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EW's Horror Quintessentials: The 5 best extraterrestrial movies

With Halloween fast approaching, EW is picking the five best films in a variety of different horror movie categories. Each day, we’ll post our top picks from one specific group—say, vampire movies or slasher flicks—and give you the chance to vote on which is your favorite. On Oct. 31, EW will reveal your top choices. Today, we’re ready to talk about some extraterrestrial horrors.

In space, no one can hear you scream. But on Earth, aliens have been making film audiences hoarse for decades. Sure, there are plenty of friendly, E.T.-esque extraterrestrials—but more often than not, these beings from another planet seem intent on destroying mankind.

Aliens make such ideal villains in horror films because of their inherent unfamiliarity. When they attack, it’s often with superior and unknown forces that humans have no idea how to defend against. So while we continue to wait for concrete signs of alien life outside the fences of Area 51, filmmakers have made sure to warn us that what lies out there likely has little intention of coming in peace.


Five things we learned about John Carpenter's horror classic 'The Thing' at EW's CapeTown Film Fest

You know you’re among some true horror fans when below-the-line filmmakers get eager cheers.

At the Entertainment Weekly CapeTown Film Festival on Thursday, the mention of frequent Carpenter collaborators cinematographer Dean Cundey and special makeup effects designer Rob Bottin got lots of applause and cheers. But a standing ovation was reserved for the man of the hour, horror master John Carpenter. The celebrated director of all things gross and creepy participated in a Q&A moderated by American Cinematheque programmer Grant Moninger before Antarctica-set sci-fi horror flick The Thing screened at the packed Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The event marked the third night of EW’s inaugural CapeTown Film Festival. READ FULL STORY

John Carpenter talks 'The Thing' at EW's CapeTown Film Festival -- VIDEO

During a special Q&A at the EW Capetown Film Festival screening of The Thing, director John Carpenter joked, ”I do know in the end who The Thing is, but I cannot tell you.”

”The movie tanked when it came out, by the way,” Carpenter reminded the audience. ”It was hated, hated by fans. I lost a job. People hated me. They thought I was this horrible, violent… and I was. But now here we are 31 years later and here you are filling a theater. It’s really great that you came out for this film.”

Watch a clip from the interview below:


'Blade Runner,' 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Terms of Endearment' among films to screen at AFI Night at the Movies


Harrison Ford travels across the skyline of a dark, futuristic Los Angeles. Shrek perilously treks over a moat of lava. A man you thought was human grotesquely morphs into an alien creature. These scenes from Blade Runner, Shrek, The Thing, and more will be on the big screen at an event presented by the American Film Institute later this month.

The lineup for the event, AFI Night at the Movies, was unveiled Tuesday. AFI President and CEO Bob Gazzale calls the event “a film festival on speed” — 12 films will screen simultaneously in the Arclight Hollywood on Wednesday, April 24. The event will take over the Los Angeles venue, using every auditorium, including the 32- by 68-foot Cinerama Dome, where 1967 mystery film In the Heat of the Night will screen with an introduction by Sidney Poitier.

Gazzale told EW, “Ultimately what we’re looking for is an evening that crosses genres, everything from animation to romantic comedy to sci-fi, and then also crosses decades. We want to be certain that we’ve got a lifespan of movies here… that shows what the art form does across the years.”

Check out the full list of films, along with the actor introducing each one, below: READ FULL STORY

Rewatching John Carpenter's 1982 'The Thing': When special effects don't hold up

Like a lot of movie nuts, I love to watch movies more than once. It’s an experience that generally enhances the pleasure of what you saw the first time. But not always. One of the fascinating things about rewatching a movie that you haven’t seen for years is that the film in question may now look totally different — even though not a single frame of it has actually changed. What’s changed is you: your rhythm, your eye and your ear, your experience and sophistication. And, as much as that, the culture around you has changed, and that culture is part of your cell structure. It influences how you take things in. Which means that a movie, merely by standing still, really can change. READ FULL STORY

'The Thing' prequel trailer: Flamethrower? Check. Dogs? Check. Something weird and p--ed off? Check


It seems like only yesterday that the arrival of the poster for The Thing prequel prompted me to write about my love for John Carpenter’s classic 1982 movie. (In fact, according to my records, it was actually the day before.) Anyhoo, the prequel’s trailer has hit the Interwebs and I have to say that, apart from some CGI jiggery-pokery, it seems as pleasingly reminiscent of the 1982 movie as said poster.

But you can judge for yourself below. Me? I’ve got a game of computer chess to finish.


Check out the poster for 'The Thing' prequel: 'It's not human. Yet'


There was a time — and that time may yet return — when I used to watch John Carpenter’s The Thing at least once month. I still believe it’s unarguably one of the top five best horror films ever made and, to anyone who disagrees, I can only echo the sentiment of David Clennon’s Palmer as he notices a human head scuttling across the floor on alien legs (“You gotta be f—ing kidding me!”).

The first poster for the forthcoming Thing prequel has just been released, which you can see to the left and below. It’s very reminiscent of the poster for Carpenter’s film — a similarity that is helped by the fact that the new movie, which stars Scott Pilgrim actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is also called The Thing. (Hey, who’s naming films these days? George Foreman?)

What do you think of the poster? Are you psyched for the return of The Thing?


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