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Leaked Sony emails reveal 'Jump Street'-'Men in Black' crossover plans

Med school might not be in the cards for Schmidt and Jenko in the third Jump Street film, despite what the end credits of 22 Jump Street may have predicted. Or med school may involve aliens: The Wall Street Journal reported that emails leaked by Sony hackers indicate that the next Jump Street film will crossover with the Men in Black franchise.  READ FULL STORY

'Men in Black 4': It's happening

Sony Pictures has started development on the fourth movie in the Men in Black franchise, EW has confirmed. The Wrap first reported the news.

Oren Uziel, who is writing the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, has scored the screenwriting gig for MIB 4. He is also writing Sony’s sequel to 21 Jump Street, last year’s hit comedy starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. That sequel will open on June 6, 2014. No release date has been set for MIB 4.

Men in Black 3 was a box office success last summer, earning the franchise’s highest worldwide gross. The time-traveling threequel brought back franchise stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and also starred Josh Brolin as an uncanny younger version of Jones’ Agent K.

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Here come the 'Men in Black' on DVD: A behind-the-scenes peek at the aliens of 'MIB 3' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Serendipity alert! Men in Black 3 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow. The movie’s chief alien creator — legendary makeup artist Rick Baker — will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that same day. If you’re wondering why Baker deserves this honor, just take a look at the exclusive clips below — these excerpts from the DVD/Blu-ray’s special features take viewers on a tour of MIB 3‘s many featured creatures, hundreds of which sport Baker’s prosthetics. Let’s hope J and K don’t show up with a pair of neuralyzers while you’re watching:


'Men in Black III' trailer: Will Smith meets the new K

When Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones team back up for this summer’s Men in Black sequel, it will have been a full decade since their last adventure. What’s changed? Well, the film’s special effects are much better than I remember, and Will Smith has to travel back to 1969 to smooth out some wrinkle in time that’s killed K. Plus, the old K — that is, the new, younger K — will bring a smile to your face. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

Emma Thompson in talks to write 'Annie' for Willow Smith

Will Smith is courting Men in Black III co-star Emma Thompson to write the screenplay for a remake of Annie that would star his daughter, Willow. A spokesperson for Thompson confirmed a New York Magazine report that talks were underway, though a role in front of the cameras does not appear to be in the cards for the actress. The Oscar-winning writer (Sense and Sensibility) and writer/star of the Nanny McPhee films plays Agent Oh in next summer’s Men in Black sequel.

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'Men in Black III' scoop: Threequel delayed as production juggles writers, says source

MIBImage Credit: Melinda Sue GordonProduction on Men in Black III, which was scheduled to resume this week after nearly a two-month break, has been further delayed until March 28. According to a Los Angeles Times report, an unfinished script was the root of the problem. A source close to the production tells EW that Sony agreed to give director Barry Sonnenfeld more time to prep the last act of the film after viewing a promising cut of the first act, which was completed before the holidays. Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me if You Can) had come aboard to work on the script for four weeks, but Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder), who authored a previous draft, is now back writing. The delays won’t impact the availability of the cast (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin), says the source, and the film is still locked into its Memorial Day 2012 release date.

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‘Men in Black III’ to be released in 3-D

Colorization, part II? Sony now plans to reissue some classic 3-D

Would you like to see Men in Black in 3-D? Or maybe Ghostbusters, Spider-Man, or Casino Royale? While we’re at it, how about Taxi Driver or Gandhi? All of the movies above belong to Sony Pictures, which means that you may soon be watching them at home in glorious, eye-popping, headache-inducing, Travis-Bickle-with-his-Mohawk-in- your-face 3-D. According to a report by Bloomberg, Sony is planning to offer Blu-ray discs featuring newly enhanced 3-D versions of some of its vast archive of movies and videos as early as April 1, 2011. Just think of what that will mean! No more tedious, yawn-inducing flat images of goofy ghosts and secret agents and Spidey. If this works, the whole damn catalogue could eventually be brought up to full 21st-century visual speed.

Actually, let’s be honest: This sounds like a not-very-good idea, and potentially a mildly blasphemous one — even if no one is really talking about doing it to Taxi Driver. Personally, I don’t have much of a stake in what happens to Men in Black, which on some kiddiefied Jack-in-the-box level really did want to be a 3-D movie. But Martin Campbell did not direct the classically framed and exciting Casino Royale as some trivial zap-fest for the eyes. I wonder what he, or other directors, will think if their handiwork is suddenly converted into 3-D fodder for the new, imagistically advanced it’s-all-just-popcorn-anyway home-theater experience.

The whole experiment reminds me of an earlier adventure in taking the movie past and awkwardly retrofitting it for the brave technological future. Remember colorization? That was the fad that swept the home-video market for a mercifully brief moment back in the 1980s, when studios decided that the only way they were ever going to get “the kids” to watch boring old black-and-white movies was to turn them into…ugly, fake, Technicolor-throwup versions of boring old black-and-white movies. READ FULL STORY

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