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Best of 2013: The most cringeworthy movie lines of the year

The Furrowed Eyebrow. The Slo-Mo 360-Eye-Roll. The Wince. The Something-Smells Nose-Scrunch. And the Dead-Eye Jaw-Drop. Chances are, you have your own versions of these faces, perfected from years of watching mediocre movies and television where words are strung together in a truly unholy manner by actors  — who may be either victim or willing accomplice to the writer — delivering a metaphorical gut-punch to the audience that makes you go, “Oof.”

Fortunately, our brains have a natural tendency to quickly forget the worst lines in a movie. (It’s a survival mechanism.) But every now and then, a turd refuses to be flushed. In some cases, those loser-lines come from otherwise beloved movies. I give you Notting Hill‘s “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her” — the rare stinker that nailed the difficult Wince into a Slo-Mo 360-Eye-Roll combo.

So what were some of 2013’s doozies? Some were throwaway quips in C+ movies that just stand as reminders that you’re never getting that $12 or two hours back. Others are notable because they belong to acclaimed films and are spoken by revered actors. There’s one, fortunately, that straddles the line between being everybody-was-high embarrassing and bat-sh-t genius. Enjoy. READ FULL STORY

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