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Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg teaming up for 'Six Billion Dollar Man' film

Mark Wahlberg’s next role will come with a very high price tag.


Critical Mass: Is 'Lone Survivor' as great as 'Saving Private Ryan'?

Lone Survivor tells the true story of elite SEAL Marcus Luttrell and his band of brothers, who were sent on a dangerous 2005 mission in Afghanistan that quickly went FUBAR. When the four soldiers — played by Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, and Emile Hirsch — are discovered in hostile territory by shepherds who may or may not be aligned with the Taliban, they have to decide whether to execute their captives and continue their stealth operation or release them and risk being surrounded by numerically superior forces.

The soldiers quickly realize that it’s a life-or-death decision, one that not all of them will survive. When the Taliban confronts the isolated SEALs and the bullets begin to fly, the subsequent firefight is one of the most harrowing ever recorded on film. “The action that follows is excruciating and relentless, and [director Peter] Berg doesn’t spare the audience,” writes EW’s Chris Nashawaty. “If anything, he rubs our noses in the blood, sweat, and tears of combat.”

Lone Survivor eschews politics and instead aims for bluntly proving the wisdom of Robert E. Lee, who once said, “It is well that war is so terrible — lest we should grow too fond of it.”

Advertisements for the film have raised comparisons to Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, but the more apt comparison might be Black Hawk Down, Ridley Scott’s 2001 war movie about the failed rescue of American soldiers in Somalia. Before you head to the theater, read what some of the nation’s leading critics are saying about Lone Survivor, which opened Dec. 25 but expands across the country today.

Mark Wahlberg blasts Hollywood privilege at 'Lone Survivor' premiere: 'I'm sorry for losing my sh-t'


Mark Wahlberg has never been one to shy away from the truth.

Even so, at the premiere of Lone Survivor at the AFI Fest Tuesday night in Los Angeles, the veteran actor and producer shocked the audience with his candor about his role in Lone Survivor, an adaptation of Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell’s account of his Navy SEALS mission in Afghanistan in July of 2005, which director Peter Berg recreates with harrowing, explicit, and relentless precision.

When Wahlberg took the stage with Berg and Petty Officer Luttrell after the credits rolled for a brief Q&A, he looked distraught and distracted. After Luttrell explained how he and Berg teamed up for the film, the moderator, Festival Director Jacqueline Lyanga, turned to Wahlberg to ask about his rigorous training and the rough shoot. Wahlberg looked visibly pained by the question and started on what would become an almost five-minute monologue. “For actors to sit there and talk about ‘oh I went to SEAL training’? I don’t give a f-ck what you did. You don’t do what these guys did. For somebody to sit there and say my job was as difficult as being in the military? How f-cking dare you, while you sit in a makeup chair for two hours,” Wahlberg said.


New 'Lone Survivor' trailer: Will a bloodied Mark Wahlberg live to get the girl?


The prototypical sounds of war films — the thick whirring of helicopter blades, tumbling rocks from explosions, frantic yelling on satellite phones, and the clink-clunk scattering of artillery shells — all have their moment in the newest trailer for Lone Survivor, but there’s also the sound of average-Joe chit-chat:

“Did she ask about me?” Marcus Luttrell (played by Mark Wahlberg) asks fellow U.S. Navy SEAL Mike Murphy (Taylor Kitsch) about a cute girl from a Coldplay concert. Despite their risky operative, he’s still just a guy who wants to get the girl.

Wahlberg stars as Luttrell, who penned the 2007 memoir Lone Survivor about a covert al-Qaeda mission that ran into trouble when their team faced an ambush Taliban attack. Directed by Peter Berg, it also stars Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Eric Bana.

Watch the newest trailer below:

'Lone Survivor' trailer: Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch fight for their lives in Afghanistan

“This Op is compromised,” says Mark Wahlberg as Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in the first trailer for director Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor.

Based on a true story chronicled in Luttrell’s 2007 book, Lone Survivor tells the story of a team of Navy SEALs who set out to kill a Taliban official in hostile territory near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in 2005 and get ambushed on the way. Wahlberg’s Luttrell is joined on the mission by Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Taylor Kitsch.

Universal’s first trailer is heavy on patriotic imagery and brothers-in-arms camaraderie as we watch and hope that, despite the title, more than one member of the SEAL Team 10 will make it out alive. Check it out after the jump.


Casting Net: Julianne Moore eyed for 'Mockingjay'; Plus Leonardo DiCaprio re-teams with Jamie Foxx, more

• According to Deadline, Julianne Moore may be among the top candidates for the role of President Coin in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, the third and fourth films in the series. A rep from Lionsgate had no comment. [Deadline]

• Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the unfinished book Mean Business on North Ganson Street as a vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx, who starred together in Django Unchained. The story finds a disgraced detective (DiCaprio) sent to a fictional Missouri town (Victory) to investigate its rise in crime. There, he teams up with another detective played by Foxx as things begin to escalate and someone starts killing off the entire police force. Author S. Craig Zahler will adapt the script for the big screen. [Deadline]

'Friday Night Lights' filmmaker Peter Berg rips Mitt Romney for plagiarism

The author of the book Friday Night Lights is a vocal Mitt Romney fan, and at recent campaign appearances the Republican presidential candidate has been using the inspirational phrase from the TV adaptation: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

But that expression isn’t in the book, and Peter Berg, who directed and co-wrote the screenplay for the 2004 movie, and went on to create the 2006-2011 TV series, has released a scathing letter to Romney, telling him to cut it out.


'Battleship' director Peter Berg: Rihanna's Chris Brown interview helped get her the role

It’s rare that Peter Berg looks nervous. The actor-turned-director has a habit of putting other people on edge, like that poor Israeli reporter who recently admitted to Berg that he hadn’t yet signed up for the country’s mandatory military service. Or the day when Berg, during what I expected to be a simple 20-minute phoner, ordered me down to his Santa Monica office to watch the first 50 minutes of his $200 million Battleship.

After the screening, though, Berg indeed looked nervous. He was most concerned about conveying two things: One, his movie isn’t a total Transformers rip-off. (It isn’t; read Lisa Schwarzbaum’s B+ review here.) And two, Rihanna can act.

“What did you think of her, what you saw of her?” he asked, fidgeting in his seat. READ FULL STORY

'Battleship' director Peter Berg on the surprise seafaring advice he got from Kevin Costner

When mounting a production as gargantuan as Battleship — Universal’s $200 million-plus maritime alien invasion spectacular — it helps to seek out as much advice as possible. Fortunately for director Peter Berg, one of the foremost experts on making mega-budget Hollywood productions on the open ocean came to him. Two months before Berg, Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, and the rest of the film’s cast and crew set out to shoot on the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii, the Hancock director says he got an unsolicited phone call from none other than Kevin Costner.

That’s right: The star of the notorious 1995 flop Waterworld had a few things to get off his chest about shooting a movie on the briny sea. (Costner was unavailable to comment for this story.) Check out his advice as Berg recalls it below:  READ FULL STORY

New 'Battleship' featurette explains the movie's plot, sort of


We here at have not been shy about our half-serious fascination with Battleship, the overcaffeinated elevator pitch which magically transformed into an actual movie about beautiful people joining the navy to fight submarine alien robots in Hawaii. The film is based on a beloved preschool boardgame, whose elaborate mythology includes boats that blow up real good and the questionable assertion that a patrol boat is 2/5 the size of an aircraft carrier. The first trailers for Battleship basically just added in falling skyscrapers, the aforementioned alien robots, and also Brooklyn Decker, herself a rumored alien robot.

But a new featurette including interviews with Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, and director Peter Berg attempts to cast some light on the movie’s complicated plot. Watch it below.


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