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'Cinderella' gets midnight-themed trailer for New Year's

Counting down to midnight is a New Year’s tradition. It’s also one of the plot points in Cinderella, which got a new trailer for the new year. Disney’s live-action adaptation of its classic will arrive in March, but this trailer ties the new version back to its roots, starting out with a twinkly version of “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” (Sadly, there’s no companion to Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream” yet, but we still can dream.)  READ FULL STORY

'Jack Ryan' clip: Chris Pine's analyst revisits the cold war -- VIDEO

Jan. 17 isn’t typically a release date that instills a lot of confidence in a film, but I’m stubbornly optimistic that the Jack Ryan reboot with Chris Pine, which got bumped from a prime Christmas date by the delayed Wolf of Wall Street, delivers the thrills I remember from the best Tom Clancy novels and films. One thing that gives me hope: the bad guys seem to be actual Russians.

Apparently, director Kenneth Branagh didn’t get the memo that you can’t make movies with Chinese or Russian villains (since you might alienate a crucial segment of your international audience. See Red Dawn.) I suspect the late Tom Clancy wouldn’t have lent his name and characters to any movie that featured his favorite hero battling Latvian street-toughs or some other second-tier baddies. True to Clancy’s cold-war books, Pine’s Jack Ryan visits Russia, where he faces an oligarch (Branagh) plotting to crash the U.S. economy.

In this extended action-scene, Pine’s green analyst gets introduced to old-school Russian hospitality. READ FULL STORY

First look at Disney's live-action 'Cinderella' -- PHOTO

Well, that’s one way to get to the ball on time.

Principal photography on Disney’s upcoming live-action Cinderella has just begun in London — and as this first-look photo proves, this might not be your grandma’s version of the classic fairy tale. The film, directed by Kenneth Branagh, stars Downton Abbey‘s Lily James as the titular heroine, Cate Blanchett as her wicked stepmother, Helena Bonham Carter as her quirky fairy godmother, and Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden as her Prince Charming.

The story largely follows Disney’s 1950 cartoon adaptation, with a few twists — in this version, for instance, Cinderella and the Prince meet before that fateful ball, though he fibs and tells her that he’s a palace employee. (Shades of Aladdin — and Ever After?)

Branagh praised his cast in a statement released today, especially its young romantic leads: “With Lily James we have found our perfect Cinderella,” he said. “She combines knockout beauty with intelligence, wit, fun and physical grace. Her Prince is being played by Richard Madden, a young actor with incredible power and charisma. He is funny, smart and sexy and a great match for Cinderella.”

Set your clocks for midnight… plus one and a half years: The film hits theaters March 13, 2015.

'Cinderella': Director Kenneth Branagh previews his plan for the classic fairy tale at Disney's D23

There aren’t exactly a lack of Cinderella adaptations. From the musical versions to Disney’s animated take, even the live-action Drew Barrymore re-telling, everyone has their favorite.

Disney wants to add one more to the slate, and called on Thor director Kenneth Branagh to bring the impoverished, unlucky heroine to the screen once more. Fans attending Disney’s D23 Expo on Saturday got a chance to see a pre-taped segment with Branagh, who teased audiences with his plans for the film and the story and how he plans to honor the beloved animated classic.

Kenneth Branagh on his long-lost 'Magic Flute' opera film finally coming to U.S. theaters

“It’s almost incomprehensible to me that I’m talking to you seven years after we made this film,” says Kenneth Branagh. In 2006 the Oscar-nominated director was approached by Sir Peter Moors — “an extraordinary artistic patron” — to make a film version of Mozart’s famed The Magic Flute. “It was an entire surprise to me to be asked to do it,” Branagh says. “I’m by no means an opera buff.”

Actor/writer/performer Stephen Fry (whom Branagh refers to as “a very funny and brilliant man”) came aboard and took charge of the libretto, which transports the opera to the first World War. “This was a profound and tragic conflict, which killed young men and scarred a landscape across an entire continent. A historical event in which the conflict between good and evil, the light and the dark, really resonates, I think, with the thematic values of The Magic Flute.

The film (see trailer below) was released in Europe in 2006-07, but now American audiences will finally get to see it: the film opens in 150 theaters tomorrow, June 9, with encore screenings on Tuesday, June 11. (For individual theaters and showtimes, click here.)

Even if you are unfamiliar with The Magic Flute, you may be surprised as to how much you’d actually recognize from the opera. “I came to [direct this] not really knowing much about opera. I played a recording of The Magic Flute, and thought, ‘I know these tunes.’ I’m very familiar with these in the same way as one is surprised, as I am still surprised, when I go and see a Shakespeare play. I went to a production of Othello the other evening and I found myself stupidly coming away going, ‘God, that play is full of quotes,'” Branagh says with a laugh. “And The Magic Flute is full of phrases and tunes where you go, I know that tune. Mozart had a tremendously fertile and creative ear for a catchy tune. In his case, ‘catchy’ meant not only one you could hum along with but one that genuinely gets under your skin.”

Casting Net: Emma Watson in talks to play Cinderella; Plus Gary Oldman, David Lynch, and more

• Emma Watson might get the princess treatment in Kenneth Branagh’s live action adaptation of Cinderella for Disney. Cate Blanchett has already been cast as the wicked stepmother. Watson is only in early talks at this point, so although it seems like the shoe fits, it might be best not to get too attached to the idea of her as Cinderella.  [Variety]

• Gary Oldman has signed on to join the cast of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, to play Dreyfus – the leader of the resistance efforts. EW previously reported Jason Clarke‘s (Zero Dark Thirty) casting and the news that Andy Serkis will reprise his role as Caesar, the leader of the apes. Oldman is also currently working on the RoboCop remake and Paranoia. [Deadline]


Chris Pine takes a spin as Jack Ryan -- FIRST PHOTO

Chris Pine already knows how to successfully fill the shoes of a movie icon, starring as James T. Kirk in 2009’s Star Trek. On Christmas 2013, he’ll become Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy’s CIA analyst who inevitably finds himself forced into dashing field heroics. Pine is sticking to what worked for him the first time around on Star Trek to make a first impression: riding a motorcycle.

In the just released image from Paramount, Pine’s younger, more stylish Ryan speeds through a city on a sporty Ducati motorcycle. In the new reboot, directed by Kenneth Branagh — who also stars as the villain — and co-starring Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner, Ryan is updated from his Cold War origins to the post 9/11 world. But he still might find himself coming face-to-face with some frisky Russians… READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: Kenneth Branagh to play villain in (and direct) Jack Ryan film. Plus: Lena Headey, Abigail Breslin, Josh Holloway

• Lena Headey (HBO’s Game of Thrones) and Jared Harris (AMC’s Mad Men) will costar opposite Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower in the feature adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s novel The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The series follows Clary Fray (Collins), a 15-year-old girl who learns she is part of the Shadowhunters, a team of warriors consigned to battle against an array of evil creatures. Headey will play Jocelyn Fray, Clary’s mother, and Harris will play Hodge Starkweather, the mentor to a group of young Shadowhunters. [Cassandra Clare/Tumblr]

• Abigail Breslin has joined Meryl StreepJulia Roberts, and Juliette Lewis in the feature film adaptation of Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play August: Osage County. She’ll play Jean, the 14-year-old daughter of Roberts’ character, who likes to think she’s more rebellious than perhaps she really is. John Wells is directing from Letts’ screenplay. [Deadline]

• Josh Holloway (ABC’s Lost) has signed onto the corporate espionage thriller Paranoia, as an F.B.I. agent keeping tabs on Liam Hemsworth‘s character, who’s being blackmailed to spy on his company’s rival firm. Harrison FordGary OldmanAmber Heard, Richard DreyfussEmbeth Davidtz, and Lucas Till costar. Robert Luketic (21) is directing. [Variety]

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Kenneth Branagh to direct the new Jack Ryan film?

EW has confirmed Variety report that Thor director Kenneth Branagh is in negotiations to direct the yet untitled Jack Ryan film for Paramount.

Based on the character created by Tom Clancy (and previously portrayed by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck), Chris Pine (Star Trek) is on board to star, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing. A source close to the negotiations says they’re hoping to start production in September.

Branagh, an Oscar nominee, most recently for his supporting role in My Week With Marilyn, proved he could direct more than just art-house fare when Thor pulled in $449 million worldwide.

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Chris Pine in talks for Jack Ryan

Pitt, Clooney, Davis, Mara and more talk performances, inspiration at annual Oscar luncheon

George Clooney came for the “free booze.” Octavia Spencer was stoked to just be in the “room with all those luminaries,” while Kenneth Branagh claimed it was “the camaraderie” that brought him to the annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. But no matter what their reason for attending, most of the folks in the acting categories first stopped by the press room to talk shop, give praise and, in the case of Nick Nolte, threaten to tell a joke (which never materialized).

Here is taste of what the actors had to say about their performances, awards season, and their fellow nominees: READ FULL STORY

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