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Casting Net: John C. Reilly signs on for 'Les Cowboys'

• John C. Reilly will star in Les Cowboys alongside Finnegan Oldfield and Francois Damiens. The film marks the feature debut of Rust and Bone scribe Thomas Bidegain. Bidegain co-wrote the script with Noé Debré. The story follows a father (Damiens) who, along with his son (Oldfield), goes in search for his missing daughter; she disappears after beginning to date a young, Muslim fundamentalist man. They turn to American headhunter (Reilly) for help. [Variety]

• Sam Trammell (The Fault in Our Stars) has signed on for Three Generations. Gaby Dellal is directing the film, which stars Naomi Watts, Elle Fanning, and Susan Sarandon. The film came from an original idea by Dellal, which Nikole Beckwith fleshed out. The film tells the story of a teen, Ray (Fanning), transitioning from female to male, and the impact it has on her single mother (Watts) and grandmother (Sarandon). Tate Donovan also stars as a boyfriend of Watt’s character. [THR]

• Eddie Marsan has been cast in the untitled adaptation of author Patricia Highsmith‘s The Blunderer. The psychological thriller stars Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, and Haley Bennett, who replaced Imogen Poots. With Andy Goddard directing, the film follows a successful architect living in 1960s New York, Walter Stackhouse (Wilson), who has a beautiful wife (Biel). Walter’s fascination with unsolved murders leads him to a killer/detective (Bennett), whom he lusts after. Susan Boyd adapted Highsmith’s 1954 novel for the screen. [THR]

• Lesli Margherita has signed on for One Shot. The movie musical stars Topher Grace and Taye Diggs in the story of a failed actor (Grace), who becomes a stage manager, and must keep his new show afloat for opening night. Margherita will play Brandy, a chorus girl who challenges Malcolm (Diggs) to see who will hook up with a new cast member first. [Deadline]

Aubrey Plaza goes full zombie in 'Life After Beth' trailer


Ahh, to be a teenage zombie again!

Jeff Baena’s Life After Beth follows Zach (Dane DeHaan), a teen who is heartbroken when his girlfriend (Aubrey Plaza) unexpectedly dies. When her parents, Maury (John C. Reilly) and Geenie (Molly Shannon), resurrect Beth using the Old Testament, Zach gets a second chance to do and say everything he wished he had while she was still alive. As you can imagine, things don’t work out quite the way he plans.

The film’s trailer shows the pair running around the park, hanging out at the beach, and making out, extensively. Beth is a far cry from the rapid, ferocious zombies in 28 Days Later and the slow-paced, completely lifeless zombies of The Walking Dead; she’s much more human-like than zombie-esque, at least at first. READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to play 'Border Guards'; Plus, Sharon Stone, more

Step Brothers and Talladega Nights co-stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are in talks to re-team for Sony’s Border Guards. The comedic duo would play a pair of friends who decide to become boarder guards and end up stranded in Mexico with no way to get back. Their longtime collaborator Adam McKay may direct, and The Thick of It‘s Jesse Armstrong is writing the script. [Deadline] READ FULL STORY

Sundance 2014: Dane DeHaan finds 'Life After Beth' a tad unsettling -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


When you lose someone special, it’s rather common to feel severe pangs of regret. Regret that you held back, that you never told that person how you really felt when they were still alive. If only you could go back — or if they could come back — for just one more day or even one last moment together.

In Life After Beth, which premieres on Jan. 19 at the Sundance Film Festival, Zach (Dane DeHaan) gets that opportunity. His dead girlfriend (Aubrey Plaza) has been miraculously resurrected and she has no memory of her recent demise. She looks as fresh and pure as a minister’s daughter on Sunday, but Zach isn’t yet ready to praise Jesus. After all, one person’s “resurrected” is another person’s, um, zombie.

In this exclusive video from the horror-comedy, Beth’s parents (John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon) deem that contradiction a minor semantic quibble. For Zach, he’s stuck in the rarely diagnosed stage of grief some medical professionals describe as Freaked Out. READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: Jamie Foxx in talks to play Martin Luther King, Jr., Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to re-team, and more movie news

• Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx (Ray) is in talks to play Martin Luther King, Jr. in a biopic for Warner Bros. and DreamWorks. Fellow Oscar-winner and biographical film enthusiast Oliver Stone (Born on the Fourth of July) is also in talks to direct. Chasing Mavericks scribe Kario Salem penned the most recent version of the script, and Steven Spielberg will reportedly produce. [The Wrap]


Is John C. Reilly going to be in 'Anchorman 2'? Maybe! (Or not!)

John C. Reilly is maybe going to be in the Anchorman sequel, Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Or not.

The film, which is in production, has been tight-lipped about most details regarding its plot and full cast — but it did put out a casting call for a John C. Reilly lookalike, leading to Internet speculation that Reilly would be reuniting with his Step Brothers co-star alongside already-booked stars Kristen Wiig, Christina Applegate, Steve Carell, and Paul Rudd.

Reps for the film, however, will only confirm that they were indeed looking for a lookalike, saying in a statement, “We were looking for a stand-in for lighting purposes who looks like John C. Reilly. We always demand that every stand-in looks like John C. Reilly.” READ FULL STORY

First 'Wreck-It Ralph' clip: Meet Ralph and Sarah Silverman's Vanellope von Schweetz

Will Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph be a crossover success, appealing to both old-school video game nerds and today’s hyper-stimulated kids? We won’t know for sure until the movie’s release — but judging from this first clip, Ralph looks pretty darn charming.

The film follows the titular character (John C. Reilly), the villain of a retro Donkey Kong-esque game, as he embarks on a game-hopping quest to prove that he can be a hero. In the all-candy world of Sugar Rush, he meets pint-sized Vanellope von Schweetz — a go-kart racer with the mischievous, pinched voice of Sarah Silverman. Ralph and Vanellope’s sweet/tart meet-cute is the subject of the video below:


'Wreck-It Ralph' trailer: A bad video game character tries to turn good -- VIDEO

“I don’t wanna be the bad guy anymore.”

Can you imagine Ganon from The Legend of Zelda saying this? Or Bowser from Super Mario Bros.? Or the centipede from… Centipede?

It’s literally in their programming for video game villains to be troublemakers, but in the new trailer for Walt Disney Animation’s Wreck-It Ralph, the smash-loving antagonist in an 8-bit 1980s arcade game decides to prove there is more to him than just 25 cents worth of mayhem. Of course, it creates tremendous controversy in their pixelated world. READ FULL STORY

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