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'Cool Runnings': An oral history

Jon Turteltaub first heard the story of the 1988 Olympic Jamaican bobsled team when he was in film school. “We all thought that was both hilarious and sort of indicative of what the Olympics was all about,” Turteltaub said. “In some ways it was looked at as a joke, and in other ways, it was looked at as a very inspiring little anecdote that made the whole Olympics have more character.” Less than five years later, Turteltaub would get a call from his agent about a new opportunity.

Disney was making a film about the Jamaican bobsled team’s story, and Turteltaub was in need of a gig. “I needed a job. This script was just sitting out there, and they weren’t sure whether they were making it or not. My agent sent it to me, and said, ‘Remember when you were the flavor of the month? Your month is over. Do this movie.'” Just like that, Turteltaub agreed to audition for the job, which he would later get. “When I first got the job to do the movie, I called my mother and I told her the big news that I finally got hired by a real movie studio to direct a movie and that I was going to Calgary for two months and then to Jamaica for a month. The first words out of her mouth were, ‘How do you pack for that?’ So that was my welcome to show business.”

Now, more than 20 years later, Turteltaub is not only accustomed to the world of show business, but he’s yet to stop hearing about that Disney film he created all those years ago. And in honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics — and the similar story behind this year’s Jamaican bobsled team, who will start competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics on Sunday — EW is looking back at the 1993 film about the Jamaican team that could. As the saying goes, “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time!”


Danny Boyle says no to James Bond: 'I'm not the right guy' to direct

Sam Mendes was a contrarian choice in many ways to direct Skyfall, but the result was the biggest box-office hit in the 50-year history of the James Bond franchise. Certainly, he was welcome to return for a follow-up, but when he begged-off to spend more time in the theater, speculating who will direct the next 007 installment became one of Hollywood’s best parlor games.

Well, cross Danny Boyle off the list. The Oscar-winning director of Slumdog Millionaire who oversaw a Bond production of sorts — the London Olympics opening ceremonies, which featured a Bond sendup with Daniel Craig and the Queen — told the Hollywood Reporter he’s not really interested. “I’m not really the guy for those movies,” he said, during promotion of his new thriller, Trance. “What we do, right, is we use genre — you take a genre, like [Trance] has got a few genres running in it, you use a genre to try and get you in the mainstream. It’s a vehicle to boost you into the mainstream. And then you f— with the genre. You twist it and change it and move it around. You can’t do it on those big movies. You genuflect in front of them. Too much money, too expectation. It’s the faith of the fans, it’s all that. You’ve got to be very careful. It’s very tempting of course — I love the movies, I love the books, but I’m not the right guy for those.” READ FULL STORY

Oscar sidesteps Olympics, pushes Academy Awards into March

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the dates and deadlines for next year’s Oscar season, with the ceremony scheduled for telecast on March 2, one week later than this past season. The slight shift steers clear of the 2014 Winter Olympics, which last until Feb. 23. But it still falls into the window that Oscar staked out in 2004, when after years of holding the Oscars in late March, the Academy moved its calendar up to reaffirm its preeminence among the growing glut of award shows.

Of greater note is the new date for nomination voting to begin — Dec. 27 — 10 days later than last season, when there was some criticism that voting began before members had an opportunity to see all the qualifying films. The extra time should enhance the prospects of films that don’t open until late December, like Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco and David O. Russell’s untitled FBI sting movie, starring Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence.

The Academy also announced that the 2015 Oscars will take place on Feb. 22, 2015, confirming their previous preference for an earlier Oscars.

Click below for upcoming Oscar dates and deadlines, including when the nominations will be announced: READ FULL STORY

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