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'Dark Knight Rises' TV spot: 'Now you're just showing off'

In a short but sweet Dark Knight Rises TV spot — the first since tickets for the July 20 release went on sale — a few new details emerge, or at least are reinforced. Gotham has finally become the peaceful city Bruce’s father envisioned, judging by the exchange between Gordon (Gary Oldman) and copper John Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt). “When you cleaned up the streets, you cleaned them good,” says Blake. “Pretty soon, we’ll be chasing down overdue library books.”

But as we know, it can’t last. “It’ll liven up in a minute,” says Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle. “Trust me.”

Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'Dark Knight Rises' ticket sales begin on Monday

The wait is almost over, Batman fans. Well, not really. The Dark Knight Rises is still 45 days away, but if you want a seat on opening night, you better be prepared to rise up and order your tickets this Monday. Warner Bros. has announced that tickets for the much-anticipated conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s superhero epic will go on sale on the internet at noon on June 11.

According to AMC Theaters, which is planning a Dark Knight marathon on the eve of the film’s release, The Dark Knight Rises has a running time of two hours and 45 minutes. That’s 13 minutes longer than its predecessor and even three minutes longer than Avatar. Don’t expect too many complaints from the franchise’s fanbase, though, especially those ordering tickets 39 days in advance. To them, Nolan couldn’t make this film long enough.

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New 'Dark Knight Rises' clip debuts at MTV Movie Awards: Watch it here


Don’t be surprised if a line for The Dark Knight Rises has already formed at your local movie theater. The movie may not be out yet, but a sweeping new montage debuted at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards upped the fan hype for the upcoming trilogy-ender.

“I think Bruce Wayne’s story is one of the great stories,” director Christopher Nolan — with Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Gary Oldman on hand — said before presenting the new clip, much of which featured never-before-seen footage.

The Catwoman-heavy clip begins with Anne Hathaway telling Gordon-Levitt, “A girl’s gotta eat.” This sets off a gloomy chain of events in Gotham: financial systems melting, twin bridges collapsing, villains villain-ing. And, of course, there was the chief baddie, Bane, looking more menacing and (and intelligible!) than ever. “Let the games begin!” he shouted, echoing Effie Trinket.


'The Dark Knight Rises,' 'Muppets,' and 'Dragon Tattoo' named best trailers of the year

The first full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the clip that showed an entire football field collapsing, was named Best in Show at the 13th annual Golden Trailer Awards. The preview for Christopher Nolan’s superhero epic was also named Best Summer 2012 Blockbuster at last night’s awards celebration in Los Angeles. The Bridesmaids red-band trailer earned Best Comedy, and The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo was named Best Drama. Click below for more winners: READ FULL STORY

'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer: Lucius Fox returns

A new commercial for The Dark Knight Rises shifts the focus to Morgan Freeman’s tech guru Lucius Fox and adds further evidence in support of Jeff Labrecque’s theory that The Dark Knight Rises is an homage to the middle sequels of the Rocky franchise. Lucius/Apollo is all like “Yo, Rocky, you gotta get back in the ring!” But Bruce/Rocky is all like “Ehhh, I’m re-tie-yud, ehhhh.” Spoiler alert: Bruce Wayne is almost certainly going to fight Ivan Drago by the end of Dark Knight Rises. Watch the new commercial: READ FULL STORY

'Dark Knight Rises' TV spot: Getting strong now?

Fans of Batman are always digging though the Dark Knight’s comic book archives when trying to predict where Christopher and Jonathan Nolan are going to take their hero next. But as The Dark Knight Rises comes more into focus following the release of a third TV spot, it’s becoming clear they might be taking their cues from an entirely different source: the Rocky franchise.

I’m kidding, of course, but there are a few odd parallels between what’s been teased in the trio of recent clips and Rocky III and Rocky IV  — at least if you really want there to be. Most obviously, Bane is an amalgam of Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago, a brutally violent drug-enhanced freak. Like Rocky Balboa, Batman and Bruce Wayne are now enjoying the fruits of their labors and perhaps they’ve grown a little soft. Then, suddenly, Bane strikes, putting Commissioner Gordon in the hospital — read: Mickey’s death — and shaking Batman’s confidence. He’s got to get his mojo back to defend his honor and Gotham, but can he be that hero again? “You’re not Batman anymore,” whines Alfred, in the most recent TV spot. Ouch. That’s almost as harsh as Adrian shouting at Rocky from the top of the stairs in Rocky IV, “You can’t win!” Watch for more clues below. READ FULL STORY

'The Dark Knight Rises' poster: Catwoman leaves her mark

Judging by the brief glimpses of The Dark Knight Rises we’ve seen so far, we know that Batman is going to take a beating — likely at the hands of the muscled terrorist Bane. Anne Hathaway’s cat burglar, on the other hand, has been much more difficult to pin down. Is she part of Bane’s “liberation” front, a freelancer with her own scheme, or a potential ally for our aging hero. The most recent TV spot showcased the semi-playful costume-party banter between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, who shrewdly ended up getting her own ride home.

But the newest movie poster — uncovered on the film’s website by a hawk-eyed reader of — hints that the feline vamp might not flinch from stepping on Batman’s neck, should the opportunity arise. True to the character’s ambivalence, though, she leaves her mark with a kiss. Check it out below.


'The Dark Knight Rises' TV spots: Catwoman? Me-YOW!

Two new TV advertisements released last night for The Dark Knight Rises don’t shine much new light on the closing chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Sad-Batman trilogy. But the clips are still fun, especially if you’re the kind of person who’s been obsessively dissecting ever new piece of DKR minutiae for the last year. The first video features Bruce Wayne talking to his old tech guru Lucius Fox. “I need you to get me back in the game,” he says, sounding like a man who has just returned to public life after a long sabbatical only to discover that the citizens of America have fallen in love with kinder, gentler, more colorful superheros. READ FULL STORY

'The Dark Knight Rises': Batman, Bane, and Catwoman get striking new character posters


Turns out, yesterday’s sorta new The Dark Knight Rises poster was just a preamble to three completely new character posters for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie. Bane (Tom Hardy), Batman (Christian Bale), and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) each get their own striking one sheets, featuring the character standing in some harsh rain that appears to transform into tiny sharp rocks as it bounces off their bodies. Behind them sits the word “RISE” in big letters, which for some reason makes me want to spend the rest of my day standing at my desk.

Check out the posters, which debuted today on Yahoo! Movies, below:  READ FULL STORY

New 'The Dark Knight Rises' poster: Rubble, rubble, toil and trouble

The new poster for The Dark Knight Rises looks a fair amount like the first rubble-strewn poster for The Dark Knight Rises, with the “red fire” Photoshop filter and a downcast Batman added in front. But it certainly adds to the overall impression that Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film is going for an epic and foreboding big finish. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

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