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Kim Cattrall on her post-'Sex and the City' career. Plus, an exclusive look at her new butter ad


Chances are, you probably haven’t seen Kim Cattrall’s turn on a stripper pole in Meet Monica Velour. The small independent film about a 17-year-old boy’s unlikely friendship with a past-her-prime porn star never made it to many theaters, despite some strong reviews and a presence at Tribeca. “We seem to live in an era where people don’t go to movies, movies come to people,” says Cattrall, who hopes that the film finds an audience on DVD. But the Sex and the City star has no regrets about exposing her decidedly un-glamorous side in the film. Cattrall spoke to EW about her desire to continue playing real, tough American women, but she really couldn’t wait to talk about her sexy role in a series of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! ads. See her thoughts and an exclusive clip from her too-hot-for-TV Butter spot below.  READ FULL STORY

Should there be a 'Sex and the City 3' movie?

sex-and-the-cityImage Credit: Craig BlankenhornI was a little late catching up to Sex and the City 2 (late for a critic, that is — we tend to see things early), and by the time I wandered into a half-empty theater on Memorial Day, I was all but certain that I was going to be sitting down to watch this franchise jump the sapphire tiara. I’d read Lisa’s funny and elegant pan, and she, of course, wasn’t alone: This is one of those cases in which the nation’s critics spoke more or less with one voice — and what they said amounted to a big collective snarky raspberry. If you believed the reviews, then the whole Sex and the City kingdom, in a word, was over. Embarrassingly past its prime. These ladies were stuck in the late ’90s, and maybe they should have stayed there. The movie was Abu Dhabi doo-doo!

So when I tell you that I actually liked Sex and the City 2, please do me two favors. One, don’t ridicule me mercilessly (“Anyone who thinks this is a good movie simply isn’t qualified to be a critic, blah blah blah…”). And two, don’t say that I liked it merely because everyone else didn’t — that I’m so transparent and that I just had to be different, had to be an attention-getting maverick. Disagree with me, if you will, but do accept that I honestly dug Sex and the City 2. READ FULL STORY

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