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EW's Horror Quintessentials: The 5 best demon movies

With Halloween fast approaching, EW is picking the five best films in a variety of different horror movie categories. Each day, we’ll post our top picks from specific group—say, vampire movies or slasher flicks—and give you the chance to vote on which is your favorite. On Oct. 31, EW will reveal your top choices. Today, we’re kicking things off with demons.

To the nonbelievers, demons are kind of funny—all horns and red faces, too unrealistic to provoke real scares. Then a legitimately terrifying, devil-centric movie—say, Paranormal Activity—comes along…and suddenly demons aren’t so silly anymore.

A good demon-focused film will paint the beast as undoubtedly real, something a mere mortal can’t get rid of easily. Demons are inescapable and devastating, and — perhaps scariest of all—they’re mostly imperceptible. Often, someone who’s tangling with a demon doesn’t just share share space with them—they’re fighting for control of the same body. READ FULL STORY

'Paranormal Activity' spin-off trailer: You don't want to be 'marked' -- VIDEO


The latest installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise won’t be hitting theaters until January, but fans craving a look at Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones can view its first trailer, released today.

Directed by Christopher Landon, who wrote the three previous Paranormal movies, the film repeats the franchise’s found-footage format, with shaky shots of the characters searching through the home of a recently deceased woman. A spin-off of PA featuring Latino characters, the film follows protagonist Jesse (Andrew Jacobs), who, after being “marked,” begins to be pursued by mysterious forces while his family and friends try to save him.

Check out the creepy trailer below. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012: The EW movie awards

It’s time for the year end accolades. Check out EW’s awards for the best in movies below!

Scariest Pregnancy Since Rosemary’s Baby
Noomi Rapace in Prometheus


'Paranormal Activity 5' coming to theaters next October

Fifth time’s the charm?

Though Paranormal Activity 4 underperformed with critics, with audiences — who gave it a “C,” according to CinemaScore — and at the box office, another installment of the found-footage franchise was inevitable. Earlier this fall, Paramount announced that Paranormal Activity 5 would bow sometime next October, and that a Spanish PA spinoff was in the works as well. Though the studio hasn’t released any more information about Actividad Sobrenatural, it did just reveal that PA 5 will arrive in theaters just in time for Halloween — on October 25, 2013, to be precise.

Could this be the final English language Paranormal Activity film?  READ FULL STORY

Paramount gives the go-ahead to 'Paranormal Activity 5,' Latino spinoff in the works

Paramount has confirmed plans to continue the low-budget saga with a fifth installment set for Halloween 2013, according to Deadline.

The website also reports that a Latino spinoff of the horror franchise is in development, with the film tentatively slated for a spring 2013 release. Christopher Landon, who’s best known for penning the Shia LaBeouf thriller Disturbia, will direct the picture.


'Paranormal Activity 4' trailer: They're baaaaaaack! -- VIDEO

You want to see something really scary?

The trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 has arrived, and as you might expect, it’s more of the same: shaky camera, creepy figure in the background, and a guarantee that something seriously disturbing is going to happen when you least expect it.

It’s no surprise that a fourth film is happening. After the incredible debut of the original dirt-cheap found-footage thriller, the second and third Paranormal movies combined to earn $383 million at the global box office. The fourth movie will be released on Oct. 19, just in time for Halloween.

Check out the trailer for the fourth installment below: READ FULL STORY

'Chernobyl Diaries' producers on why it's not 'Paranormal Activity'

Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli’s latest horror outing follows a group of tourists trapped in an abandoned city near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and despite rumors before the first trailer was released, the film is decidedly not found footage. EW chatted with Peli and co-producer Brian Witten about what we can expect from their newest chillfest (released May 25), how they kept the plot secret, and what scares them.


New 'Chernobyl Diaries' image: Come on baby, light my terror

Chernobyl Diaries, Oren Peli’s follow-up to the hit Paranormal Activity series, finds a group of “extreme tourists” visiting the ruins of the Russian city laid waste by the 1986 nuclear meltdown. It’s not a vacation if you don’t need a fallout meter! As you would expect from the equation of Chernobyl + misguided teens + Oren Peli, things don’t turn out great. In a new still from the movie, you can see the toll of the trip’s horrors on two of the teens (played by Devin Kelley and Jonathan Sadowski). Click through to check it out. READ FULL STORY

'Project X' and 'Chronicle' prove that the found-footage way of making a movie can be applied to...anything. And that now it will be

A couple of years ago, I was asked, for a feature page in EW, to list my choice for the five most influential movies of the last 20 years. A few of them were no-brainers — you could write a book on the revolution set off by Pulp Fiction — but I spent some time pondering whether I wanted to include The Blair Witch Project. That it was a famously innovative and impactful movie no one could argue; overnight, it had invented the “found footage” genre and made it iconic. A number of films had been influenced by it — most obviously, the Paranormal Activity movies, which proved that the mega-success of Blair Witch was no fluke. With that in mind, I decided to add The Blair Witch Project to the list, but I confess I was flying on a whim of intuition. My choice, in this case, was highly speculative. I even said that the full impact of Blair Witch on film history had yet to be felt. For the truth was that even though the found-footage genre still had some obvious life to it (more Paranormal Activity sequels! More scuzzy Exorcist knockoffs!), you could make a good case that its heyday was behind it, that it was now running on fumes. Because, really, how much more juice could be squeezed out of this gimmick? I hailed Blair Witch as “influential,” but my secret suspicion was that its influence had already peaked. READ FULL STORY

'Paranormal Activity 4' set for 2012

Paramount announced that Paranormal Activity 4 will be released in 2012, continuing the successful low-budget horror franchise that has banked nearly $300 million in the last three years. The third film debuted in October with a $52.6 million weekend, on its way to a $103.8 million run. In a press release trumpeting the studio’s 2011 successes —  notably a record $5.17 billion worldwide in grosses — Paramount confirmed that another Paranormal Activity was on its way this year, along with Brad Pitt’s World War ZG.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator.

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