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Watch Jason Sudeikis play 'kiss chicken' with a pal in 'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' clip

Twice already this year we’ve watched pals cross the line by getting intimate with one another in both No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits. Of course, they never engaged in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. Talk about heading into awkward territory. Case in point: The new clip from the upcoming comedy, about a group of friends who decide to send their summer off with—wait for it—a bang. At one point, buddies Eric (Jason Sudeikis) and Mike (Tyler Labine) get very close when they find each other in an intense game of “kiss chicken.” While Labine makes the first move (“You are awe-inspiring….You could be the President of the United States”), its Sudeikis, playing it cool as a cucumber (while eating a carrot, no less), who keeps the momentum going. Watch the full, VERY NSFW clip below to see which one of the guys buckles first. (Anyone else want to venture a guess that this scene was heavily improvised?)

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Disputed Marilyn Monroe stag film goes unsold

A Spanish events promoter received no official offers at an auction on Sunday for what he claims is a 1940s black-and-white stag film that features a young Marilyn Monroe having sex, according to ABC News. Mikel Barsa expected $480,000 for the six-minute 8 mm clip, but threatened lawsuits from the Monroe estate, who deny that Monroe is the girl in the film, may have discouraged bidding.

Nancy Carlson, a spokeswoman for Authentic Brands Group, the company that runs Monroe’s estate, said in a statement that “The seller would bear the responsibility of proving that it is Marilyn Monroe and if he cannot do that, he runs the risk of facing claims for perpetrating a fraud on the public.”

Jason Sudeikis goes for it in 'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' trailer

If you came here expecting to see scenes from A Good Old Fashioned Orgy that included, well, the good old fashion orgy in question, you’re out of luck. The new trailer does, however, have some humorous — albeit clothed — thrusting and co-star Lake Bell describing some rather NSFW details about her grooming habits. In the comedy, out Sept. 2, a group of long-time friends (including Lindsay Sloane, Nick Kroll, Lucy Punch) plan to kiss their old vacation spot goodbye in a very intimate way when their eternal party-boy host (played by Jason Sudeikis) suggests one final Labor Day bacchanal. Whether or not they go through with it is still a mystery (see, not all trailers give everything away) but, if Sudeikis — or The Goonies – have anything to say about it, they just might deliver the goods. (And no, that Goonies mention is not intended as a One-Eyed Willy reference. Watch the full clip below to understand.) READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Sloane explains how 'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' can be sweet

In the tradition of flicks like Snakes on a Plane and Hot Tub Time Machine, the upcoming comedy A Good Old Fashioned Orgy will join the lineage of very literal movie titles.

As Horrible Bosses actress Lindsay Sloane explained to EW at the premiere of that film, in theaters July 8, “It is an ensemble piece about a group of friends who have been going to a summer cabin since they were little and now they are just about to be 30 and the place is being sold so they have one last summer outing there. They want to do something special to mark the event.”

That something special is — you guessed it — a good old fashioned orgy. READ FULL STORY

Cannes Film Festival: Emily Browning not so 'innocent' -- and NSFW

Vulnerable, yes. Innocent …?

Emily Browning says that’s not the case, though her doe-eyes and delicate features may suggest otherwise.

The star of the Cannes Film Festival’s disturbing erotic drama Sleeping Beauty features her as a young woman who willingly enters a high-class prostitution ring, where she submits to the assorted men with shocking passivity by slumbering nude through the encounters.

Though it has received mixed reviews, Sleeping Beauty has been one of the annual film gathering’s most provocative titles — for obvious reasons. “I just don’t have a problem with naked human bodies,” the 22-year-old Australian says. READ FULL STORY

'The Beaver' trailer: Mel Gibson goes crazy, but this time, it's a triumph of the human spirit

Remember that time Mel Gibson went crazy, chased away everyone who ever loved him, and found himself all alone, without any clear career prospects? And then remember how he found a disgusting little beaver hand-puppet in the trash, gave the puppet a Ray Winstone voice, and used his new little pal to reconnect with his family and save his career? Obviously, you’re thinking of The Beaver, the curious-looking film by Jodie Foster that has gained some unexpected real-world weight in light of Gibson’s busy summer. In an impressive attempt to sell a relatively unsellable movie, the first trailer practically seems to directly address Gibson’s real-world meltdown, LeBron-style. I can’t decide if I’m laughing sincerely or ironically. See for yourself! READ FULL STORY

'Kick-Ass': How groundbreaking it is that it's called...'Kick-Ass'

aaron-johnsonImage Credit: Dan SmithA movie called Kick-Ass opens across the country today, and perhaps it’s remarkable that the only folks who seem to be raising even half an eyebrow over that fact are local television news producers. Trust me, I know: I taped two separate reviews of the film for TV stations, one in New York, one for affiliates across the country, and in each case, the use of that title had to be vetted, fretted over, and solemnly approved. (For the affiliate version, geared to markets in the heartland, I was told that the title wasn’t a problem…as long as I said it only a very small number of times.) Kick-Ass, as I wrote in my review, is an engagingly revved-up and original comic-book superhero movie about a high school geek who puts on a green jumpsuit and becomes a phantom crime-fighter, even though he doesn’t actually have any super powers. The movie may be controversial in several respects. It’s very violent (stabbings, over-the-top ballistic blowouts, limb-mangling Mob torture), and the character of Hit-Girl, for some parents, could prove to be a rather challenging role model to present to their impressionable daughters. I’ll discuss those issues in a future post, after you’ve all had a chance to see the movie. For right now, though, I’d like to point out that it’s almost funny, when you think about it, how a title that only a few years ago might have seemed a bit…extreme for a popcorn movie aimed squarely at the teenage market now registers, in jaded, we’ve-seen-it-all-on-the- Internet America, as just one more blasé imitation-rebel whatever.

I mean, if this was 1999, and Kick-Ass was some fluky indie comedy out of Sundance, you just know that when it opened, a lot of local newspapers would have decided to blot out the second half of that title. That’s essentially what happened back in 2003 with Badasssss!, Mario Van Peebles’ terrific drama about the making of his father’s own underground (and dangerously titled) classic, Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song. Jackass: The Movie, which actually came out the year before, in 2002, didn’t really have any such problems, but then, context is everything. In this case, the context being whether the word “ass” is used to mean “idiot” or, you know, your butt. READ FULL STORY

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