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'21 and Over': What awaits at the top of the 'tower of power'? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Remember the night of your 21st birthday?

You do? Really? Man, your sucky friends let you down.

Meet Casey and Miller, the semi-sober dudes in 21 and Over who do what best friends are supposed to do and take their pal, Jeff Chang, out for a night impossible to remember to celebrate his baptism as a legal drinker. Never mind that Jeff Chang has his medical school interview at 8 a.m. sharp the next morning, or that his father might honor-kill his son if he messes with his promising future. You only turn 21 once, am I right?

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers behind The Hangover, have outdone themselves with their latest, which graciously takes us along for a night of co-ed debauchery. Fans of Pitch Perfect will immediately recognize Skylar Astin as one of the friends who remains upright, and Miles Teller breaks out of the serious drama mold he established in Rabbit Hole and Sundance’s The Spectacular Now. Twilight‘s Justin Chon nails the role I’m sure was initially pitched to him as “Mr. Chow-meets-Bernie-Lomax.”

The film opens in theaters tomorrow night, and you can see an exclusive video clip below, in which the two friends have to climb some frat’s “tower of power” to help Jeff Chang survive the night. There’s drinking games involved, Mardi Gras beads, and of course, a Wizard Elvis. READ FULL STORY

'Hangover 3' director releases behind-the-scenes Wolfpack photos

Sorry, Twitter. Instagram is becoming the place to go for insider Hollywood intel: Beyoncé has recently taken the site by storm, and now Hangover director Todd Phillips is delivering the goods.

Phillips posted a few shots last week of the Wolfpack hanging on set of Hangover Part III. And fans will be excited to see that there is obviously some mischief happening – Bradley Cooper has already got a bloody hand in one picture. In another, fan favorite Ken Jeong is posing for the camera. And we can’t forget about Zach Galifianakis — in one desert-set shot, he looks a wee bit insane. No wonder – the reported plot of The Hangover Part III involves Cooper and Ed Helms breaking Galifianakis’ Alan out of a mental institution.

Phillips added even more pictures yesterday, including the photo of the trio below. “Hanging on set #H3” he wrote. READ FULL STORY

'Hangover 3': New logo proves the threequel is happening


The Hangover Part II grossed more than $500 million worldwide, an impressive feat for a movie that basically took the screenplay for Hangover Part I and added “…but this time in Bangkok” to the end of every sentence. A third Hangover film will arrive next May, and Legendary Pictures has released the first promotional image for the threequel on the franchise’s Facebook page. The image doesn’t reveal anything about the plot — although we already know that at some point the characters will return to Las Vegas. (That corresponds perfectly to the Joseph Campbell Monomyth Rule of Trilogies: See also, Luke Skywalker returning to Tatooine in Return of the Jedi and Bruce Wayne returning to deep holes in the ground in The Dark Knight Rises.) Check out the image in a larger size below. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: Top movie box office and DVD sales


This year was all about a boy wizard, a Bumblebee, and a sparklevamp. Joining Harry, Sam, and Edward in 2011’s box office toppers were two groups of wedding-oriented train wrecks, several superheroes, and a bunch of upstart Southern domestics. Over in DVDs, a couple instances of horse power and some evil geniuses joined the fray. So which films topped the box-0ffice? Click through to see 2011’s most popular movies. READ FULL STORY

Paul Rudd remembers 'Wet Hot American Summer'

Camp comedy spoof Wet Hot American Summer opened on July 27, 2001, garnering a lot of hostile reviews and tepid audience interest. A decade on, David Wain’s debut movie is a widely beloved cult classic while several members of its then-mostly unknown cast have emerged as major stars, including Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Poehler. To mark the film’s 10th anniversary, we asked the film’s stars to recall their time at Camp Firewood.

First up? Paul Rudd, who played the lazy, womanizing, and dangerously incompetent counselor, Andy. Below, the actor talks about getting the role, slobbering over Elizabeth Banks, and why a sequel would need to be even weirder.


'The Muppets' give 'The Hangover' wolf pack a run for their money in new trailer

Sure, the wolf pack from The Hangover Part II are poised to dominate the holiday weekend box office, but we’d like to see how they’d fare against “the fuzzy pack.” In their latest teaser (they fooled/charmed us all earlier this week with Green With Envy) that riffs directly on The Hangover sequel’s build-up trailer, we’re warned that the “Fuzzy Pack is Backy Back.” Who knows what kind of shenanigans those Muppets got into to find themselves in jail, but we bet Stu, Phil, and Alan couldn’t even handle it.

If The Muppets turns out to be even half as inspired and funny as these trailers, this could turn out to be the single most satisfying movie going experience of the year, no? Watch the trailer after the jump and see if you agree: READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: 'The Hangover Part II' plans to party all Memorial Day weekend

The first Hangover opened at $45 million two years ago. The Hangover Part II, which tells (almost) exactly the same story (and jokes), only this time in Bangkok, could likely open with twice that amount, closer to $100 million, over the Memorial Day weekend. Despite iffy buzz and a controversy over a smoking chimp (was he trained to inhale or not?), the Todd Phillips comedy reuniting Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis will likely be No. 1 at the box office this weekend, which officially starts Thursday, as the Hangover and Kung Fu Panda sequels look to get a jump on holiday weekend moviegoing. Here are our predictions for what to expect for the five-day frame:  READ FULL STORY

Artist sues 'Hangover Part II' over Tyson tattoo

S. Victor Whitmill, the tattooist who gave boxer Mike Tyson his Maori-inspired facial tattoo, filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. that might disrupt the release of one of this summer’s biggest films. In The Hangover Part II, after another bacchanalian episode leads to a another case of amnesia, Stu (Ed Helms) wakes up with a tattoo just like Tyson’s. Whitmill is claiming copyright infringement and said in the lawsuit, as quoted by the New York Times, that he’s “never been asked for permission for, and has never consented to, the use, reproduction or creation of a derivative work based on his original tattoo.” READ FULL STORY

'Hangover Part II' -- Watch two new clips here!

In our personal experience, “part two” of a hangover usually involves copious whining, a long nap, and a lot of aspirin. Needless to say, we much prefer the version in these two new clips from The Hangover Part II (out May 26), which boast a car chase, a tribal tattoo, and a jean-jacket-wearing monkey. Sounds like more fun, no? READ FULL STORY

Monkey trouble?: 'The Hangover Part II' raises concerns from animal rights advocates

Melinda Sue Gordon

The Hangover Part II director Todd Phillips says he was just monkeying around when he told EW (in our current cover story) and another publication that the film’s scene-stealing, drug-dealing capuchin monkey, Crystal, had been taught to smoke cigarettes for the film and then gotten addicted to them. The truth, according to Phillips and Warner Bros. is that, while Crystal appears to smoke in the film, she never actually held a lit cigarette on the film’s set — the smoke was added digitally in post-production. Still, animal rights advocates aren’t amused. A spokesperson for the American Humane Association, which monitors the treatment of animals on nearly 2,000 film and television sets every year, says the organization offered to visit the movie’s set in Thailand but was turned down — and that the group has not been granted a screening of the film. As a result, The Hangover Part II (unlike the first Hangover) will not carry the AHA’s familiar “no animals were harmed” disclaimer.

At the same time, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals president Ingrid Newkirk tells EW her organization wrote a letter to Phillips protesting Crystal’s appearance in the film. While Newkirk believes Phillips was only joking about the cigarette smoking (“he would have been locked up if anybody on the set had turned him in”), she says any use of exotic animals for entertainment purposes is “of grave concern” to PETA: “Monkeys are wild. They don’t want to be doing the same things over and over, they’re easily upset, they don’t want to be under the bright lights, they don’t want to be in the cage.” Newkirk says the group is particularly upset about the monkey being used in connection with sexual humor: “A joke is a joke, and we have a great sense of humor, but leave the animals out of it.”

Warner Bros. says Crystal (who has also appeared in the Night at the Museum films, among other movies) was always treated with the utmost care during production on The Hangover Part II. Still, if some animal-rights advocates don’t approve of what they see when the film opens on May 26, they will undoubtedly make their opinions heard.

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