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James Franco and Jonah Hill go serious in 'True Story' trailer


James Franco and Jonah Hill have tackled both comedic and dramatic roles, but there’s nary a laugh in sight in the This Is the End co-stars’ next project: True Story, in which Hill plays a journalist and Franco plays the murderer who stole his identity.  READ FULL STORY

Theater chains cancel 'The Interview' in face of 9/11 threats

Sony is moving ahead with plans to debut The Interview on Dec. 25, but there might not be many theaters in your neighborhood actually playing it. Not long after the National Association of Theatre Owners released a statement today saying, “individual cinema operators may decide to delay exhibition of the movie so that our guests may enjoy a safe holiday movie season experiencing the many other exciting films we have to offer,” several of the biggest theater chains indicated that they would not be featuring the James Franco/Seth Rogen comedy about an assassination attempt on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un due to the terrorist threats made by the Guardians of Peace hackers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, AMC, Regal, Cinemark, and Cineplex theaters have followed the lead of the Carmike and Bow Tie chains and will not be screening The Interview. Sony declined to comment on the new development, but since those six theater chains are made up of more than 1,700 theaters in North America, it will be difficult for the studio to mount a significant theatrical release at this time.

“Due to the wavering support of the film The Interview by Sony Pictures, as well as the ambiguous nature of any real or perceived security threats, Regal Entertainment Group has decided to delay the opening of the film in our theatres,” read Regal’s official statement. READ FULL STORY

Randall Park discusses playing Kim Jong-un in 'The Interview,' addresses threats against film


At the heart of the controversy surrounding The Interview is the film’s actual plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. But amid all the reactions from stars James Franco and Seth Rogen, little has been heard from the actor portraying Kim—Randall Park.

Park spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his role in the film, offering his take on playing the character, what it’s been like to deal with the threats made against those involved with the film, and even how he thinks Jong-un might feel about the movie if he were to watch it.


Sony to move forward with 'The Interview' release, but theaters have a choice

Facing terrorist threats from the same group that committed a massive cybersecurity attack of its network and the public dissemination of proprietary content, Sony is moving forward with the release of The Interview, the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy about an assassination attempt on North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un.

However, sources close to the film confirm a Deadline report that the studio will support the theater chains’ decision whether or not to screen the film when it opens on Dec. 25, in light of potential safety concerns. Carmike Cinemas, one of the country’s largest chains with 2,917 screens in 41 states, has already decided to pull The Interview from its theaters, and the Landmark theater in Manhattan cancelled its plans to host the New York premiere of the film on Thursday night. In addition, Bow Tie Cinemas, which has 350 screens in six states, has also announced it will not screen the film. READ FULL STORY

'The Interview' New York premiere canceled

The New York premiere of The Interview has been scrapped. The event was supposed to take place Thursday at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema in New York’s Lower East Side, but was canceled by Landmark, a representative for Landmark Theatres confirmed to EW. READ FULL STORY

Seth Rogen, James Franco talk Sony hack and 'The Interview': 'Haters gonna hate'

Seth Rogen and James Franco stopped by EW Radio (SiriusXM 105), where they talked with comedian Lisa Lampanelli (for an interview that will air this Friday) about their upcoming film, The Interview, and all of the drama surrounding the recent Sony hack.

Although Rogen said they don’t know of any direct connection between the hack and their film, he did voice his opinion on the breach of confidence and how “super f—ed up” it is that people are publicizing “stolen shit.” READ FULL STORY

Watch a French-language teaser for the animated 'The Little Prince'


Typically, CGI versions of beloved properties can make us wary, but there’s something lovely about this French-language teaser for Mark Osborne’s adaptation of The Little PrinceREAD FULL STORY

Sundance premieres and docs 2015: Hi, James Franco!


If the Sundance Film Festival has an unofficial spirit animal, it’s James Franco. In recent years, the crinkly-grinned polymath-movie star/filmmaker/artist/perennial grad student has become a fixture at North America’s ranking showcase for independent film. He’s come as an actor in such films as Howl and Lovelace and as director of Interior. Leather Bar and the short film Herbert White, but also as a producer of Kink, a 2013 documentary about BDSM porn. Franco even enacted a meta-art piece called Three’s Company: A Drama—transgressively riffing on the ’70s sitcom—at the festival’s New Frontier program in 2011.

With today’s announcement of Sundance’s highest-profile and arguably most anticipated offerings—its Premieres and Documentary Premieres sections—comes the news that, yes, Franco is back. He stars in I Am Michael, a biopic about a controversial gay activist who undergoes a religious transformation to become a Christian pastor and champion of heterosexuality. “We do love James Franco. The fact that he was in about 73 films that were submitted—statistically, he had a pretty good shot,” jokes Trevor Groth, director of programming for the Sundance Film Festival. “Honestly, he’s great in I Am Michael. It’s a complicated story and he has great chemistry with his two love interests, Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts.” READ FULL STORY

James Franco and Nicki Minaj take on 'Peter Pan Live' in 'SNL' promo

In case you’re getting bored with Christopher Walken and Allison Williams’ rendition of “Peter Pan Live”— you can catch our live blog here—James Franco and Nicki Minaj have a much shorter, much more digestible version in their just-released “Saturday Night Live” promos. Hopefully, the real production is a little better than theirs. READ FULL STORY

Sony hack reveals Seth Rogen, James Franco 'The Interview' salaries

After Sony confirmed it was hacked on Nov. 25, information slowly began trickling out about a number of its films. And according to Bloomberg, some recent information reveals how much Seth Rogen and James Franco made for their upcoming film, The Interview.

Rogen, who co-wrote, co-directed, and stars in the film, took away more than $8.4 million, while Franco received $6.5 million for co-starring. Overall, the film reportedly cost $44 million to make, with $5,000 of that going toward a Kevin Federline cameo (of all things). Also on the budget list? A “table of weed, coke, pills and panties,” which came in at a whopping $241.

The Interview arrives in theaters Dec. 25.

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