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SNL vs. 'Star Wars': The Force Awakens ... and has a senior moment

In the Star Wars universe, we’ve heard of Imperial Walkers. Now, we have lightsaber walkers.

There was no footage of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher or any of other veteran characters in the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Saturday Night Live decided to remedy that last night by giving us its own look at the aging stars of the franchise, 30-plus years after Return of the Jedi.


James Franco and Nicki Minaj take on 'Peter Pan Live' in 'SNL' promo

In case you’re getting bored with Christopher Walken and Allison Williams’ rendition of “Peter Pan Live”— you can catch our live blog here—James Franco and Nicki Minaj have a much shorter, much more digestible version in their just-released “Saturday Night Live” promos. Hopefully, the real production is a little better than theirs. READ FULL STORY

See the first trailer for Pixar's 'Inside Out,' starring Amy Poehler, Bill Hader

Writer-director Peter Docter ’s upcoming film is set in a place where few men have dared venture: the mind of a pre-pubescent girl. Pixar’s Inside Out—out June 19—was inspired by the Up director’s young daughter Elie, whose entry into adolescence transformed her from a mischievous girl into a “quiet” pre-teen. “[As parents] we were like, ‘Wow, that’s so unlike her, what’s going on her brain?’” recalls Docter, who made his directorial debut with Monsters Inc. “And that’s what lead to the heart of the story—the question of what goes on inside our own minds.” READ FULL STORY

James Franco's 'Saturday Night Live' documentary to debut Friday

James Franco is never lacking for work, from big-budget comedies to novel adaptations to poetry collections. One of his longest-gestating projects, however, now finally has a release date after years without a home.


John Leguizamo joins Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's comedy 'The Nest'

According to a report from VarietyJohn Leguizamo (seen earlier this year in Chef) will appear alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in the upcoming comedy The Nestwhich will be released on December 18, 2015.

The Nest, directed by Pitch Perfect‘s Jason Moore and written by Paula Pell, is about two sisters who decide to throw one last party in their childhood home before their parents sell it.

The cast also includes fellow Saturday Night Live alumna Maya Rudolph, who will play a childhood friend of Poehler and Fey’s characters; The Mindy Project‘s Ike Barinholz as the male lead and Poehler’s character’s love interest; and  Greta Lee (of Girls) as a woman who gets a “pity invite” to the party. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series‘s Madison Davenport will play Fey’s daughter.

Fey is producing the film alongside Jay Roach, and Poehler will executive produce.


Will Forte talks Tribeca fest's 'Run and Jump' ... and 'MacGruber 2'? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Will Forte is best known for his physical comedy and impressions on Saturday Night Live, where he was a regular cast member from 2002 to 2010. But recently — and not necessarily on purpose — the actor, who got his start with Los Angeles improv troupe The Groundlings, is taking on more dramatic roles, including the upcoming Run & Jump, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20.

“I had never ruled out the possibility but just had never found myself in a position to do something dramatic,” Forte says. “So when I got to see the script it was such a great story, I thought it would be really fun to try to be a part of it.”

Run and Jump follows the story of an Irish wife (Maxine Peake) dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s stroke. Forte plays a neuropsychologist who is studying the man’s progress and observing his mental health.

“Thank god I didn’t have to do an Irish accent,” Forte jokes. ” I have grant money to study this guy so I move out to Ireland and I’m watching him as he goes about his daily routines. And it’s a situation where the family obviously doesn’t want this intruder in their lives but they need the money and they take me in. It’s a really intense experience.”

Forte says director Steph Green gave him a book about neuropsychology to help him prepare for the role. “And I grew a beard!”

Check out the exclusive trailer for Run and Jump (and Forte’s beard) below.


Tribeca Film Festival: Rachel Dratch gets ushered out of 'Teacher of the Year' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Ever have a high-school science teacher you were convinced had simply given up on life? Or wondered whether your sixth-grade English teacher was actually adding shots of whiskey to his coffee cup… or shots of coffee to his whiskey cup? That’s sort of the gist of Teacher of the Year, one of the short film selections at next week’s Tribeca Film Festival. Directed by Chris Modoono, the tragicomic short follows the extraordinarily bad day of Mr. Collins (Gil Zabarsky), an elementary school teacher who is overtaken by depression and cynicism when his wife leaves him.

Former Saturday Night Live cast-member and current author Rachel Dratch shows up as Collins’ assistant principal, and the comedian has her own memories of not-so-happy instructors. “I think my eighth grade history teacher had a nervous breakdown,” says Dratch. “She suddenly wasn’t there anymore and we had this row of subs. It was like a mom dating a row of new boyfriends. Then in fourth grade, one of the teachers apparently had an affair with the principal, but that was all scuttlebutt.”

Take a look at an exclusive clip below. READ FULL STORY

'Wet Hot American Summer' 10th anniversary: David Wain, Michael Showalter, and Joe Lo Truglio remember their days at Camp Firewood

Think it’s impossible to make a comedy for just $1.8 million, get it into theatres, and still wind up with a financial disaster? Think again!!! It is almost exactly 10 years since writer-director David Wain did just that with Wet Hot American Summer, his camp movie spoof which starred co-writer Michael Showalter, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Ian Black, Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Christopher Meloni, and Joe Lo Truglio, amongst many others.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the movie’s release — and to celebrate the film’s elevation to cult classic status — Wain, Showalter, and Black are hosting a special Wet Hot event tonight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, N.Y. The bad news? The event is sold out. The good? You can read the Camp Firewood reminiscences of Wain, Showalter, and Lo Truglio below.


Paul Rudd remembers 'Wet Hot American Summer'

Camp comedy spoof Wet Hot American Summer opened on July 27, 2001, garnering a lot of hostile reviews and tepid audience interest. A decade on, David Wain’s debut movie is a widely beloved cult classic while several members of its then-mostly unknown cast have emerged as major stars, including Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Poehler. To mark the film’s 10th anniversary, we asked the film’s stars to recall their time at Camp Firewood.

First up? Paul Rudd, who played the lazy, womanizing, and dangerously incompetent counselor, Andy. Below, the actor talks about getting the role, slobbering over Elizabeth Banks, and why a sequel would need to be even weirder.


Bill Hader explains the risque title of his new movie, and then tells us the new title

EW caught up with SNL‘s Bill Hader at the premiere of Super 8 last night. Hader talked up his new project: A film written and directed by his wife Maggie Carey, which stars a comic-wonderland ensemble that includes Aubrey Plaza, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Donald Glover, and Hader’s SNL co-star Andy Samberg. “It is about a very type-A, valedictorian type of girl,” explained Hader, “Who decides she needs to be more sexually experienced before she goes to college. I play her boss. She works at pool and there’s a whole big thing with her and me. Let’s just say I may not have the best intentions.” The twist? The movie has been known by a rather in-your-face title: The Hand Job. Hader explained that the film, which is currently slated for a 2013 release, had been retitled The To-Do List. (The Mark Gordon Company, which is producing the film, did not immediately respond to calls to confirm the title swap.) Anyone getting a flashback to when A Couple of Dicks became Cop Out? (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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