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Lionsgate to distribute 'Dark Blood,' River Phoenix's final film

Twenty-one years ago, River Phoenix died at the age of 23 — leaving his last movie project, a desert-set drama called Dark Blood, in a state of limbo. In 2011, director George Sluzier revived the project by editing the footage he had shot and using a voiceover to fill in the movie’s narrative gaps. The finished product premiered in the Netherlands in 2012, had its North American premiere last January, drew a standing ovation at the Berlin Film Festival the following month — and now Cinemavault has announced that Lionsgate has bought Dark Blood‘s American distribution rights.


River Phoenix's final film to make North American premiere

A Phoenix will rise at the Miami International Film Festival this March, where Dark Blood — the final film starring fallen actor River Phoenix — will make its North American premiere. The movie had its debut screening at the Netherlands Film Festival in September 2012.

Dark Blood stars Phoenix as Boy, a young widower living in the desert who takes a couple (Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis) prisoner after their car breaks down. Phoenix was still shooting the film when he died in the wee hours of October 31, 1993 after ingesting a lethal combination of heroin and cocaine at Los Angeles’s Viper Room. READ FULL STORY

River Phoenix's final film: An inside look at the strange saga of 'Dark Blood'

On Sept. 27, director George Sluizer will unveil a finished version of Dark Blood, the film River Phoenix was working on when he died in 1993, at a Dutch film festival (it’s unclear whether it will ever get a theatrical or DVD release). Here’s an excerpt from our story about the movie’s tangled history.

Around 3 a.m., the phone in director George Sluizer’s hotel room rang. It was River Phoenix’s agent, sharing the news of what would become one of the saddest, most shocking pop ­culture milestones of the ’90s. While ­hanging out at the Viper Room club in Los Angeles, Phoenix had ingested a ­dangerous combination of cocaine and heroin. He went into convulsions on the ­sidewalk outside the club. The 23-year-old actor was ­pronounced dead at 1:51 a.m.

Sluizer and Phoenix were in the middle of filming a movie called Dark Blood, and it was now up to the director to inform his movie’s cast and crew of the tragedy. “I was devastated,” says Sluizer, now 80. “It was a terrible sadness.” Sluizer and his crew had spent about seven weeks shooting in the Utah desert, and then decamped to L.A. to film interiors. There were roughly 11 days left on the schedule when ­Phoenix died. Now the movie was in limbo. After the initial shock wore off, Sluizer, the film’s producers, and the company that insured the production had to figure out what to do. Was there some way to salvage the movie? Or would all of their work — and Phoenix’s final onscreen performance — be lost forever? READ FULL STORY

River Phoenix's final film 'Dark Blood' to screen at film fest

The last film River Phoenix acted in, Dark Blood, is finally finished and will screen at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht in September , The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Dutch director George Sluizer has been recently working on the film — which you can check out an early trailer of here — after abandoning it nearly 20 years ago.

The Hollywood Reporter states, “In the film, River Phoenix plays Boy, a young widower living on a nuclear testing site in the desert. While he waits for the end of the world, Boy carves Katchina dolls that supposedly contain magical powers. His life is disrupted when a Hollywood jet-set couple travelling across the desert become stranded after their car breaks down. Boy rescues the couple and then takes them prisoner. Dark Blood also stars Judy Davis, Jonathan Pryce and Karen Black.”

Phoenix was filming the movie in 1993, when he passed away on Halloween at age 23.

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'Dark Blood' trailer: The unfinished last film of River Phoenix

When River Phoenix died in 1993, the unfinished movie Dark Blood was thought to have died with him. But last year, its director, George Sluizer, began making noises about releasing the film with the possible assistance of Joaquin Phoenix, who the French director suggested could perform his brother’s voiceover. The Phoenix family quickly denied any such conversations, but that hasn’t deterred Sluizer, who’s best known for making The Vanishing and the Dutch movie it was based upon, Spoorloos. He recently cut a trailer for Dark Blood and posted it on a site dedicated to raising funds for the completion of the film, with the hopes of premiering the movie at the Dutch Film Festival in September. Take a peek. READ FULL STORY

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