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How 'Through the Never,' at long last, made me GET Metallica

For years, I’ve joked that Metallica has exactly two good songs, both of them off their mega-selling 1991 album Metallica. Those two songs are the lovely, lilting “Nothing Else Matters,” the closest these demon noise-makers ever came to a power ballad, and also “Enter Sandman,” which is their primordially catchy if very sinister idea of a lullaby. In a funny way, I’d say that Metallica agrees with me: Those two uncharacteristically melodious and listenable tunes are played at the very end of their new concert film, Metallica Through the Never. They know, in their way, that they’re saving the best for last. READ FULL STORY

Dane DeHaan tries not to get burned in 'Metallica: Through the Never' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


You had to know that if Metallica ever attempted a concert movie, it would be unlike anything that any band had previously done. It would be loud, it would be twisted, and it would kick down the movie screen and get in your face. In Metallica: Through the Never, the band’s concert theatrics are interspliced with a related narrative: a lowly roadie named Trip (Dane DeHaan) is sent on a mission to recover a gassed-out van with precious cargo. While he ventures out into the night, he encounters more than a little urban unrest — the kind of unrest that can only be described by a pounding Metallica song like One.

In this exclusive clip from the movie, which debuts on IMAX 3-D on Sept. 27, Trip dodges an angry mob, recognizes a riderless horse, and steps aside as the heat races past. And the band plays on. READ FULL STORY

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