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Box office report: 'Jack the Giant Slayer' leads a dismal weekend; 'Identity Thief' becomes the first $100 million movie of 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer (CinemaScore: B+) picked up significantly over the weekend, earning a $28 million opening on 3,525 screens. This is better than it was tracking on Friday, likely due to the fact that families waited until the weekend to see the film. Still, it’s nowhere near what the movie needed to take in on its opening weekend, and will likely not even come close to making up for its almost $200 million budget. To put a little perspective on this March weekend, the same timeframe last year had an animated opening and an R-rated party movie that fared much better than Jack and 21 and Over (in third place)–Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax opened at $70.2 million and Project X at $21.1 million.

As the first $100 million movie of 2013, Identity Thief made $9.7 million in its fourth weekend in theaters. Down 31% from last weekend, Universal’s Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy comedy picked up eight new theaters. If it wasn’t obvious that Identity Thief was a runaway success, the R-rated movie has already made three times its opening weekend. Paul Feig and company should be anxious to find out if the McCarthy/Sandra Bullock vehicle The Heat will boast similar profits when it opens in June.


Box office update: 'Jack the Giant Slayer' wins Friday, still disappoints; '21 and Over' and 'Last Exorcism Part II' battle it out for second place

Jack the Giant Slayer took first place at the box office with a disappointing $7.7 million Friday opening. The 3-D adventure, which was originally slated for a June 2012 release, opened wide this weekend in 3,525 locations and averaged about $2,187 per screen. The $200 million epic directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2) stars Ewan McGregor and Nicholas Hoult, and could be the first big flop of 2013. EW wrote about the hurdles Jack is expected to face in the coming weeks, especially after Disney’s Oz: The Great and Powerful opens March 8.

The party movie with a cast of relative unknowns, 21 and Over, opened Friday in 2,771 locations at an estimated $3.34 million. At this rate, Relativity’s $13 million R-rated comedy is poised to close out the weekend at around $9 million, tracking below early estimates that it would surpass its budget on opening weekend.


Box office preview: 'Jack the Giant Slayer' hopes to climb higher than '21 And Over'

The difference in the budgets of this weekend’s top two contenders, Jack the Giant Slayer and 21 And Over, is over $170 million, but they may finish within $5 million of each other at the box office this weekend. Sound troubling? It is.

Here’s how the box office may shake out this weekend:

1. Jack the Giant Slayer – $23 million

Based on poor tracking and weak social media buzz, this Warner Bros. and New Line production, which was originally scheduled for a June 2012 release, looks like it may be 2013’s first major bomb — one on par with Battleship or John Carter. (Read the full write-up on Jack‘s financial woes, published earlier this week, here.) New Line claims the Bryan Singer-directed picture cost $185 million to produce, though chatter among insiders suggests the budget actually climbed to at least $200 million. Earlier this month, star Nicholas Hoult scored a modest hit with Warm Bodies, which has earned $59 million after four weeks, but his presence is unlikely to draw many to theaters. Distressingly, Jack isn’t guaranteed to do much more business than Warm Bodies, either. The film, opening on about 3,500 theaters, looks headed for a very un-giant $23 million frame. READ FULL STORY

'The Last Exorcism Part II' trailer: When camp and horror collide -- VIDEO

There’s teeth-chattering horror, and then there’s camp, and then there’s both, which is exactly what happens in the new trailer for Eli Roth-produced The Last Exorcism Part II, out in theaters March 1.

Check out the trailer, below, full of all the usual suspects: whispered cliches (“He’ll kill us alllllllll”), blackened evil eyes, gymnastics-worthy possession-caused backbends, creepy-sounding songs, and of course, lots of screams. When redhead Ashley Bell as demon-plagued Nell Sweetzer yells out, “MAKE IT STOP!” you kind of agree with her.

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