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'Paranormal Activity 5' coming to theaters next October

Fifth time’s the charm?

Though Paranormal Activity 4 underperformed with critics, with audiences — who gave it a “C,” according to CinemaScore — and at the box office, another installment of the found-footage franchise was inevitable. Earlier this fall, Paramount announced that Paranormal Activity 5 would bow sometime next October, and that a Spanish PA spinoff was in the works as well. Though the studio hasn’t released any more information about Actividad Sobrenatural, it did just reveal that PA 5 will arrive in theaters just in time for Halloween — on October 25, 2013, to be precise.

Could this be the final English language Paranormal Activity film?  READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'Argo' claims No. 1 with $12.4 million; 'Skyfall' scores $77.7 million overseas

Ben Affleck’s C.I.A. thriller Argo is having quite the box office run.

After debuting at number two with $19.5 million, Warner Bros.’ Oscar contender dropped by just 16 percent last weekend to $16.4 million. This weekend, the film notched yet another impressive achievement: it climbed to number one with an estimated $12.4 million (a 25 percent drop) in its third frame, becoming the first film since True Grit to hop to first place in its third weekend.

Argo, which cost $45 million to make, has now earned $60.8 million total, and thanks to terrific word-of-mouth (the film earned an “A+” CinemaScore grade) and early awards buzz, Argo is eyeing a $100 million finish. Though it is running a tad behind Affleck’s last directorial effort, The Town, which had earned $64.1 million at the same point in its run en route to a $92.2 million finish, Argo is enjoying much better week-to-week holds. (The Town, which opened higher Argo with $23.8 million, fell 38 percent to $9.7 million in its third weekend.) READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'Argo' climbs to No. 1 with $4 million on Friday as new releases sputter


Thanks to a weak field of newcomers, Ben Affleck’s Oscar contender Argo led the box office on Friday, the first day of its third weekend.

The Warner Bros. thriller dropped by a slim 21 percent from last Friday, and it now looks headed for about $13 million and its first weekend win, which I predicted heading into the frame. Notably, Sunday show times may be affected by weary East coast ticket buyers who don’t want to venture into the real world on the eve of Frankenstorm, but we’ll have to wait and see if the inclement weather has any real effect. READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: 'Silent Hill' and 'Cloud Atlas' 'Argo'-ing to have trouble topping the Ben Affleck thriller

It’s a three-horse race for the number one spot at the box office this weekend.

Two new wide releases, videogame/horror title Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and heady drama Cloud Atlas, are both hoping for robust debuts, yet Argo, the three week old Ben Affleck drama, may have the best chance at winning the slow October frame. Here’s how the weekend might play out:

1. Argo – $13.5 million

The Ben Affleck-directed Oscar contender fell only 15 percent in its second weekend — a sure sign that the film, which earned an “A+” CinemaScore grade, is benefiting from terrific word-of-mouth. Though Paranormal Activity 4 opened ahead of Argo last weekend, the film took over the top spot on Wednesday, and it may stay there this weekend. Another 15-20 percent drop would give Argo about $13.5 million for the weekend and $62 million total. READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'Paranormal Activity 4' possesses top spot with $30.2 million despite scary underperformance


First the good news: Paramount’s $5 million found footage horror sequel Paranormal Activity 4 easily led the box office with $30.2 million in its first three days.

Now for the bad news: That’s 43 percent less (i.e. $22.4 million less) than Paranormal Activity 3 earned in its debut frame, and 26 percent less ($10.5 million) than Paranormal Activity 2 managed.

Fortunately for Paramount, the tiny cost of the Paranormal films still make them highly profitable, but the sharp drop off from PA3 to PA4 could spell trouble for the franchise. Paranormal Activity 4, which received a “C” CinemaScore grade from polled audiences, has received the worst reviews of any entry in the series, yet Paramount chose to open it earlier than its predecessors. The film was released on Thursday night at 9 p.m. — PA2 and PA3 opened at midnight — and perhaps negative word-of-mouth spread faster and earlier, thus limiting its weekend prospects. Also making matters difficult was direct competition from Sinister, the similarly themed horror title that opened to $18 million last weekend. READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'Paranormal Activity 4' scares up $15 million on Friday; 'Argo' holds in second


Paranormal Activity 4 may have led the box office on Friday, but it got off to a much slower start than its two most recent predecessors.

Based on midnight showings (well, technically 9:00 pm showings) alone, it was clear that PA4 was headed for a lower-than expected opening frame. The found footage horror film took in $4.5 million on Thursday night, far less than Paranormal Activity 3, which grossed $8 million at midnight on the way to a $52.6 million debut, and Paranormal Activity 2, which earned $6.3 million at midnight on the way to $40.2 million.

Paranormal Activity 4 grossed an estimated $15.0 million on Friday (that includes Thursday night grosses), and since front-loaded horror sequels typically earn about half of their opening weekends on their first Friday (PA3 earned $26.3 million on Friday; PA2 found $20.1 million), the poorly-reviewed film could be looking at a $30 million weekend. While that’s enough to easily win the weekend — not to mention a terrific start for a film that cost Paramount only $5 million — it’s also a rather distressing figure, which suggests that audiences’ interest in the franchise is quickly waning. READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: 'Paranormal Activity 4' will haunt the No. 1 spot

As Halloween approaches, the box office is looking frighteningly good.

After three straight weekends of terrific results (thanks to Hotel Transylvania and Taken 2), Paranormal Activity 4 is entering the fray and eyeing a hefty debut. Tyler Perry thriller (yep, you read that right) Alex Cross will also open, and multiple holdovers are set to finish in the double-digit range.

Basically, it should be a busy frame. Here how it might shake out:


Fantastic Fest: What 'Paranormal Activity 4' scream queen Katie Featherston really wants to do is make you laugh

At Fantastic Fest Wednesday night in Austin, Tx., bleary-eyed fans were treated to a work-in-progress midnight screening of Paranormal Activity 4 (in theaters October 19th). The latest installment in the mega-popular found-footage horror franchise picks up five years after the double murder of demon-possessed Katie’s sister and brother-in-law and the kidnapping of her baby nephew Hunter. Now there’s a new kid in town. He’s got a bad haircut and ill-fitting grey sweatpants so we know he’s trouble. When his supposed mother (played by Katie Featherston, creepy as ever!) is taken away one night in an ambulance, he has to live with the oblivious family across the street. It’s hardly a spoiler to say this doesn’t end well. Featherston sat down wtih EW the next morning to talk creepy kids, her love of comedy, and how many more Paranormal Activities she has left in her.

Entertainment Weekly: Was the horror genre always right in your wheelhouse?
Katie Featherston: I moved to Los Angeles right after college. I went to SMU in Dallas and did theater there. Paranormal Activity was one of my first auditions. I was waiting tables at Buca di Beppo on CityWalk. There was no ‘This is not my genre.’ When you’re new to town there’s this thing called L.A. Casting and when you don’t have any reps that’s how you get auditions. So I went on there and saw this post and it said : “Found footage-style scary movie. Please be willing to work long hours. It pays $500.” And I got so excited. And now I am fortunate enough to only do work that I want to do which is a really huge blessing. That means that when I get offered other lesser scary movies that don’t live up to what we’ve created I don’t have to jump in and do. READ FULL STORY

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