemed to confirm the casting news when he tweeted a photograph of Wiseau with his brother, which you can see above.


Box office report: 'Neighbors' evicts 'Spider-Man 2' from top spot

SUNDAY UPDATE: Neighbors is No. 1 movie at the weekend box office with an estimated $51.1 million.

ORIGINAL POST: As kryptonite is to Superman, so a kegger is to Spider-Man. That seems to be the lesson of this weekend’s box office, anyway.

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron’s new frat comedy Neighbors drank in an estimated $19.6 million at the box office on Friday, almost twice as much as the $10.1m which was caught in the web of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sony is projecting its superhero sequel will gross $37 million for the weekend, which would give it a cumulative domestic take of $147m by the end of Sunday.

Meanwhile, The Other Woman continued to show legs in its third week of release, earning $2.8 million for a total gross of $55.2 million.

Megan Fox talks 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' says she'd love a 'Sailor Moon' remake

Megan Fox has long claimed to be a self-described “nerd” but has unexpectedly upped the ante when it comes to her fan-girl obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“I was really in love with them,” confesses Fox, who stars as reporter April O’Neil in the live-action reboot of the ‘80s cartoon which hits theaters August 8. “I have an older sister that’s 12 years older than me, so part of it initially was because I wanted to be like my big sister. But, it’s a really cool project for me because it was a huge part of my childhood, and it’s always been.” READ FULL STORY

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