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Shane Black and 'Iron Man 3': Who knew that the high-concept screenwriter of 'Lethal Weapon' would turn out to be a thrilling director?

If Iron Man 3 had been made by a young director who very few people had heard of, his name would now be on everyone’s lips in Hollywood, and not just because he delivered a big hit movie. They’d be talking about his eagerness and speed and raw talent, the dark flash of his visual style, the zigzag precision of his flair of violence, his way of making every performance count. They’d be talking about how this young director had infused a franchise blockbuster — a Part 3, no less, which usually means that a series, no matter how popular it is, is running low on creative octane — with the quality that so many comic-book movies have lacked: the feeling that what we’re seeing actually matters, that something is at stake beyond the global box-office grosses. READ FULL STORY

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