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Joe Manganiello's statue routine in 'Magic Mike': What you DIDN'T see -- EW VIDEO


Some might say that Joe Manganiello’s statue routine in Magic Mike was too darn short. (Some = me)

Luckily, when Manganiello stopped by EW last week to talk True Blood and Magic Mike, the actor explained in detail what went into filming the scene, which featured his character Big Dick Richie painted head-to-toe in gold paint. (Magic Mike choreographer Alison Faulk was the first to tell us things got a little crazy while filming this scene.) In short? The words “possessed stripper” come to mind.

Watch below as Manganiello explains (and dances a bit) as EW continues its not-totally-necessary-but-also-completely-necessary coverage of Magic Mike. READ FULL STORY

'The Man With the Iron Fists' trailer: Best promo of all time? Or just of the century so far?

Okay, we got a little too excited when coming up with the above headline. But the red-band clip for The Man With the Iron Fists — a chop-sockey epic starring Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, and RZA that also marks the Wu-Tang Clan rapper’s directorial debut — really does have everything you want from a trailer. If, that is, what you want from a trailer is lashings of martial arts mayhem, an ornamental fan whose ornaments are an array of knives, the line “Power belongs to no one until it is seized through sex and violence,” wrestler Dave Batista turning into brass, Crowe sporting some of the most excellent facial fuzz this side of a Frank Zappa impersonators’ convention, and the sight of RZA himself not only breaking an anvil with one of his big ol’ iron fists but also, literally, punching someone’s eye out.


'Sparkle': Video for Whitney Houston-Jordin Sparks duet 'Celebrate' debuts -- WATCH

The slow rollout of Sparkle-related bits continues: Today, the Internet was treated to the “music video” for the Jordin Sparks-Whitney Houston duet, “Celebrate.”

“Music video” comes to you in quotes because, well, it’s difficult to produce a real music video for a song where half of the duo is no longer with us. And, truly, you can feel the void of Whitney Houston throughout the video, which you can watch below. Of course, producers weren’t going to let the video be completely Whitney-less: They filled the clip with scenes from Sparkle that feature Houston, but the only person lip-syncing the song — during interstitials that, fitting for “Celebrate,” feature a party — is Ms. Jordin Sparks, along with her various costars.

Sparks does a lovely job throughout the video, dancing and singing with the other actor-singers from the movie. It feels triumphant, in a way, that they carried on without Houston. And, in a lovely nod at the very end of the clip, Sparks dons a vintage Whitney Houston T-shirt and says, “We love you, Whitney.” It’s all very sweet — and the song is toe-tapping fun. Watch the video here:


Tired of superheroes and aliens? Our alternative summer movie preview

When you think about the summer movie season, you think of sequels, prequels, and bloated budgets. Granted, some of this season’s blockbusters — like Prometheus and The Avengers — were pretty good. But if you’re sick of superheroes and don’t want to check your brain at the multiplex door, here are five summer films to look out for.

In theaters now is Your Sister’s Sister, an insightful and often adorable indie comedy about three thirtysomethings (Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass, and Rosemarie DeWitt) who become personally entangled during a short stay at a Pacific Northwest cottage. See it before your friends tell you all the surprising plot twists. READ FULL STORY

What did Michael Fassbender say at the end of 'Prometheus'? Language consultant reveals all


WARNING: This post contains Prometheus spoilers.

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus prompted a lot of questions from cinemagoers, like “What the f—?” and “No, seriously: What the f—?” We can’t provide answers for either of those queries. But we can resolve the question of what Michael Fassbender’s android David said to the Engineer just prior to the alien going ape and trying to kill everyone in sight.

'Klown': This year's most-talked-about Danish sex comedy(?) -- VIDEO


Who says they don’t make Danish sex comedies like they used to? Very few people, obviously (at least outside of Denmark, where it may be a constant refrain for all I know). But if anyone did say such a thing we would point them in the direction of the R-rated Klown.

Directed by Mikkel Nørgaard, the film stars Casper Christensen as an adultery-obsessed married man whose dream of enjoying a canoe-based “Tour de p—y” looks in danger of being torpedoed when his vacation buddy, played by Fran Hvam, brings along the nephew of his pregnant girlfriend to prove he is good father material. To say what ensues is rather bawdy is like saying Transformers kind of involves giant, fighting robots.

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. acquired the remake rights and set Danny McBride to work writing the script. But for those who like their Danish comedies really, well, Danish, the original movie will hit cinemas with a lubricious squelch on July 27.

You can check out the trailer below. READ FULL STORY

Hex, knife, and videotape: The 'V/H/S' red-band trailer brings the pain

According to the official synopsis of V/H/S, this new horror anthology concerns petty criminals who are hired to retrieve a rare piece of footage from a rundown house, and as they search for the right one, they “are treated to a seemingly endless number of horrifying videos, each stranger than the last.”

That set-up is confirmed by the movie’s first trailer — even if the precise respective natures of said horrors are not (and a good thing too). What we can say is that the action-packed red band clip features a creepy mask, a flick knife, a door moving about all by itself, a vampire (maybe), a ghost (also maybe), mysterious hand prints appearing on a wall, and the dialog line, “You’re all going to f—in’ die up here.”

Oh, and blood. Lots and lots of blood.


'V/H/S': Check out the horror anthology's new, skull-tastic poster


Film freaks of a certain age, like myself, will have no problem recalling the introduction of video tapes. Thanks to this groundbreaking innovation you could finally rent whatever movie you wanted (as long as it was M*A*S*H or Caligula) whenever you wanted to rent it (as long as you had the necessary deposit and 117 different types of photo identification).

Those who feel nostalgic for the format and/or enjoy horror anthology movies should have V/H/S very much on their radar. Directed by a number of genre up-and-comers — including House of the Devil auteur Ti West — the Sundance-screened movie concerns a group of misfits who, after being hired to rob a house, come across a rare VHS tape with unpleasant consequences. The film is available on VOD from August 31, but check out a bigger version of the movie’s new, striking poster below.


The 16th president gets medieval in 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' red-band trailer

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree,” Abraham Lincoln once said, “and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Well, in this just-released red-band trailer for the upcoming genre mash-up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the 16th president is hacking away at bloodthirsty undead creatures, not trees—but, judging from the fountains of blood on display, his axe looks mighty sharp.

Bill Murray gives a tour of the 'Moonrise Kingdom' set, plugs spiced rum -- WATCH

A few weeks ago, Moonrise Kingdom actor Bob Balaban took us on a tour of New Penzance, the fictional island on which Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie is set. Now longtime Anderson collaborator Bill Murray is starring in his own promo video. What does Murray tell us during this three-minute clip? A lot! Here are a few highlights:

– Murray plays “a man” in the film.

– Edward Norton “does a lot of psycho work” in other films, but here is “playing against type.”

– Tilda Swinton: “She’s tall. She’s Scottish. She’s pretty. She can do whatever she likes.”

– “I’ve got a little bit of rum in me now. It’s Sailor Jerry. It’s a spiced rum…”

Check out the clip after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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