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Mark Wahlberg may do a sequel to 'The Fighter.' What's next, 'The King's Speech 2'? Is there a place for sequels to serious movies?

Raise your hands if you’d like to see a sequel to The Fighter. When Mark Wahlberg, during an interview with EW’s Jeff Labrecque, announced that he was interested in making one, my first reaction, I’ll be honest, was fairly cynical, with a touch of knee-jerk mockery. The Fighter, a movie I thought was flat-out terrific, brought Wahlberg, as both actor and behind-the-scenes producer-packager, what is probably his greatest blast of triumph since he made his first big splash on the movie scene back in 1997 with Boogie Nights. By all means, I thought, he should build on that success, exploit that new heat. But a sequel to The Fighter? It seemed like an overly cautious move, a case of feeding too much off the acclaim he’d already gotten, of going back to a well that didn’t need to be revisited. It sounded on some level like the prestige version of Rocky syndrome: milking a character who audiences fell for — and, in the process, inviting their connection to that character to be a little less pure and vivid. READ FULL STORY

Mark Wahlberg on 'The Fighter 2': 'We're talking about one more run at it' -- EXCLUSIVE

The making of The Fighter is nearly as unlikely as the story of its hero, Micky Ward, the late-blooming scrapper who won a light-welterwight title after years of frustrated dreams. While directors and A-list co-stars bobbed and weaved, Mark Wahlberg kept the project on its feet for years, ultimately recruiting the right talent to land seven Academy Award nominations — including Christian Bale’s and Melissa Leo’s Oscar-winning performances — and earning $93 million (and counting) in domestic box office. With today’s release of The Fighter on DVD and Blu-ray, Wahlberg took time from the New Orleans set of his current film, Contraband, to look back at his most personal film. The savvy actor-producer has finally moved on to other projects: Seth MacFarlane’s Ted starts in May and another pairing with Fighter director David O. Russell that he hopes will be Uncharted is slated for late summer. But if you think the Micky Ward story is completely in Wahlberg’s rearview mirror, well, maybe you’re a little punch-drunk. READ FULL STORY

Oscars Luncheon: James Franco, Nicole Kidman and other nominees prep for the main event

jesse-eisenbergImage Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.comOnce a year for the last 30, the current crop of Academy Awards nominees come together to break grilled shrimp on focaccia bread at the Beverly Hilton, smile for the class photo, and turn a deaf ear to demands for 45-second acceptance speeches and promises of a three-hour running time. But before the 151 contenders  (out of 190, which is a nominees luncheon record) could eat, drink and be merry yesterday, the most recognizable of their ranks fielded questions in the interview room, which yielded the following pearls of Oscar race wisdom.

“When I was 13, I had to go to bar mitzvahs every weekend and this is the same feeling. I have to put a suit on every weekend to go meet with a lot of Jews. The alternative where no one likes your movie is worse. I’ve experienced both and this is better.” — Jesse Eisenberg, Best Actor nominee, The Social Network READ FULL STORY

'Black Swan,' 'True Grit,' 'TRON: Legacy' land Costume Design Guild award nominations

The Costume Designers Guild announced the nominees for their 13th annual awards today, separating them into three categories — contemporary, period, and fantasy film — among 11 nominees, including awards season regulars like Black Swan, The Social Network, The Fighter, and The King’s Speech. Here’s the full list of nominees:  READ FULL STORY

'The King's Speech,' 'Black Swan,' rule BAFTA nominations

kings-speech-firthImage Credit: Laurie SparhamThe King’s Speech led all films with 14 BAFTA nominations, including nods for Best Film, Director, Original Screenplay, Actor, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress. True Grit, which had been ignored by the Golden Globes, garnered eight nominations, including recognition for Best Film, Adapted Screenplay, Actor, and Actress. Black Swan earned 12 nominations, while everyone’s pre-Oscar favorite, The Social Network, nabbed only six. The complete list is after the jump: READ FULL STORY

From 'The Fighter' to 'Black Swan,' jittery nausea-inducing shaky cam is the new normal. Can you handle it?

the-fighter-steadycamImage Credit: Jojo WhildenShooting a dramatic feature film with jittery, handheld shaky cam — for that imitation-documentary, this isn’t just a movie, it’s reality! feeling — isn’t new, and neither is the complaint that so often gets heard in response to it: “I couldn’t watch that movie — it made me sick!” Personally, I have to say that I’ve never once had the experience of sitting through a film shot in the aggressively off-kilter, wavery-cam style only to have it make me sick to my stomach. When you see as many movies as I do, it may be an occupational hazard to become immune to that sort of quease-inducing kinesthetic-visceral fake-out. (If it makes the afflicted feel less jealous, I can’t go on twirly carnival rides.) READ FULL STORY

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