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The 'Wonder Woman' movie could be getting a female director

Exciting news from the world of Superhero Movies That Don’t Star White Dudes Names Chris: Warner Bros’ 2017 Wonder Woman spinoff is close to hiring a director, and Variety reports that they are talking to Michelle MacLaren. READ FULL STORY

Warner Bros. announces 10 DC movies, including 'Wonder Woman,' 'Green Lantern,' and two 'Justice League' films

Everyone knew that Warner Bros. was planning to release a fleet of superhero movies based on the DC Universe. And now studio head Kevin Tsujihara has revealed the titles of those superhero movies, announcing an ambitious slate of 10 films spread throughout interlocking franchises that will star beloved characters like Superman and Batman, plus lesser-known characters like Shazam and Cyborg. They’re also making a new Green Lantern movie, but not until 2020, by which time Ryan Reynolds’ child will be five years old and his parents will never talk about how they met, not ever.

Here are the 10 announced films. (Click here for some deeper thoughts about all the DC movies.) READ FULL STORY

'Justice League' movie to follow 'Batman/Superman' in 2018

Sometimes Justice just takes longer than expected.

Warner Bros. says it is going to try again to create a big-screen version of Justice League, the long-demanded, occasionally attempted team-up between Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and other iconic DC superheroes.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the studio’s production president Greg Silverman confirmed that Zack Snyder would follow-up his 2016 Batman/Superman movie with this one, delivering Justice League to theaters sometime in 2018.


'Justice League: War': Wonder Woman discovers ice cream -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Prepare for battle! Justice League: War is coming…and we’ve got an exclusive new clip to get you excited about its arrival.

In a scene inspired by a panel from Geoff Johns’ 2012 graphic novel Justice League: Origin, Wonder Woman takes to the streets of Washington, D.C. for the first time. But instead of encountering aliens or mercenaries, she discovers (with the help of a new friend named Hannah) something very different…and potentially life-changing: ice cream.

Hey, even superheroes need to appreciate the little things. (And from the looks of this clip, it’s safe to say that Wonder Woman might have a new vice.) READ FULL STORY

Christian Bale says he won't be Batman in 'Justice League' movie

We already knew that Christian Bale probably wasn’t going to show up as Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie, the Avengers-style supergroup of DC heroes. First, Bale said that he wouldn’t do another Batman movie unless Christopher Nolan opted for a fourth Dark Knight chapter, which Nolan says isn’t happening. Then Man of Steel and Dark Knight screenwriter David S. Goyer confirmed that the Justice League’s Batman would be a rebooted character. So that pretty much closed the book.

Still, with news like this, sometimes you just have to hear it from the man himself.

Henry Cavill talks 'Justice League': 'It won't be right away'

Man of Steel has grossed close to $400 million worldwide. That’s good news for Warner Bros. The reboot wasn’t just designed to relaunch the Superman franchise; it was explicitly intended to establish a whole expanded DC universe, with the potential to craft a multi-spinoff franchise series leading up to a Justice League movie. It’s a simply Marvel-ous plan — get it? GET IT? Despite the film’s success, Warner has been mum about any plans for future movies, outside of fervent rumors that they’re fastracking Man of Steel 2Steel Harder for a 2014 release. READ FULL STORY

Christian Bale will not be in 'Justice League,' insists 'Dark Knight' and 'Man of Steel' writer

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. hopes that Man of Steel will lead into a whole shared-universe of DC superhero movies, culminating in a mega-spinoff team-up Justice League film. It’s also no secret that Warner Bros. wants that Justice League movie to feature Batman, by far the most popular superhero in the DC lineup thanks to the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Much has been speculated about whether Justice League would tie into the Dark Knight films — which, after all, were incredibly popular.

Christopher Nolan says no to 'Justice League' film

Now that Christopher Nolan is done with his epic Batman trilogy, the filmmaker has quashed speculation that he might be involved in a Justice League movie featuring the Dark Knight.

Writer-director Nolan said his take on Batman wraps up with The Dark Knight Rises, his third and final film centered on the DC Comics superhero. In an interview over the weekend to promote the finale, Nolan said he has no Justice League plans.

“No, none at all,” Nolan said. “We’re finished with all we’re doing with Batman. This is the end of our take on this character.”

Fans have conjectured that Nolan might return to Batman by producing a big-screen take on Justice League, DC Comics’ Avengers-style ensemble whose key superheroes include the Dark Knight, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.


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