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'Magic Magic' trailer: Michael Cera is all kinds of creepy

Michael Cera is done being Mr. I’m-so-awkward-and-nerdy-that-I’m-cute guy. This Friday, he plays a cocaine-loving version of himself in This Is The End, and come Aug. 6, you can watch him play the ultimate creep when Magic Magic, which already hit the festival circuit, hits DVD.

The trailer for Magic Magic follows a young woman, played by Juno Temple, who decides to vacation in a small town in Chile. What follows is a lack of cell phone reception, hypnotism, and the real kicker, sadism. As the trailer puts it,”When her vacation began she had no idea there was no way out. Now some secrets were never meant to be revealed.”

Watch the unsettling trailer for Magic Magic below: READ FULL STORY

Sundance 2013: Juno Temple holds on by a thread in 'Magic Magic' -- EXCLUSIVE POSTER


In Magic Magic, Juno Temple and Emily Browning play best friends whose rendezvous in the Chilean countryside with some boys takes a turn for the worse when Temple’s Alicia is plagued by insomnia. Chilean writer-director Sebastián Silva has teased that it’s a disturbing psychological thriller that is meant to confuse the audience, so it’s a perfect movie for the Park City at Midnight slate at the Sundance Film, Festival, which begins today.

For Temple, who has three films at this year’s festival, playing unbalanced, unpredictable women is becoming something of a hobby. Her father, Julien, is an accomplished director who filmed the Sex Pistols, and some of that wild punk DNA seemingly was passed on to Juno. She got her first big role in Notes on a Scandal, playing Cate Blanchett’s rebellious daughter, and she’s never flinched from the unflinching, starring in films like last year’s NC-17 rated Killer Joe, opposite Matthew McConaughey. Her choices are bold and she never seems to take the same role twice. Magic Magic promises to keep both of those trends going.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You co-star with Michael Cera in Magic Magic, but it doesn’t seem like the sequel to Year One I was expecting.
JUNO TEMPLE: No, we actually had a lot of fun with that. We were like, “Ummmm, no, definitely not a sequel to Year One.” READ FULL STORY

Sundance 2013: 4 feature films added to festival slate

With Golden Globe nominations finally out, the Sundance Film Festival is revealing more of its 2013 slate, including four more feature films announced Thursday: 1993 Robert Rodriguez favorite El Mariachi for the From the Collection screening, new music documentary Muscle Shoals, Michael Cera-starring Magic Magic in the Midnight movie section, and Los Angeles-based Wrong Cops as part of New Frontier designated films.

“With the addition of these four films, the 2013 Sundance Film Festival will present an even more well rounded program of independent films. Each adds to the festival in exciting, challenging and entertaining ways,” said the festival’s director John Cooper in a statement. The fest runs Jan. 17-27 in Park City, Utah, with the tally of feature-length films being presented now at 119, with 103 of them world premieres, and 27 in competition.

Here’s a quick look at the added movies, taken directly from Sundance’s own descriptions. The Sundance Collection at UCLA (The Collection), showcasing El Mariachi, is a film preservation program established in 1997 dedicated to movies supported by the Sundance Institute:


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