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Film School 101: Prof. Soderbergh examines 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'


Raiders of the Lost Ark is the Citizen Kane of modern action films, a revolutionary piece of cinematic storytelling that is still the template for just about every action-adventure that rolls into theaters. Director Steven Soderbergh is a major fan, and his admiration appropriately goes to delightfully film-geek lengths. In a recent blog post, Soderbergh marvels at Steven Spielberg’s staging of Raiders; by staging he refers to the alchemic art of putting a shot together and then connecting several shots together to tell a story in the most fluid, unobtrusive, and dynamic manner.

To isolate that subtle aspect of Raiders, Soderbergh included a black-and-white version of the film that replaced John Williams’ galloping score with an intentionally dissonant electric track. “This is what I do when I try to learn about staging,” Soderbergh writes, “and [Spielberg] forgot more about staging by the time he made his first feature than I know to this day (for example, no matter how fast the cuts come, you always know exactly where you are—that’s high level visual math s–t).” READ FULL STORY

Indy vs. the Swordsman: A new look at a classic 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' scene -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s one of the most iconic scenes in one of the most iconic movies of all time: Indiana Jones vs. the Swordsman.

If you’re a film lover, chances are you’ve watched the scene more than once. Who are we kidding, you’ve probably seen it a couple dozen times. But thanks to a breathtaking new Blu-ray box set, Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures (due in stores on Sept. 18), you’re about to see it in a way you never have before. Come to think of it, we’ll do you one better: you can watch it right now in this exclusive first look.


Indiana Jones marathon! AMC to screen all four movies in one day


It’s an Indiana Jones bonanza!

AMC Theatres and Paramount announced Friday that all four Indiana Jones films, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring a sexy, snarky, fedora-touting Harrison Ford, will be shown in order on AMC’s 69 screens across the country for ONE day only, on Sept. 15. Tickets are available at

The marathon o’ movies – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – comes in advance of the complete set’s big release on Blu-ray Sept. 18.

Lucasfilm announced earlier in the week that 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark would screen on IMAX beginning Sept. 7 for a week.

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'Raiders of the Lost Ark' set for IMAX re-release


Fans of a young, sweaty, dirt-covered Harrison Ford as the swashbuckling archaeologist Indiana Jones, hold onto your fedoras.

Steven Spielberg’s 1981 classic adventure romp Raiders of the Lost Ark will be given the big BIG screen treatment with a one-week rerelease in IMAX in September.

Lucasfilm, the studio helmed by the movie’s executive producer, George Lucas, announced that the Raiders IMAX theater showings will begin Sept. 7 as a lead-up to the Blu-ray release of the Indiana Jones series, on sale Sept. 18.

Sure, newer powerhouse films such as Avatar looked crisply modern, deeply blue and lush on IMAX, but Raiders of the Lost Ark is ripe for another generation of new and returning fans of Indiana Jones’s mishaps and misadventures splashed large across a screen. Spielberg told the New York Times no special effects were changed in the IMAX conversion. Only the audio has been bumped up for surround sound.

“When the boulder is rolling, chasing Indy through the cave, you really feel the boulder in your stomach, the way you do when a marching band passes by, and you’re standing right next to it,” Spielberg told the Times.

Another Spielberg favorite, the sharp-toothed 1975 shark saga Jaws, just arrived on Blu-ray this week.

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