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Aurora shooting victim appears in gun control PSA -- VIDEO

While attending a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo. this summer, Stephen Barton was shot in the face and neck. But compared to several other victims, he was lucky; Barton lived, and now he’s working to raise awareness of gun violence. According to his new PSA, 48,000 Americans will be shot and murdered during the next four years — “enough to fill over 200 theaters.” He urges viewers to visit, an organization that’s working to end gun violence. See Barton’s poignant PSA below.


Three injured in Aurora theater shooting file lawsuit against Cinemark

Three people wounded in the shooting that killed 12 people at a Colorado theater have filed lawsuits alleging the exit door the gunman used to enter the building should have had an alarm.

Two lawsuits were filed Friday in U.S. District Court on behalf of Denise Traynom, Brandon Axelrod and Joshua Nowlan. Their attorney, former Denver judge Christina Habas, declined to comment. A spokeswoman for Cinemark USA Inc. had no immediate comment.

The lawsuits filed against the subsidiary of Cinemark Holdings Inc. are believed to be the first. They were filed the same day the company revealed plans to refurbish and reconfigure the theater and have it ready to open by the beginning of 2013.

James Holmes, 24, is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others during a special midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

BBC Three plans documentary 'The Batman Shootings' about Colorado massacre

British production firm Mentorn Media has been commissioned to produce a one-hour documentary on the Aurora, Colorado shooting for BBC Three, the network announced today.

The Batman Shootings will be the first documentary to air about the events from July 20. It will air on the youth-oriented channel on August 23.

Presenter Amal Fashanu traveled to Aurora, Colorado and spoke with survivors, as well as other young Americans, about  hot-button issues such as the right to own a gun and the death penalty.

“Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora – and even this weekend the shootings at the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee in which seven people were killed – the list of gun massacres in the USA grows ever longer. America is mainly split on the issue of gun controls – this film concentrates on what young people there think should happen now,” said Executive Producer Steve Anderson in a release on the BBC website.

It’s not clear if or when the documentary will air in the United States. EW reached out to the BBC for comment, but they did not immediately respond.

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Heavily armed man arrested at 'Dark Knight Rises' screening in Ohio

Authorities say a Cleveland-area man has been arrested for carrying a gun, ammunition, and several knives into a showing of the The Dark Knight Rises. Police in Westlake, Ohio say a manager was suspicious of the man and his satchel when he entered the theater for the 10 p.m. Saturday showing of the Batman movie.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the manager and an off-duty police officer working security searched the bag and found the weapons. He was arrested without incident. His home was searched Monday night.

The suspect’s name and other details have not been released.

A 24-year-old man is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 at a midnight showing of the The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo., on July 20.

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Box office report: 'The Dark Knight Rises' debuts with $160.9 million


Official numbers are in, and the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, The Dark Knight Rises, earned a gargantuan $160.9 million in its opening weekend — the third-best debut of all time, and the best ever for a 2-D movie. The haul, which includes $19 million from 332 IMAX screens, is just slightly ahead of The Dark Knight‘s $158.3 million debut in 2008, and slightly behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2‘s $169.2 million in 2011.

Prognosticators said the film would finish somewhere between $180 and 200 million during its first three days (I predicted $192 million), but the tragic shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo. on Friday may have dissuaded some moviegoers from heading out to the theater over the weekend.

Warner Bros. making changes to 'Gangster Squad' in the wake of Aurora shooting

Immediately following the July 20 shooting spree at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, Warner Bros. pulled the trailers for its star-studded upcoming action-drama Gangster Squad, which—in a chilling echo of the rampage—featured a scene of mobsters bursting through a movie screen and firing machine guns at people seated in a movie theater.

There was widespread speculation that the studio would need to either push back the film’s planned Sept. 7 release date to distance it further from the Aurora shooting or remove the scene from the film entirely. Now a source tells EW that the studio has determined that the movie-theater-gangland-massacre scene will, in fact, either be cut completely or at least extensively reworked.

Unfortunately for the studio and director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), that scene plays a pivotal part in the film’s existing story, which chronicles the 1940s reign of ruthless real-life mobster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) and the efforts of a group of Los Angeles cops (Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling, among others) to take him down. For the moment, Warner Bros. has not changed the film’s release date, but cutting or dramatically altering a key scene will inevitably require script revisions and reshoots, which could easily end up delaying the film’s release.

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'Gangster Squad' trailer pulled over theater-shooting scene ‎

“Hmm, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.”

That’s what it says on the Apple trailers page if you go searching for the Gangster Squad. You’ll find similar disclaimers everywhere you look for it.

A scene of vicious gangland reprisal in the movie is suddenly more jarring and disturbing than originally intended following today’s mass shooting during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado.

That’s why viewers aren’t likely to see that footage again in a trailer — if at all.


Eyewitnesses describe horrific shooting at 'The Dark Knight Rises' screening

“We thought, ‘Special effects! Midnight showing! That’s awesome. What theater does that any more?'”

That was Alex Milano’s first thought when smoke began to flow into his theater during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. It all happened during a shoot-out scene in the movie, so the loud bangs he heard just seemed like part of the act.

But then it didn’t stop. Bullets came whizzing through the walls and panic replaced the good cheer.

When it was all over, 59 were wounded and at least 12 were dead. Here, the eyewitnesses tell the story for themselves:


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