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'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' and 'Aladdin': Mondo reveals 'Oh My Disney' posters before SXSW -- EXCLUSIVE

Mondo artists, the terrific mad hatters behind the collectible poster division of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, have brought their signature touch to the delightful (and often deliciously dark) world of Walt Disney. The new pop culture blog Oh My Disney and Mondo partnered so fans can dive deep into decades of formative film nostalgia, enjoying beloved characters with fresh eyes courtesy of veteran artists like Martin Ansin and Jeff Soto.

“Disney has a special way of bringing out the magic in all of us,” Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael said in a statement. “We hope our work sparks the imagination of both Disney and Mondo fans.”

This exclusive look at posters for One Hundred and One Dalmatians and Aladdin is just a sneak peek of the “Nothing’s Impossible” show running at the Mondo Gallery during SXSW from March 7 to March 11 in Austin, Texas. See more posters from Oh My Disney here. READ FULL STORY

Mondo reveals 'Pacific Rim' Comic-Con posters -- EXCLUSIVE

In a match made in geek heaven, four new Mondo prints glory in the monster-crushing spectacle of Pacific Rim, the new Guillermo del Toro science fiction movie that pounds into movie theaters this Friday. The posters will be available for sale at the Mondo booth at Comic-Con from Wednesday, July 17 to  Sunday, July 21. EW debuts them here exclusively.

“Mondo has always been instrumental in cementing world creation in pop culture — these posters by Ash Thorp and Kevin Tong and Vania Zouravliov capture perfectly the wild, gleeful spirit of Pacific Rim – here’s to a mad world of Mecha and Kaiju!!” said del Toro in a statement. READ FULL STORY

'The Heat' gets a killer Mondo poster -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK

Now this is how you bring The Heat. (As opposed to this. Good grief.) This morning, Mondo revealed exclusively to EW their righteous treatment of the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy buddy cop comedy. The collectible poster will be available for free while supplies last at Alamo Drafthouse theaters nationwide at 10 p.m. opening-night showtimes on June 27. Get there.

“I am a huge fan of the work Mondo does, so I was really pushing for them to do a poster for The Heat,” director Paul Feig said in a statement. “When they sent me their take I cracked up, as they really nailed it.”

“Everything Paul Feig touches is amazing, so were incredibly excited when he reached out to us and asked us if we wanted to do a poster for The Heat. After watching an early screening of it, we were sold on the movie’s hilarity and this poster is a direct result,” said Mondo creative director Justin Ishmael.

There is much to love here, from artist Tom “The Dude Designs” Hodge’s use of Beverly Hills Cop/Flashdance paint blaze font, to that cat reaching out for a big attack hug, to a teensy bespectacled Feig as a SWAT team member. (Though is it odd that the actors’ names are over the wrong heads?) The poster succeeds in making The Heat look equal parts retro ridiculous and high-stakes action fireball fun. I’ll even get behind that terrifically meaningless tagline: “Action’s never been so hot!” READ FULL STORY

'Man of Steel' gets two Mondo art posters

Warner Bros. has already created some eye-catching posters for Man of Steel, but now Mondo has released some striking new art for the upcoming Superman movie.

Mondo, a collectable art boutique that has caught fanboys’ attention with its stylish takes on art for movies like Star Wars and TV shows like Game of Thrones, commissioned two artists, both Mondo alums, to create posters for the Zack Snyder-directed Superman film. One, by Australian artist Ken Taylor, features young Clark Kent near his Smallville home, an image seen in Man of Steel‘s teaser trailer. The other poster, by Uruguay-based artist Martin Ansin, depicts Superman above planet earth, along with some illustrations of other characters in the film. READ FULL STORY

'Dredd 3D': Check out the Mondo poster for tomorrow's Fantastic Fest screening -- EXCLUSIVE


Splundig vur thrigg, Earthlets!

If you recognize that reference to the Judge Dredd strip-spawning U.K. comic 2000ADand its alien editor “Tharg” — then you, like me, may have been waiting upwards of 35 years for a decent movie featuring Mega-City One’s top cop to arrive in cinemas (don’t get me started on the Sly Stone-starring 1995 fiasco).

Judging by the current Rotten Tomatoes rating for Dredd 3D — and my colleague Darren Franich’s enthusiastic review of the film in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly — that wait will end this Friday when the Karl Urban-toplined actioner hits screens across the country. However, lucky attendees of this year’s Fantastic Fest shindig in Austin, Tex., will be seeing the film tomorrow at a screening attended by Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and screenwriter Alex Garland. To mark the occasion, the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique arm Mondo has commissioned a special poster by the artist Jock that will be available to purchase at Fantastic Fest (any unpurchased posters will be sold online.)

You can inspect said artifact above and, in larger form, below (along with the Dredd 3D trailer). I think you’ll agree it’s pretty zarjaz. READ FULL STORY

'The Cabin in the Woods': Check out the forthcoming horror movie's new Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse poster -- EXCLUSIVE


Mondo is the collectible art boutique offshoot of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain and, as we’ve previously reported, the folks there have produced an array of stylish, eye-catching posters for old movies. But Mondo has also commissioned posters for new films, including Drive and Hobo with a Shotgun. Now the company is paying tribute to director Drew Goddard and cowriter Joss Whedon’s forthcoming The Cabin in the Woods.


Alamo Drafthouse gives 'Scream' and 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' gory new posters

Unless you live under a rock — or have recently been stabbed by a Munch-masked madman — you will be aware that horror legend Wes Craven’s new movie Scream 4 hits cinemas this Friday. In anticipation of the slasher sequel’s release, the Alamo Drafthouse‘s collectible art boutique arm Mondo has announced that it is making Craven the latest subject of its “Director’s Series” poster line (previous auteurs who have been honored in this way by the Austin, Tx., cinema include Guillermo del Toro and Source Code film maker Duncan Jones).

The first two Craven movies to be given new posters are the original 1996 Scream and the Johnny Depp-featuring A Nightmare on Elm Street. Swamp Thing, The Hills Have Eyes, and The Last House on the Left will all also be granted the Director’s Series treatment.

You can see the (extremely) blood-drenched artwork for Scream and Nightmare below. Take a look and tell us what you think: READ FULL STORY

Alamo Drafthouse's new series of Guillermo del Toro posters: An exclusive sneak peek!

Guillermo-Del-Toro-postersFeast your eyes, Guillermo del Toro fans. To the left — and in larger form at the end of the post — you will find an exclusive sneak peek at the new posters for a pair of the Mexican auteur’s movies, Hellboy II and vampire sequel Blade II.

The images come courtesy of the folks at famed Austin, Tx., movie palace The Alamo Drafthouse. The Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique arm, Mondo, has previously produced an array of new posters for old movies, including some highly stylish items that commemorated the 2010 Alamo Drafthouse/Rolling Roadshow Tour. It is now launching a “Director’s Series” line that will commemorate the work of specific filmmakers, with Del Toro the first artist to be given the treatment. The new poster for Blade II goes on sale December 2. Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, and the two Hellboy movies will follow.

The posters were designed with input from the man himself. READ FULL STORY

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