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'Saving Mr. Banks' trailer: Tom Hanks is Walt Disney -- VIDEO

Most of us know the story of Mary Poppins — the magical nanny who had a voice of gold and a knack for made-up words. But does anyone know the story behind the magical film?

Saving Mr. Banks, starring Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, aims to answer that question. Thompson plays P.L. Travers, the Australian-British writer who created the Mary Poppins series of novels. And Hanks? Well, he plays this random, little-known guy named Walt Disney who wants to adapt the novels. We all know what happened after.

Check out the trailer below:

What we learned from the new 'Star Trek' featurette: almost nothing


Leave it to J.J. Abrams to release a behind-the-scenes featurette of his new movie that contains basically no new footage and yet is still totally compelling.

In a just-released behind-the-scenes look at Star Trek Into Darkness, director and crew chat about the making-of the sequel in between video clips mostly pulled from the previous trailers. It has the effect of: a) showing you very little new information while also b) reminding you how nice it is to hear Abrams & Co. talk appreciatively about the Enterprise & Co. A play-by-play:


'The Muppets' on DVD: Kermit, Walter, and Miss Piggy play hardball -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

From time to time, Entertainment Weekly is lucky enough to host some of the most famous stars in the industry. But perhaps no special guests have ever created a bigger stir in our New York office than the Muppets, who swung by last week to promote the video release of their latest hit movie. At least that’s what we thought they were visiting to do. Walter actually came fishing for swag, in particular, an advance screener copy of the upcoming superhero spectacular, The Avengers. Miss Piggy had even more ambitious plans, and when she sets her mind to something, woe to the green frog or naive EW editors who stand in her way. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

Lionsgate announces 24 advance screenings for 'Hunger Games'

There are less than 24 days left until the theatrical release of The Hunger Games (did you hear that EW is the official sponsor of District 7?), and in celebration of the countdown, Lionsgate has announced 24 advanced screenings of the film to coincide with the story’s 24 tributes fighting to the death.

“Fans can show their support for #HungerGames24 by visiting and tweeting a unique hashtag assigned to their closest city to unlock Advance Screening locations. Starting tomorrow, March 1, the top four cities with the most Twitter volume will be announced each day and fans will then be able to enter to win tickets to those locations,” Lionsgate said in a release.

In addition, on March 10, the first customers to purchase any Nook device at select Barnes & Noble stores will receive two complimentary tickets to the official Advance Screening on March 21 (while supplies last). You can find participating Barnes & Noble stores here.

The social media marketing campaign echoes the milestones from past countdowns: #HungerGames100, #HungerGames74 and #HungerGames50. But how many more hashtag activities can fans take before the release? At least one, tribute friends. At least one.

Read more:
EW’s ‘Hunger Games’ Central 
 ’The Hunger Games’ cast is coming to a mall (hopefully) near you! Plus: Two more TV spots!
 ’The Hunger Games’ advance tickets go on sale tomorrow; new poster released

Joe Manganiello near deal to join stripper movie -- EXCLUSIVE

Steven Soderbergh’s movie about male strippers is just sick with hotties now. EW has learned exclusively that True Blood’s Joe Manganiello is in final talks to join the flick that already stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Matt Bomer.

Manganiello will play Big Dick Richie (no, we didn’t make that up), a role that is sure to require the ripped actor to drop trou at one point or another.  READ FULL STORY

Cannes Film Festival: Top prizes go to 'Tree of Life,' Kirsten Dunst, 'The Artist'

The jury righted some wrongs.

After the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival was fraught with controversy and bad behavior, it concluded Sunday with a distribution of awards that — whether this was the intention or not — helped smooth over some of the trouble spots, with prizes going to The Tree of Life, Melancholia, and The Artist.


'Bridesmaids' traffic cop Chris O'Dowd talks about being a heartthrob (kind of)

Image Credit: Suzanne Hanover

Kristen Wiig’s insanely funny-lady flick Bridesmaids opened Friday to rave reviews, scored an impressive $24.4 million box office, and introduced droves of women to a new kind of leading man. Admittedly, the lure of a Jon Hamm sex scene may have been what brought me to the theater, but Chris O’Dowd’s adorably honest traffic cop is really what made me swoon. I spoke with the Irish-brogued actor to discuss his newfound American appeal, his “hilarious” costar, and of course, his accent. Note: This interview contains some pretty unsavory language, including some Irish words that I can’t even find on UrbanDictionary. (“Fromicking,” anyone? Anyone?)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, how was your weekend? The big opening weekend?
CHRIS O’DOWD: What fun! What fromicking we had at the box office! It was wonderful. Yeah, I was just really delighted for everybody. I went to see it in Hollywood on Saturday night. Got my head low, it was really fun. People were really enjoying it and hittin’ the right moments and ohhing and ahhing and laughing and crying and everything that you would want and more. READ FULL STORY

Cannes Film Festival: Things to love, third in a series - 24-hour party people

It’s un peu Fellini, un peu Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, and all delightful: As early as 4:30 in the afternoon or as late as 4:30 in the morning, every day of the Festival, gentlemen in black-tie monkey suits and ladies in sparkly, body-conscious evening dresses swan up and down the rue d’Antibes, going someplace that I, in my Old Navy cropped jeans and striped sailor shirts, am not. Are they on their way to something fabulous on a yacht that will wreak havoc on the ladies’ stiletto heels? Are they heading to an obligatory, industry-related cocktail READ FULL STORY

Cannes Film Festival: Things to love, second in a series -- more films directed by women

This year’s Cannes competition line-up includes four films directed by women among the 20 entries. Woo-hoo, that’s 400 percent better than last year’s ratio!

Voilà, that’s the thing I love. On the other hand, I didn’t love the third distaff entry (after Sleeping Beauty by Julia Leigh and We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lynne Ramsay). Polisse (in French) or Poliss (in English) is, either way you spell it, the awkward title, based on a child’s misspelling, of a new, sub-par spin-off of Law & Order: Child Protection Unit. At least, it could be. The poliss in this disorderly episodic drama tackle child abuse and pedophilia cases, some ripped from actual cop files by French mono-monikered actress-director Maïwenn. And they’re a tight bunch, these coppers: Theoretically, they’ve got private lives, but they’re more tightly entwined with one another than with their own families. Forget about one-on-one professional partnerships — this crew all work in the same bullpen, participating in Miranda Rights-free interrogations and regularly becoming emotionally involved in their cases. Their station-house tactics with the accused include screaming, bullying, and mocking. Then they enjoy disco night together. READ FULL STORY

Cannes Film Festival: Things to Love (The first of a series)

The leather-faced French guards who reinforce the ID-badge class system at every door of the Palais are getting older and older — I feel like I’ve seen these same faces since they looked like young Rat Packers, and now they look like Florida retirees. But what doesn’t get old is the hope/anticipation that the next film, or the next, or maybe the next will be a spectacular discovery. And so we push and elbow like soccer hoodlums at stadium gates to claim our seats. We’re poker-faced about it, never acknowledging the animal ferocity within even the gentlest lady critic. But we’re also hellbent, that’s how much we love le cinema. READ FULL STORY

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