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Sundance 2013: James Franco on producing porn documentary 'kink' -- EXCLUSIVE TRAILER (NSFW)

The documentary kink, premiering at this week’s Sundance Film Festival and produced by James Franco, takes a bird’s eye look at San Francisco-based major BDSM internet porn company, and doesn’t wince.

Directed by Franco’s longtime cinematographer Christina Voros, the movie completely revels in a world where ropes and bondage are joyful ways of expressing lust — and we’re talking way more “discipline” than Fifty Shades of Grey. Check out our exclusive premiere of the movie’s trailer below. But be warned, faint-of-heart readers: It’s stuffed with footage of buff guys getting trussed up and a red-haired female porn director ordering porn actors to scream or be spanked. The mood is totally, unequivocally gleeful, and unabashedly NSFW.

Sundance 2013: James Franco talks gay sex in 'Interior. Leather Bar.' -- EXCLUSIVE NSFW CLIP


James Franco’s new art film Interior. Leather Bar., directed by him and filmmaker Travis Mathews, is all about gay sex, and Franco’s damn proud of it.

Premiering at this week’s Sundance Film Festival, the gay S&M film reimagining 40 minutes of footage rumored to be taken out of William Friedkin’s 1980 drama Cruising blurs the boundaries between observer and observed, truth and fiction, delight and pain.

Just check out this seriously NOT SAFE FOR WORK exclusive clip from the movie, below, featuring Franco — playing a version of himself — flinching as a man is pleasurably beaten off camera. Later on, talking to Val Lauren, the movie’s lead, Franco totally sounds off on acceptance of straight societal norms. “Every f—king love story is a dude that wants to be with a girl, and the only way they’re going to end up happy is if they walk off into the sunset together,” he says. “I’m f—king sick of that s—t. So if there’s a way for me to just break that up in my own mind, I’m all for it. … Sex should be a storytelling tool, but we’re so f—king scared of it.”


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