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First look: Kurt Russell saddles up in 'Bone Tomahawk'

The last time Kurt Russell signed on to appear in a Western the result was 1993’s Tombstone, a film which over time has acquired the reputation as a bona fide classic of the genre as well as one of the movies most quoted whenever poker players get together. (“I’m your huckleberry.”) So it’s hard not to get pretty rootin’-tootin’ excited about the news that, 21 years on, the Escape from New York star has once again saddled up for the just-wrapped Western, Bone Tomahawk.


Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox join cast of Western 'Bone Tomahawk'

Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring) and Matthew Fox (Lost) have joined the Western film Bone Tomahawk, alongside previously announced cast members Kurt Russell and Richard Jenkins. The film starts on Monday in southern California and is written and directed by novelist and first-time filmmaker S. Craig Zahler.


Casting Net: Jessica Lange cast as Mark Wahlberg's mother; Plus, Helena Bonham Carter, more

• Two-time Oscar winner Jessica Lange will join Mark Wahlberg and Brie Larson in Paramount’s remake of The Gambler. The American Horror Story star will play the wealthy mother of Wahlberg’s character, who is struggling with debt. The 64-year-old actress can be seen next in the thriller In Secret, with Oscar Isaac and Elizabeth Olsen (out Feb. 21). [Deadline]


Check out first poster for 'Emperor' with Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox -- EXCLUSIVE

Tommy Lee Jones is following up his role as Rep. Thaddeus Stevens in Lincoln with a performance as another curmudgeonly historical figure, this time as General Douglas MacArthur in the days following Japan’s World War II surrender. Jones brings the polarizing general to life in Emperor, set to open in theaters March 8. Here EW debuts the poster for the historical drama.

The darkly elegant poster features Jones in the background and co-star Matthew Fox in the foreground, with title text that incorporates the rising sun of the Japanese flag. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox in 'Emperor' trailer -- VIDEO


Who would you rather sit next to on a plane: General MacArthur or Tommy Lee Jones?

In the first official trailer for Emperor, Matthew Fox doesn’t really get a choice in the matter. The unlikely pair are on their way to Japan in the immediate aftermath of World War II, and must determine whether or not Emperor Hirohito is a war criminal. They only have ten days to do so.

Click past the jump to watch the trailer, and remind yourself that Tommy Lee Jones can look as unhappy as he wants at awards shows, as long as he continues to nail lines like “let’s show them some good old-fashioned American swagger.”


Toronto Film Festival: Tommy Lee Jones strikes a pose as General MacArthur -- EXCLUSIVE


General Douglas MacArthur, polarizing World War II general who accepted Japan’s surrender, knew how to make an impression. When he fulfilled his promise to American troops and allies that he would eventually return to liberate the Philippines in 1944, he made sure that news cameras captured his moment of triumph — he dramatically made his way through the waves and on to the beach several times, just to make sure.

In Emperor, a new film that premieres tomorrow at the Toronto Film Festival, Tommy Lee Jones plays the conquering general as Americans troops arrive in Japan for post-war occupation and have to decide whether to treat the defeated nation’s figurehead as a war criminal. Jones doesn’t necessarily have the patrician bearing of MacArthur — or actors like Gregory Peck and Henry Fonda, who played the general in previous films — but he certainly mastered his supreme confidence. “I bear no real resemblance to MacArthur but when you put on the military uniform with lots of fruit salad on the front and smoke a corncob pipe — that’s the image that he cultivated and it became iconic,” said Jones.

In this exclusive clip, MacArthur prepares his men for battle — the intellectual and propaganda battle to win the peace after dropping two atomic bombs. READ FULL STORY

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