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'Lovelace' wins in $10 million lawsuit over 'Deep Throat' trademarks

Just days before Lovelace is scheduled to open in theaters, The Weinstein Company and Millennium Films were sued for $10 million by the trademark rights owners of the 1972 adult film Deep Throat. But Lovelace emerged victorious on Wednesday evening.

Arrow Productions filed a complaint in a federal court in New York City on Tuesday, claiming that the new biopic of Linda Lovelace, the onetime sex star who became an anti-porn crusader, violates their copyright by using “Deep Throat” and “Linda Lovelace” without their permission.

“We are relieved that common sense prevailed,” Millennium Films President Mark Gill told EW in a statement. “The suit was completely unwarranted. We believe this case was an insult to the legal safeguards in place maintaining our right to freedom of speech. It was without merit on every level. Arrow Productions’ complaint was transparent about its desire to control discussion about Deep Throat — a film they describe as a ‘watershed’ in American popular culture — and to hinder projects that would compete with theirs. The law does not support either of these motives.”

In addition to damages, Arrow asked for a court-ordered injunction that would prevent the release of the film.

“More than five minutes of footage in Lovelace are copyrighted material taken from Deep Throat,” Arrow argued in the suit. “Defendants use that footage without license or permission. In fact, the title Lovelace derives its market appeal entirely from decades of cultural cache embodied in the trademarked name Linda Lovelace. … Rather than negotiating licenses for Deep Throat IP, rather than deferring to Arrow’s vision for the Deep Throat brand, Defendants have simply taken what they wanted and crossed their fingers.”

'Lovelace': Amanda Seyfried gets ready for her close-up in exclusive clip


In Lovelace, Amanda Seyfried plays Linda Lovelace, the 1970s adult-film star of Deep Throat who later became an outspoken critic of the porn industry and claimed that her husband (played by Peter Sarsgaard) had abused her and forced her into the business. As a character, Lovelace was a daring challenge, but the 27-year-old Seyfried was looking to tackle something more mature and emotionally complex. Her family supported her decision to portray Lovelace, who died from injuries caused by a 2002 car accident. “My whole family read her books, and my father is like a big movie buff,” Seyfried said at January’s Sundance Film Festival, where the movie premiered. “He read the book and he cried. He told me, ‘You’ve got to do this. You’ve got to be her voice. You are the only person that can do this for her. And she needs you to do it well.’ My dad made me believe that it was really was my job and I had to go in full-speed ahead.”

This exclusive video clip (beware of profanity) depicts one version of Lovelace’s rise to fame, a sunny day on the set of her most iconic movie. Seyfried is girl-next-door innocent, and the movie’s producers, played by Bobby Cannavale and Chris Noth stop by to wish her luck. READ FULL STORY

'Lovelace': Amanda Seyfried porn poster flaunts innocent look -- EXCLUSIVE


Here is the PG-rated poster for an R-rated film about an X-rated actress.

Until now most of the promo materials for the true-life pornstar drama Lovelace has focused on the sultry or seductive. A pair of tantalizingly crossed legs, and star Amanda Seyfried in a come-hither pose.

But this latest poster for the for them film takes a surprising turn toward the innocent.


'Lovelace' trailer: Amanda Seyfried is a blossoming porn-star flower -- VIDEO

In the whirlwind of a new trailer for Lovelace, Amanda Seyfried plays porn sensation Linda Lovelace — from her humble beginnings to her glamorous life as the star of Deep Throat and ending with her activist days when she spoke out against the industry that made her famous.

Peter Sarsgaard plays Chuck Traynor, Lovelace’s husband and abuser, the man who takes the good girl out of her sheltered home and shows her the world. After his turn in a similar role opposite Carey Mulligan in An Education, Sarsgaard is really starting to creep me out.

Check out the trailer for glimpses of Adam Brody in a mustache (as Harry Reems, Lovelace’s costar in Deep Throat, the film that changed the porn industry forever) and James Franco as Hugh Hefner.

'Lovelace's Peter Sarsgaard on playing the villain: 'Even my mother-in-law has me typecast'

Peter Sarsgaard is accustomed to playing unsavory characters, but the role of Linda Lovelace’s abusive husband in Lovelace, which premiered last night at the Sundance Film Festival, almost stopped him in his tracks. Chuck Traynor masterminded his wife’s pornography career and years after Deep Throat, Lovelace would accuse him of beating her and threatening to kill her if she ever tried to leave him or the sordid business that made her famous. “Being in the place where I am in my life, the role just wasn’t appealing,” says Sarsgaard, whose wife Maggie Gyllenhaal was pregnant with their second daughter when he was weighing the decision. “At the same time, I was having trouble saying no, so there’s obviously some part of me that is attracted to it.”

Moping around his house, he took forever to read the script — to the point that the filmmakers were reluctantly about to seek a Plan B. Finally, his pregnant wife stepped in. “Basically, you’ve been thinking about it for too long,” Sarsgaard says she told him. “That means you should do it.”

“Thank god for her,” says Amanda Seyfried, who plays the beautiful but battered Lovelace in the film. “Because honestly, he’s the best actor of our generation and I got to work with him. I can’t believe it still.” READ FULL STORY

'Lovelace' gets in bed with RADiUS - TWC after Sundance debut

Hours after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last night, Lovelace closed a reported $3 million deal with RADiUS – TWC for its U.S. distribution rights. Starring Amanda Seyfried as the famous adult film star of the 1972 box-office phenomenon Deep Throat, the movie tells Linda Lovelace’s story, from her strict upbringing to her introduction to the porn business, which she later claimed was forced upon her by her abusive husband Chuck Trayner, played by Peter Sarsgaard. She later wrote a book chronicling her ordeal and became an outspoken advocate against pornography. READ FULL STORY

Sundance Film Festival's 13 must-see movies


If there’s one word that unites many of the movies making their debuts at the Sundance Film Festival this year, that’s probably the best: Hilariously, beautifully, tragically awkward.

Imagine you’re a teenage kid in the merciless grip of puberty and your “new dad” turns to you one day and — by way of trying to help you manage your expectations with girls — informed you that, sorry … you’re kind of ugly.



'Lovelace': Sarah Jessica Parker cut from porn drama -- EXCLUSIVE

A role that caused a lot of drama during the making of Lovelace has turned out not to be necessary for the drama onscreen.

Last year, Sarah Jessica Parker was a last-minute addition to the film, which features Amanda Seyfried in the life story of the woman who starred in the 1972 X-rated movie Deep Throat. The Sex and the City actress was an emergency fill-in for Demi Moore, who dropped out of the movie in the middle of production after she suffered unspecified health problems and was hospitalized.

The casting crisis was averted, but with the film now just days away from its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman have told EW that it turned out they didn’t need the character after all.

Parker, who played the role of feminist icon Gloria Steinem, has joined a long list of actors left on the cutting room floor.


'Lovelace': New image from Amanda Seyfried porn drama -- EXCLUSIVE

Consider this … foreplay?

Lovelace, Amanda Seyfried’s drama about the dark life of a true-life 1970s-era pornstar, makes its debut a week from now at the Sundance Film Festival, and the producers have released this new image from the movie. Given its subject matter, if the film isn’t one of the most provocative of the festival, it’s doing something wrong.


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