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Rob Zombie is crowdfunding his new killer clown movie, '31'

Ever want to be in a killer clown film? Didn’t think so. Ever want to produce one? Well, either way, Rob Zombie is looking for you.

The horror auteur is using the crowdfunding site FanBacked for his newest film, 31. The story: Five random people are kidnapped and held hostage in a place called Murder World in the five days leading up to Halloween. To survive, they have 12 hours to kill their terrifying clown foes in a game called 31.

For the next 60 days, fans who pledge will be rewarded anything from a signed DVD ($50) to an original Rob Zombie clown painting ($2,500). Or, for $5,000, you can get some clown paint on yourself and appear as a film extra. So far, however, only one person has claimed the $300 reward of having Zombie follow them on Twitter. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, no cast has been set. Location scouting begins next week.

Check out a terrifying clip from Rob Zombie's new movie, 'The Lords of Salem' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Folks wondering why rock star and writer-director Rob Zombie is so obsessed with horror could do worse than examine the manner in which he was educated. “Well, I’m from Massachusetts,” says the filmmaker, whose credits include 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects and his 2007 remake of Halloween. “When we were kids they would take us to reenactments of the Salem witch trials as, like, class trips.”

Zombie’s knowledge of the infamous 17th century trials helped inspire his latest film, The Lords of Salem, which will be released nationwide April 19. The movie stars the director’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, as a modern-day Salem radio DJ and former substance abuser named Heidi who starts seeing visions after listening to a record she mysteriously receives from “the Lords.”

“My premise is that there was another group of women put to death [during the witch trials] who actually were witches,” explains Zombie. “They vowed to come back and wreak vengeance upon Salem and they do it through this bizarre piece of music. Heidi has some lineage to the witch trials — but she’s also a recovering drug addict. So, in the course of the film, you’re not sure if she’s back on drugs, if she’s losing her mind, or if these events are actually happening to her.”

You can see Heidi experience one of those episodes in the creepy clip below, where you will also find the film’s trailer. READ FULL STORY

'The Lords of Salem,' 'Haunter' among SXSW midnight features

Giant alien spiders attacking Los Angeles, mysterious strangers, supernatural phenomena, and a vampire who falls for a screenwriter are just some of the strange and fascinating SXSW picks for their popular Midnighters program.

“We work year-round searching for films that will wow our audiences at Midnight. This year we scoured the globe and brought back a batch that we knew would truly satisfy the gore hounds of SXSW,” said SXSW Senior Programmer & Operations Manager Jarod Neece in a press release announcing the lineup, Wednesday. “Full of scares, sex, madness, laughs, chills and major mind f—-, we hope there’s a little something for everyone.”

The Festival also selected 106 short films which will be shown in ten programs throughout the Festival. Shorts programmer Claudette Godfrey said in the press release that “this year’s selections beautifully capture, in a multitude of ways, the essence of existence in this very specific moment, while still managing to provide a much wider and relatable commentary across time.”

Take a look at a few of the midnight features and shorts that caught our eye.


'The Lords of Salem' trailer: Rob Zombie takes on Satan -- VIDEO

Rob Zombie’s latest flick, The Lords of Salem, has all the makings of a good horror film: rats, prophecy, a “special child,” and some truly horrifying wallpaper. Here’s what we gathered from the trailer: There’s a war waging in heaven, which leads to the women of Salem being possessed, getting tattoos and then potentially giving birth to Satan’s baby. Rosemary’s Baby 2.0? Possibly … but with more face paint.

Check out the new trailer below and give us your thoughts: READ FULL STORY

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