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Fantastic Fest: What 'Paranormal Activity 4' scream queen Katie Featherston really wants to do is make you laugh

At Fantastic Fest Wednesday night in Austin, Tx., bleary-eyed fans were treated to a work-in-progress midnight screening of Paranormal Activity 4 (in theaters October 19th). The latest installment in the mega-popular found-footage horror franchise picks up five years after the double murder of demon-possessed Katie’s sister and brother-in-law and the kidnapping of her baby nephew Hunter. Now there’s a new kid in town. He’s got a bad haircut and ill-fitting grey sweatpants so we know he’s trouble. When his supposed mother (played by Katie Featherston, creepy as ever!) is taken away one night in an ambulance, he has to live with the oblivious family across the street. It’s hardly a spoiler to say this doesn’t end well. Featherston sat down wtih EW the next morning to talk creepy kids, her love of comedy, and how many more Paranormal Activities she has left in her.

Entertainment Weekly: Was the horror genre always right in your wheelhouse?
Katie Featherston: I moved to Los Angeles right after college. I went to SMU in Dallas and did theater there. Paranormal Activity was one of my first auditions. I was waiting tables at Buca di Beppo on CityWalk. There was no ‘This is not my genre.’ When you’re new to town there’s this thing called L.A. Casting and when you don’t have any reps that’s how you get auditions. So I went on there and saw this post and it said : “Found footage-style scary movie. Please be willing to work long hours. It pays $500.” And I got so excited. And now I am fortunate enough to only do work that I want to do which is a really huge blessing. That means that when I get offered other lesser scary movies that don’t live up to what we’ve created I don’t have to jump in and do. READ FULL STORY

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